Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet And Watch

Over at Beast’s, the conversation turned to nekkid shopping.

Where do you keep your wallet?

Infomaniac readers who wish to remain anonymous

And you wondered, in yesterday’s Infomaniac posting, where these fellas put their car keys and cigarettes while they partied…

Infomaniac to the rescue.

Here we reveal where to put your fags, your wallet and your mobile while you pursue a variety of nekkid pastimes….

Someday you’ll thank me.

Now go out and git nekkid!


  1. It's like, totally obvious that those guys keep things in their Birkenstocks........ of their anal cavity, I mean, loose change!

  2. Trying to follow Q and her, ummmm, awesome cleavage - what can a fella say??! She mentioned anal cavities too - talk about lost for words!

    What was this post about?? I forget.

  3. I'm sure the supermarket thing breaches some kind of H & S rules.

  4. QUCIFER: Birkenstocks are for lezzers.

    Maybe their Tevas have secret compartments.

    NWT: I forgot to remember to forget why I’m responding to you.

    Oh just bend over and we’ll get this over with.

    KNUDSEN: I was naked when I posted this.

    TICKERS: Fruit is a shopping accident waiting to happen.

  5. i bet those nice young men *swoon* didn't spend long hanging out around the chilled food lane.

  6. BITTERSWEET: They're making their way over to the puff pastry aisle.

  7. I hadnt realised how ridiculous nekkid people in sandals look.
    One of those nice young men look scarily like Dale Winton(except he's not bright orange).
    Did you have to publish the ass poking again , makes one almost misty eyed and nostalgic for the piggies Ass of days gone by

  8. Clearly, these people aren't nude! They're wearing shoes, for goodness sakes!

    Also, I hope they wiped the handles of the shopping cart...Lord knows what kind of sick bastard had his filthy hands all over 'em ;)

  9. asses out, dicks swinging and yet, they took the time to put on shoes on, sugar!
    bless their hearts

  10. You're pretty happy you had a second chance to repost the picture from Friday, aren't you?

    Me too.

  11. BEAST: You Brits and your obscure radio and TV personalities.

    I had to Google “Dale Winton” and I see he had a show called “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep.”

    These fellas are going to have to get busy filling that trolley if they want to win the Big Sweep!

    BINGOWINGS: Infomaniac has investigated and discovered that the most serious bacteria found on shopping carts was enteroccocus facaelis – indicating the presence of fecal matter!

    SAVANNAH: Welcome, Sugar!

    Does Knudsen know you’re slumming here?

    BOXER: I’ll keep in mind the kind of smut that turns you on.

    Any luck with Knudsen’s cap yet?

  12. After that little 'nugget' of information, I think I'm going to employ someone to push my supermarket trolley around from now on.

  13. Where can those guys romp naked like that in a grocery store? I'd be arrested.I see they are protecting their feet. If they're not gay some little kid could get their eye poked out when a pretty girl brushes by!

  14. Beast is 'nostalgic for the piggies Ass of days gone by'. But that arse is Piggy - I should know by now.
    Which one's Tazzy?

  15. Pushing an empty shopping cart like that, and apparently with their clothes in the blue backpack, I think we have to assume our intrepid trio left their car keys and their wallets in their unlocked car, don't you?

    I just wish they had all been wearing the ugly shoes and socks in that little newspaper clipping.

    Sorry, that Filthy Friday picture just has me not really into a very creative state of mind...

  16. Could you please tell me what supermarket it is

    I think I'm fresh out of


  17. And after having lusted over the shoppers I can finally manage to say that although thankfully they aren't wearing socks in their Birkenstocks it still looks a bit ridiculous.

  18. I never get 3 for 2 offers like that where I shop. To hell with loyalty rewards I want to see more naked men in Tesco

  19. IVD: You’re in luck.

    Mutley’s looking for work.

    MYTOES: Protecting their feet so they don’t damage their nail polish.

    KAZ: Butt there’s no Arsenal tattoo.

    Besides, Piggy claims it’s Smunty.

    I don’t know whom to believe anymore.

    They’re all as bad as each other.

    WW: And may I remind you that I don’t want to see you wearing socks and sandals come summertime.

    Your entire female blog readership will descend upon you.

    And not in the way you’re hoping.

    CYBERHO: *points to the Pølsevogn*

    ELLIE: You don’t have enough Tesco Clubcard points.

    Perhaps Manuel will let you pinch his sugarloaf in the Café Rouge.

  20. You know, in Germany, apparently, no one can be compelled to wear clothing. It's a law - you have the legal right to walk around completely nekkid if you like. So, grocery shopping in the buff could be a routine occurrence in Berlin, say.

    I'm planning a trip there...

  21. no. He's a tease and will probably get pissed that "we're" talking about him.

  22. PEEVISH: Take pics!

    BOXER: He's soooo sensitive lately.

    I think he's having his period.

  23. Yech. I don't want strange pubes in my homogenised yoghurt.

    My own, however...

  24. Protect the feet and toes!! A shaved sack is too itchy.Do ladies really like the looks of that?