Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wee Piggy

Long live the spirit of our cute wee Piggy.

Tazzy (left) and Piggy (right)

Piggy (John) was hospitalized recently with pneumonia and sadly passed away on Saturday night.

This news comes as a shock to those of us who felt great affection for him.

Piggy was an Infomaniac Bitch since this blog’s beginnings in early 2006 and we were acquainted prior to that as I was a daily visitor to his blog. Our friendship blossomed from there.

I’ve never imagined a world without him in it.

Our hearts go out to his loving partner Tazzy (Martin) in Yorkshire, England and to all his friends and family.

My heart is too heavy to post more at this time.


  1. I am saddened by this news. Condolences to Martin.

  2. Oh, I am very sorry to hear that.

    Condolences to his family and loved ones.

  3. I'm very sorry to hear about this as well.
    My thoughts are with Tazzy.

  4. Oh this is so dreadfully sad.

    Tazzy - my blessings to you during this time and may i offer strength and love to you.

    Dear Piggy - May HaShem embrace you and place you close to him so that you may joyfully and wickedly delight him with your wit that will now so sadly be absent from here.



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  7. **Goddamnit!!! I can't get this freaking post right!....One last time.

    This is absolutely shocking.

    Oddly, while Tazzy & Piggy weren't a part of face-to-face life, this news is dreadful and strikes me where I live, just as if I'd known them.

    Tazzy, celebrate your time with him. Never let it go.

    Piggy, dammit...behave yourself!

    xo to all friends and family.

  8. I imagine Piggy to be creating merry hell wherever he is right now. This world will be a duller place without him.

    Love to Tazzy and to Piggy's loved ones.

  9. On no.

    I'm so sorry to hear this both for Tazzy and for you Mistress.

    I wasn't close to either, but I looked forward to see their mischief here.

    Many hugs to you all.

    And in the words of Piggy - cunt.

  10. Without him there, there is an indescribable emptiness inside me. It truly feels like a physical hole has been punched through me and nothing can fill it.

    He was the biggest cunt I ever met in my life and he was my best friend, I hope he passed knowing how much I loved him and how much love all the people he knew had for him.

    All our love goes to Martin, he has been John's rock for so long and now it is time for us all to be his.

    Sweet dreams Piggy, you'll never be forgotten.

  11. No no no! It just won't do! I'm shocked.

    My condolences to Tazzy.

  12. This is very sad news.

    The interaction between Piggy & MJ always cheered me up.

  13. Ich bin sprachlos.

  14. Thanks to everyone for expressing your condolences.

    Piggy was always pulling pranks on me. Call it my over-active imagination at work but I like to believe his spirit took a quick flight to Canada to play one last practical joke on me.

    He visited me in my dream to tell me that he had only pretended to have passed away in order to see my reaction.

    I was at once miffed at him for causing me such pain and yet I embraced him with joy, thrilled that he was still with us.

    My first reaction was to jump up and rush to my computer to take down this post…still half-asleep and confusing dreams with reality.

    The sad truth is that he really is gone. But that witty and mischievous spirit of his will always live on in me and for that I’m grateful.

  15. Oh, my goodness. It's sad whenever we lose someone, but especially when there was so much more life left to be lived. I didn't know Piggy, outside of the comments made here, but it seemed that however short his time on earth was, he made the very most of it. Godspeed, and condolences to Tazzy, friends, and family.

  16. What absolutely shitty news...
    Condolences to Tazzy, Piggys Family and to you Dear Mistress.
    I'm climbing up on to the roof to shout CUNT! in his honour...

  17. First Mutley and now Piggy?

    This is sad news. His comments were the snappiest and he will be missed. It was just two days ago that you noticed a likeness to Piggy and the adult baby at Mitzi’s place. Too bad nanna Mitzi wasn’t able to get there in time and kiss it better.

    My thoughts are with Martin and their families.

  18. I am shocked and stunned at this news. I've logged out for a few hours and logged back in, wondering if maybe I had been dreaming it. But it's the sad truth. Piggy is gone, and he will be missed.

    Just a few days ago, I went over to his blog to see what was going on. He mentioned he was having pneumonia. I tried to post a get well soon message, but it wouldn't go through. I figured I try again later. Now, it looks like I'm too late.

    I do believe that he is in a better place, and I wish Tazzy, his family, and his friends so much strength and peace to get through this time. You'll never be forgotten, Piggy. You're one of a kind.

  19. What awful cunting news. My sympathy to Tazzy.

    I'm slightly spooked by that picture now Ayem8y.

  20. my condolences to tazzy and family. i only knew piggy from his comments here, but the love and friendship he shared with you was obvious. you have my heart. he will be missed. xoxoxo

  21. MJ - I had the very same dream, still want it to happen too. I need to wake up and know that's its not real.

    Thankyou to everyone for their messages, I can't stop crying :@(

    R.I.P. Piggy x x x

  22. That's...especially crappy news.

    I can't imagine how Taz must be feeling. Well, he knows he has a crowd of friends here if he feels the need.

    RIP (Rip It Pitilessly) Piggy.

  23. *speechless*



  24. This is very sad news. My condolences. My heart is with you.

  25. This is unbearably sad news. RIP Piggy.

  26. My most sincere condolences to everyone who knew and loved Piggy.

    peace out.

