Friday, March 14, 2008

Filthy Friday

Photo courtesy of the Søren Knudsen collection at the Danish Institute for the Study of Phallosophy.


  1. HMMMM I should try that this weekend on a sexier man

    It's certainly going to be better than baby dick over there!

  2. I don't understand. Why use a stick when the dude on the left has a perfectly good one just standing there.

  3. The visitors love a live demo.

  4. What on earth where they studying about the phallus that day? That was probably a tutorial for "Big sticks up your clacker 101"

  5. Why is that hairy pregnant lady (who looks like she's giving birth to a naked molerat, or something) sticking a curtain pole up that man's bum?
    An I wonder what sort of fabric she's going to hang off it?

  6. The bent over one is Smunty.

    The one administering the dildo on a stick is SID.

    When thy were both younger and not as fat as they presently are, obviously.

  7. Must remember to not open Infomaniac on Fridays at work

  8. QUCIFER: Perhaps a member of our studio audience here will volunteer to assist you.

    BOXER: They are engaging in a form of Medieval jousting called Hohenzeuggestech.

    As the goal of Hohenzeuggestech is to break the lance, you can understand why “dude on the left” would prefer to leave his lance intact.

    KNUDSEN: Studies show that live demos lead to impulse buying.

    You’ll sell millions of these things.

    T-BIRD: Dildology 101.

    IVD: Home décor is the last thing on their minds right now but I expect they’ll use some cheap fabric such as chintz.

    Or perhaps they’ll attach the Union Jack.

    PIGGY: Smunty looks like he’s done this before.

    When SID returns from Fat Camp, I’ll post the pics of his weight loss.

    CONNIE: Do I have to stick a Post-it note on your forehead to remind you?

  9. Apart from the variance in package size, all those men are physically pretty similar. Are they brothers - triplets, perhaps? The family that plays together stays together.

  10. I just wanna know 1) where MJ finds these pics and 2) why the DISP has 'em! Soren Knudsen (a relative of our OK?!) must be proud.

    Didya notice the barbecue and weight bench in the background??!

    Nice flooring tiles too....

  11. BETTY: I’m concerned about you.

    Your theories are becoming increasingly bizarre and your behaviour more erratic.

    The topper was yesterday when you went off your routine and made your own sandwich instead of purchasing store-bought.

    NWT: Most photos I find through diligent research in my devotion to you, my dedicated readers.

    This photo in particular was courtesy, as mentioned, of the Søren Knudsen collection at the DISP.

    I have an “in” with Mr. Knudsen and I’m saying no more.

    As for the BBQ in the background, obviously these fellas are working up an appetite with all the physical activity and they’re going to appreciate a good feed of sausages afterwards.

  12. why does it need balls, is what i'm left wondering. are they playing a trick on him? 'ha ha, that were PHONY BALLS banging your backdoor, Bucko! ha ha! Thats one of our little jokes, that is, arrrrrrrrrr.'

    i mean, WHAT the HELL.

  13. FN: Take a look again.

    He's not wearing trousers, is he?

    Not a single pocket on him.

    It needs phony balls to use as a satchel to store his keys and coins.

  14. Why is it only fat hairy men are into S&M?

    And why do they shave their sack but not the rest of them?

    And why do they never look like they're enjoying the sex? If that's what it is.

    And finally, seeing as there's so many big fat older hairy men around who like to stick domestic objects up other big fat older hairy men...why doesn't someone manufacture big fat older hairy man blow up dolls for them?

  15. AAAHHHH FECK... FILTHY FUCKING FRIDAYS GET ME AT WORK EVERY TIME... wots the title again... i'll have to come back when the people are out of the office... *grumbles to self and closes internet window while scouring eyes with pumice soap*

  16. How can you post this the day after we saw a film starring Bob Hoskins?

  17. KAPI: As you can see, finding an inflatable fat man has been nearly impossible.

    VOICES: Don’t you work with hot, sweaty construction workers?

    I’m sure they’d love this pic.

    Don’t they make the earth move with their Caterpillar 245s?

    GEOFF: Follow it up with a Danny DeVito marathon.

  18. yes. yes... hot and sweaty the whole lot of them... youd love it here. and our excavator is almost as big as a 245. over here we are into john deeres though. cats pretty much suck in our humble opinion. anyway, i'll see if i can print your pic and share it with the boys...

  19. I wonder what he presses? wouldn't the weights all slide off the other end of the bar thingie...? these and other questions are what trouble me in these dark, silent hours. that and the whole 'balls' thing. i am not convinced, mj. go ask him that just aint big enough for keys and a wallet, you ask me. i think it is a lodge initiation of some sort. or maybe a pirate attack.
    there really is no difference in the effects of high-octane vs unleaded, not in the long run anyway. its true.

  20. VOICES: I’ve been in your neck of the woods and I was too busy ogling the scenery to notice the construction workers.

    Nothing runs like a Deere.

    FN: Maybe you should be asking Beast these perplexing questions.

    He’s had bananas stuffed up his arse for heaven’s sake.

    Where were HIS keys and wallet stored?

  21. Its all a mystery to me . Dont these people have a tv to wile away those long winter evenings for gods sake. Maybe this is a new nintendo wii game that hasn't been launched yet

  22. I guess those standing fat farts can't get it hard enough to do the job themselves. Maybe they are still in the closet about being queer and have the urge to play it out!!

  23. been here have ya? nice, did you stop at one of our local watering holes... or did you just clog up our one road through town with yer picture taking? were we able to fleece you of any money at one of our wonderful t-shirt shops, errr gift shops or did you just look around and wonder why everything is so expensive? now im curious, is this were you photographed today post pic... we got some strange folks here...

  24. Just came back to check... yep, still stomach churning.

  25. he doesn't have a head!

    maybe the other guy is searching for it.

  26. Are they getting ready for a teeny weenie roast?

  27. Vlad enjoyed his evenings at the gym.

  28. BEAST: You’ll never see this on Corrie.

    EastEnders, maybe.

    MYTOES: Hmm.

    VOICES: Started out hiking in Point Lobos…during gale force winds.

    Got lost in the Ventana Wilderness during a flash flood alert but eventually found the way out.

    Took pics, spent a wad of cash at Nepenthe, drove around looking at hippie hovels and left.

    Highway #1 flooded and closed down that day (and for weeks following that) so couldn’t continue south.

    Bloody Canadian tourists.

    T-BIRD: I don’t know why you torture yourself.

    CYBERHO: Tee hee.

    TICKERS: Hee hee.

  29. WAS THAT IN 98? thats when i moved here... the road seems to close every year when we get the slightest bit of rain and wind thats wicked that youve been sniffing around my local!!!

  30. Did you HAVE to post that pic twice? (*Shudders*)