Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Pox on Crocs!

A Swedish hospital wants to ban its staff from wearing Crocs plastic clogs, saying they generate static electricity that can knock out medical equipment.

Blekinge Hospital isn’t the first medical establishment to outlaw Crocs. Rapid City Regional Hospital in South Dakota enforces a staff dress code banning Crocs over safety concerns. The holes in Crocs pose an infection control issue if blood or other body fluids come into contact with a cut on an employee’s foot.

Crocs “Crocling” – vomit-inducing

Health experts caution the public against wearing Crocs. Hospitals have reported Crocs-related injuries including children getting the footwear caught in escalators.

And there’s a blog called Crocs Accidents dedicated to warning parents of the possible dangers of rubber clogs to children.

Infomaniac would like to see Crocs banned throughout the nation strictly for aesthetic reasons. Sure they’re touted as practical, cheap, odour-proof, fungus-resistant, and incredibly comfortable but damn!… they’re ugly!!!

Crocs "Georgie Boot" –fucking hell that’s ugly

Are Crocs as ubiquitous in the UK and the US as they are here in Canada where every second person you see is sporting a pair?

They’re even growing on trees here!

Luckily I had my camera handy to record this freak of nature...

Crocs tree spotted in Steveston, BC by MJ

With thousands of Canadians grabbing up Crocs like candy, I thought I was alone in my aversion to the unsightly shoes.

Imagine my delight to find others who share my repulsion!

A couple of fellow Canucks (Vincenzo Ravina and Kate Leth) have a blog called I Hate Crocs dot com.

Watch as they blow up Crocs with fireworks in ‘The Burning of the Crocs’…

Coronation Street fans will recognize a fellow Crocs-hater featured on their Saturday posting. It’s Chris Gascoyne who played Peter Barlow on Corrie!

Crocs-hater Chris Gascoyne (Corrie’s Peter Barlow)

But I’m not being fair. There are two sides to every story.

On the opposing side we have Croc Fans. But note that Rosie O’Donnell is a Crocs Fan. Enough said.

So go on then, Infomaniac readers. Whose side are you on?

Crocs: Love ‘em? Or hate ‘em?


  1. not to mention that they are so very ugly.

  2. I was going to comment and say I don't own crocs and couldn't care less about them.

    But then you had the word "ubiquitous" in your post, so I'm boycotting and not commenting at all.

  3. It figures that Rosie would like them

  4. Not another flaming soap star who thinks he's a musician!

    Crocs: love 'em or hate 'em? This is the first time I've seen them as I'm too busy looking at t-shirts. A thumbs down for Crocs from me.

  5. Those Green Welly-Crocs Would scare the sheep here.......

  6. I've noticed them on a few twats this past couple of weeks, oddly enough.

    Also oddly enough, I agree with you that they're fucking hideous.

  7. The Smunts all probably have a couple of pairs each too.

    They'll deny it, I'm sure.

  8. hate 'em - the shops seem full of them but only seen a few people stupid enough to wear them. We glittering urban sophisicates wouldn't been seen dead in them. I noticed they have them in Spain as well

  9. JONATHAN: Welcome! They’re not just ugly. They’re fugly!

    WW: I’ll do my best to go back to monosyllables.

    Oops. I did it again.

    GEO: I’ll bet you’re waiting for her to “pop her clogs.”

    GEOFF: I think he’s at a friend’s house in that pic so he's off the hook.

    We can only hope he doesn’t show up on Soapstar Superstar.

    TONY: Your inflatable sheep?

    PIGGY: Next time you’re visiting The Smunts, check their closet to see if you find Crocs in there.

    Although I’m sure all you’ll find in the closet is Stevey.

    FROBI: Just wait ‘til the weather heats up. Then mark my words.

  10. I bet they're worn by the kind of women who also wear those horrible chunky flat sandals with the velcro straps across the front. The sort of women who wear long flowery skirts and no make up, and think that women who take care of their appearance in any way are obviously shallow, silly and vain.

    No, basically.

  11. BETTY: Don't make me go all Trinny and Susannah on you.

  12. Crocs have had their day here in Britland. There are only a few stubborn hangers-on (the simple and the behind-the-times) who insist that the ghastly abominations are 'fashion'.

    I usually carry a flask of sulphuric acid with me, so anytime I spy foot-flesh through holey shoes, some is 'accidently' spilt on them. Ha!

  13. IVF: Are you a "foot" soldier in the war on fashion crimes?

  14. Crocs made me sick, Rosie is the next Jesus.

  15. KNUDSEN: Rosie is what?

    Are you off your meds?

  16. Piggy...I wouldn't wear these if someone bought them for me....I too think they are hideous!
    Saw some at the weekend and loads of chav type people trying them on...figures!
    Me thinks you like them....alot, next time I see some I think I'll buy a pair specially for my fave Piggy....what size are you? Me guesses about a 5 as you are only ...erm.....5ft4! What colour? Let me pick, it'll be a nice surprise for you.....right back at ya.....cunt!

  17. CARLY: Carly!

    *faints from the shock of a Carly comment*

  18. I nearly threw up when I saw the broken foot picture...blech!

    Crocs are a germaphobic 'perfect storm' of footwear:
    Plastic + Heat + the UBIQUITOUS combination of Dirt/Sweat/Dog Crap/Sputum/Bacteria/ = Disaster!

    Absofrickinlutely Gross!

  19. HE: I'll bet WW wears Crocs, doesn't he?

  20. These 'hole-ier than thou' aberrations would be perfect for WW.
    Not only are they tacky, but he could angle his gnarled, yellow, Howard Hughesian, 'talons' through those vents...((*shudders))

  21. Hate 'em with a vengeance. I'll put Peter Barlow chucking his crocs on Corrieblog later this week, ta!

  22. HE: I'm sure he hid them during that shoe collection photo shoot.

    Flaming Nora: I'll look for it!

  23. I hate crocks. That broken toe looks very sore. Ooouuccchhhh!!!

  24. MYTOES: Anything that covers up those lovely painted toes of yours is a no-no.

  25. Thanks MJ. Know why I paint? I try to take care of these 10 piggies and wearing dumb crocks is a no-no.

  26. Oh my god...I didn't even realise those things had a name!!

    Yes, you are right right right...those things are hideous and do deserve to BUUUUUUUUURRRN!

  27. PUMPKIN: Do not say their name aloud for fear of invoking evil.

  28. fargin HATE them! loathe them with a passion!
    and they're just as popular in south africa as they seem to bve elsewhere...

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