  27. Thanks again to everyone who dropped by today.

    It’s so good to see a few old faces here from the early days. I’ll never forget the hours we spent chatting with Tazzy and Piggy on their webcam and listening to Taz Radio in the background. I cherish the good times we shared with our delightful hosts Tazzy and Piggy. I’ll always remember that time together and I hope you all know how much it meant to me to be a part of that along with you. We’ll always have those memories.

    A note to AyeM8y and Mitzi about the photo of Piggy you’re referring to…
    I Photoshopped Piggy’s face onto the photo of an “adult baby” back in April 2007 as a birthday gag for Piggy. Piggy and I were constantly Photoshopping each other in rude or ridiculous situations. That’s yet another thing I’ll miss.

    To those who emailed me, I thank you and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

    As for visiting all your blogs, I’ll catch up with you soon.

    There will be another post about Piggy this week as soon as possible. I guess you could say I’m not ready to let go yet.

  28. Bye Bye Piggy :-(
    My thoughts are with Tazzy and Johns family and friends.
    I hope your tribute post will feature Piggy's Arse :-(

  29. Thanks go out to BEAST for bringing Piggy’s passing to my attention in the first place as I’m not on Facebook where updates were being posted.

    Recently, I’d sent Piggy a postcard smugly stating that I was enjoying a French pastry in the market while he only had hospital food to look forward to.

    Tazzy emailed me earlier in the week to tell me about Piggy’s condition but he expressed that he was eager to bring “the silly little bugger back home”. Recognizing Piggy’s condition as serious but encouraged by Tazzy’s thoughts of getting him home, earlier on the day of Piggy’s passing I went out and bought Piggy a get well card. If it weren’t for receiving the news from Beast, I would have mailed that card to him and I think about how painful it would have been for Tazzy to read it when it arrived too late.

    So thank you, Beast.

    And thank you to everyone else who emailed me regarding our wee Pigster.

    I’m still struggling to find the right words to say about Piggy in another post.

    And yes, Beast, Piggy’s arse WILL be featured.

  30. I love comments that make me do the 'sharp intake of breath' thing... and their comments often made me do that! I was never sure which one of them was responsible for these comments, either way, they were brilliant.

  31. Just found out, v. shocked - thanks for all the laughs over the years Piggy, you'll be missed. It almost seems like a passing of an era. Very sad.

  32. R.I.P Piggywig. You'll be greatfully missed.

    Toughts are with Tazzy, friends and family.

    Love and hugs

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  35. Geo and I were sadly hoping you knew what happened.

    We will both miss wee Piggy tremendously and are hearts are with Tazzy.

    - Maidy

  36. That deletion was me. Stupid WiFi sent my post's signal twice.

  37. MJ, and all who knew Piggy,

    Please accept my condolences and hopes that your grief is good and honest. The people who pass through our lives and become part of them are temporal gifts. But the warmth and impression they leave upon us blanket us for years years to come.

    SJK, aka, Cookie

  38. It’s a treat to see more familiar old faces from the early days of Taz and Pig…days and nights spent drinking online and taking the piss out of each other all via Taz and Pig’s webcam. I’m touched that so many of you dropped by and I thank you for all the fun we had together.

    And those of you who only knew Piggy through the comments he left and to those who never knew him at all, thank you for your kindness. Though you didn’t know him, none of you are strangers to grief and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in leaving comments. That means a lot to me.

  39. Phew!

    Thank you so much to everyone!

    Reading these comments has had me in floods of tears, the pain of losing John is immense, he was so full of fun, a 14yr kid in a 48yr old body you could say, and believe me I would not have had him any other way.

    He made me laugh all the time, just a simple look from him would have me in a fit of giggles and these times I will cherish always.

    I saw him on the Saturday afternoon before he died, I had a horrible feeling that he couldn't last much longer. He died 10.30pm on Saturday night, the phone rang, and I knew. Like most I didn't want to believe it... Piggy dead? No way... not my Piggy.

    One of our family friends, Tina came through to take me down to see him, this has to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life. When I was sat with John I still expected it to be some really sick joke that was being played on me... I'd have expected no less from John. I was waiting for him to jump up off the bed, frighten the life out of me, and shout 'Oink!'... it sadly didn't happen.

    I will cherish all the memories, happy times and friends... some of who I would have never met if it wasn't for John.

    It's comforting for me knowing the last thing we said to each other before the doctors sedated him was 'I Love You!'. Nobody will ever replace the massive space John has left in my heart. Until we meet again John... take care and PLEASE don't go calling the big man upstairs a cunt! xxxxx

    John Piggy you were a LEGEND! :@)

  40. Tazzy, I’m touched that you stopped by to visit us at this difficult time.

    That little imp was so full of mischief and his love for you was immense.

    It’s comforting indeed to know that your last words to each other were “I Love You!”

    Long may his star shine in your heart.

    I’ll create a new post so that all can read your message.

    Take good care of yourself and know that your bloggy friends wish they could wrap you in their arms.

    Hugs from MJ and all the other cunts

  41. Terribly sad. Oh good Christ! So young! Prayers to all who loved him so.

  42. MICHAEL GUY: Terribly sad. Oh good Christ! So young! Prayers to all who loved him so.

    Thank you, Michael.

    Piggy would be especially delighted by the “So young!” part.