Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Women of Infomaniac

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we salute the Women of Infomaniac.

FIRST NATIONS (FN) in Washington State, USA:

FN cross-pollinating and soil-sampling after a fun-filled morning studying Mabberley's Plant-Book: A Portable Dictionary of Plants, their Classification and Uses. Later she will mount her Harley and knock over a few windmills in Lynden, WA.

BETTY in Kent, England:

Always the Queen of Domesticity *COUGH*, Betty lovingly presents an Easter Simnel Cake to her beloved Geoff. With just a hint of cleavage.

KAZ in Manchester, England:

Our Kaz bears a striking resemblance to Patsy Stone but can drink Patsy under the table. Kaz is currently vacationing in Spain with her significant other/bloke/lover/fuck puppet… if you can help Kaz give him a name, click here.

MAIDY in Philadelphia, USA:

Our favourite American Psycho Bitch From Hell has been too busy with her career, her role as Super Mom, and tending to Geo’s bizarre sexual needs to comment or post much but she kicks ass when she does.

CARLY in Dorset, England:

Here’s another regular we don’t see in the comments but she reads Infomaniac daily when she can snatch the laptop off demented husband Smunty the Cabin Boy.

TATAS in Berkshire, England:

Tatas modeling the Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts. The Shorts are yours to win if you go here.

Right. I’ve run out of steam after a long day and it’s cocktail hour so that's it.

And cheers to all the other fab women who visit Infomaniac; a few names of regular readers that come to mind are…

Awaiting in Mississippi; D. Prince in Canada; T-Bird in Australia; Ellie in Belfast; Chaucer’s Bitch in the south west UK; Anonymous Boxer; Daisy in Illinois, USA; Bittersweet Me in South West England; Prunella Jones; Dinah in Edmonton, Alberta; Peevish McSnark in the USA; and Tickers in Wales.

If I’ve missed anyone, SPEAK UP! This is your day, bitches.

You’re all beautiful.


  1. omg yay first bbq wow cheezburgr!

    happy national woman. SNOOOOOOORK. really sick. THE EMERGENCY BRAKE cable, NOT, abandoned the Buick in front of the IOOF hall, winos, vegetarians, had to ride public transportation with 'tards in the FRICKEN COLD *HATCHOO* policemen, bus 'tards, husband in FRICKEN FERNDALE *kerSCHLOOZLE* weird seats.


  2. Here's to the women of Infomaniac!

    They are all beautiful.

    Then again, so is Old Knudsen in his own weird way, but I'm not ghey! (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

    Why do I have this desire to go to Dorset all of a sudden???!! ;-)

  3. International Women's Day? Excellent!
    I'll have four please.
    Preferably goers, and not chatterboxes either, if that's OK.

  4. Love you all you beautiful ladies, and I'll have a dozen.

  5. I love to Californicate with all of them I'm sure they would pleasure it more than I.

  6. *To the wimmen of Informiac*

    Oh and Fanny Batter, we can't forget her just because she is yesterdays news

  7. Nwtrunner, I am honoured yet ever so sickened. I am far more pretty than any woman that is true.

  8. I should stress that the simnel cake in that picture was a present from a blogger called Molly Bloom, and was shop bought. Heaven forbid that anyone should think that I actually baked a cake! *shudder*.

  9. I'm tired and I misread that as "just a hint of cabbage."

    Mother's Day last week, Women's Day this...

    I'm feeling a bit left out.

  10. What a load of sexist cobblers

  11. FN: Sit only on the vinyl bus seats. NOT the cloth.

    There’s all manner of microscopic vermin and unidentifiable bodily fluids within the fibres of the fabric.

    Consider this a public health announcement.

    NWT: Ahhhh the gently rolling hills of Dorset.

    But beware her coastline which has been the ruin of many a sailor.

    VICUS: They’ll all want you to serve them tea and biscuits after you’ve given them the most memorable 30 seconds of their lives.

    TOM: Somehow I knew posting pics of women would bring you out of the fields.

    Welcome back.

    BRAD: You’re a surfer, aren’t you?

    Are you “board stiff?”

    California Creamin’!

    CYBERPOO: Fanny Batter is always a hot topic.

    KNUDSEN: Why don’t you show NWT what you look like in those old fishnets from your days as a seaman?

    BETTY: I’m still waiting for more gurlly posts about handbags and accessories from you.

    GEOFF: Left out?

    Wasn’t that you in a beret in our Men in Hats feature?

    How soon they forget.

    BEAST: Somebody didn’t get lucky last night.

  12. I know MJ recognises me but the world doesn't.

    Every dog should have his day.

  13. GEOFF: I predict you'll achieve posthumous fame.

    You'll be the Nick Drake of blogging.

    The Banksy reference in your last post went completely over my head.

    You are ahead of your time. The world is just not ready for you yet.

  14. Beast says

    Mj's Women.....hurrah

    Interbational wimmins day....bah load of old politically correct diversity nonsense

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. BEAST: Infomaniac will drink to anything.

  17. Simnel cake, Fanny Batter and hugs to all the ladies!

    Beast: It's going to be changed to International Wankers Day in 2028, if you can hold on until then, that'd be great. Then men and women can celebrate wanking together. Oh, how it will bring the gender divide to a close.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. woo-hoo to us!

    Seattle Washinton R E P R E S E N T S.

    and, apparently while "we" get a whole month... men get the other 11.

    Figures. But, I'll take my happiness here.

    (p.s and I can't fucking spell.)

  20. and I love Maidy's glasses (and come hither look!) and FN's flower arranging and Kaz's glass bottle of vodka and Betty's hint of cleavage and as for Tata's shorts - vrrrrrooooommmm!!!

    As for Knudsen's cap - what CAN one say about Knudsen's cap? It sure makes him pretty though... ;)

    Thoughts from northern Canada on a day where we spring forward timewise......

  21. Happy International Women's Day to the lovely ladies of Infomaniac! Enjoy your day today, putting you on the top!!!

  22. T-BIRD: May is Wankers Month.

    BOXER: I heart Seattle.

    NWT: Are you still going on about your secret love for Knudsen?

    BINGOWINGS: And you’re lying on the bottom, letting them do all the work, aren’t you?

  23. MJ - I'm trying to keep my deep, um, admiration, for OK a secret.

    I'd still love to go to England to go looking for Carly and Kaz though.... ;-)

  24. Yay, my puppies are famous!

    Theres nothing gently rolling about these Dorset hills, theys quite a climb!

    Dorset is also very heavily forested, but we'll talk about that another time.

    ps. The only reason I don't comment is cos its too complicated!!

  25. NWT: The long, cold Canadian winter has made you incredibly randy.

    I suggest brisk exercise.

    CARLY: Complicated?

    If that mong-faced husband of yours can do it, anyone can!

  26. okay okay i will look for a pic today in the middle of my cleaning...geez this shit is demanding!

  27. DAISY: Just send your pic directly to NWT Runner as he seems to be up for it at the moment.

  28. Beast is just jealous because he hasn't got ladybits like us.

  29. TICKERS: Beast wouldn’t know how to handle lady bits if he had them.

  30. Well, shit! Spend one day sick in bed and find I've missed my day! You can count Peevish, 30 minutes south of Maidy, as a woman.

  31. PEEVISH: And a fine woman at that!

    Please accept my apologies. You've been added.

    I was tired after a very long day and the bottle was calling to me from the liquor cabinet.

  32. aww


    i missed it .. too busy with housework


  33. BITTERSWEET: Relax now and have a martini with me.