Friday, November 08, 2013

what the fuckity fuck is this?

Mistress MJ has been busy with a number of projects that require her full attention, leaving precious little time to blog.

I have some free time today so I decided to get caught up with what YOU Bitches have been doing by logging into my current feed reader, "Feedly." (Remember when I had to replace Google Reader with Feedly? *sigh*)

So I tried to log into Feedly, only to have a pop-up window appear, saying that I must log in to Feedly by creating a public Google Plus profile.

Feedly is now using Google+ as their unifying identity system. (Article about it here.)

But wait! Apparently, we have choices...

"We also understand that some people would prefer to have more identity choices. So we have been testing twitter, facebook and wordpress login options. We will be rolling them out over the next 7 weeks."

Well, I don't HAVE a Twitter account, a Facebook account or a Wordpress account so that leaves me up Shit Creek, does it not?

Mistress MJ does not have time for this shit.

Infomaniac is temporarily closed until further notice.


Note: Use of the word "fuckity" attributed to Infomaniac Bitch and Belfast's greatest waiter, Manuel.

UPDATE: For those who find I’m talking gibberish, FEEDLY is a service which organizes your favorite web sites and blogs into a magazine-like page. It enables you to read all the updates of your fave blogs without having to click on each blog to see if someone has updated their blog.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Party Games

In Mistress MJ's absence, she has arranged a party and a party game for you Bitches.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Pull Up To My Bumper Baby

LX is driving around town this weekend, cruising for chicks, with the 3.5 straight men who read Infomaniac...

Good luck, fellas.