Saturday, March 01, 2008

Swingin' Saturday

(click to enlarge...if you have time, that is...what with all your big plans for today and and such, not that I care)

I’m working all weekend so whatever it is you’re doing today, you’re having more fun than I am.

Go on. Enjoy yourselves. Don’t give me a second thought.

Party on.


  1. Don't worry BJ I'll be thinking of you.

    No not really.

  2. I'll be thinking of you later when I'm enduring two long hours at the Copenhagen Boat Show

    why do I have to do this - and I'm not even getting paid.

  3. I'm not thinking of you because I'm at work now!

    Although, later this afternoon and tomorrow I'll laughing! LAUGHING!

    Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah ha!

  4. ALL OF YOU UP THERE: Look. It's 5:30 in the morning here.

    Laff some more, why don't you?

  5. I feel your working "pain" but thanks for leaving the lights on.... and naked people.

  6. CYBERHO: Hardy har har.

    BOXER: I'm surprised you can see anything in here since the fella in the last pic doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the box.

  7. *snooooooooork*

    gosh, thats TOO BAD, mj.

    really. it is. it must suck, that whole 'earning a living' thing. what a pity. I've almost forgotten what it must have been's faded to the merest hint of an unpleasant memory; of course its nothing that a quick dip in my MONEY BIN can't wash away...

    *lights bong with 100$ bill*

  8. 100$ bill now worth a mere 49.57 in Monopoly-I mean, Canadian money....*begins sobbing*

  9. "No-one puts Johnny in the shade."

  10. GEOFF: Oh yeah?

    I betcha somebody'll punch his lights out.

  11. If I am not mistaken you have broken about 394 statutes of the Nekked Boys Act of 1907 by publishing that picture.

    Not to worry, apparently you can enjoy free Internet access in Prison if you treat the Guards right.
    Why do you suppose they call them 'Screws'?

  12. After a lifetime of being kept in the dark, Johnny sees the light.

  13. About time you earned an honest crust. I am idling, eating enormous repasts and quaffing coktails. It's a tough life.

    Those men in hats are almost as weird as Scientologists, but not quite.

  14. HE: Oooooo…prison!

    Remember this?

    GEOFF: Johnny’s friend told him to lighten up.

    GARFY: I’m surprised you’re still upright on your pub crawl of NYC.

    As for the men in hats, I think they’ve just charged up the batteries in their E-Meters.

  15. I just nearly swallowed my coffee down the wrong way after that E-Meter comment.

    Just wait while I get back into my DC 49 and drop myself into a volcano.

  16. Im feeling a little light-headed..........

  17. Ihave a spare banana if you would like it for your packed lunch

  18. T-BIRD: Infomaniac is not responsible for swallowing incidents.

    TONY: I've told you before not to suck the helium from the balloons.

    BEAST: I can arrange for you to have fudge packed.

  19. I'd commented earlier, but like you, I've had to work this weekend...

    Creepy observation: Is that guy hiding under the lamp post trying to spy on the dude stripping by the closet?...and is that stripping dude's vision so terrible that he can't see the snoop?

  20. BINGOWINGS: Your observation is enLIGHTening.