Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Album Cover(s) of the Week


  1. All her friends laughed behind Mabel's back as she chortled at the tv, totally oblivious that her husband was about to give the dog a tongue sandwich.

    And is that Tony Blackburn in the top picture?

  2. I have so much love for that second cover. The one in the black dress clearly has sex with other people's teenage sons. The one in the blue dress was shunned for her boldness in wearing so much colour. The man on the left has a shoulder fetish. The two men in the middle are fighting their attraction to each other. So much to work with!

  3. I am so sick of smug marrieds getting their kicks out of adopting pet gays!

    It's so gauche.

  4. Surely it's poodles that are gay, not bulldogs.

  5. my sister so wanted her dog to be gay...lmao...he would hump anything female...ANYTHING...would just piss her the hell off...me, well i have three bitches who hump each other daily...i couldn't care less what they do to each other as long as they stay in their dog world and don't involve me :)

  6. Is that neat bourbon?

    I reckon they could give the rat pack a run for their money.

  7. IVD: The wife is always the last to know.

    And yes, I think it IS Tony Blackburn.

    He’s A Celebrity Get Him Out Of Here.

    DINAH: Peyton Place revisited.

    T-BIRD: Like any trend, this dog will soon have its day and the marrieds will move on to another fad.

    Like adopting Chinese babies.

    TICKERS: Maybe it’s a bull dyke.

    DAISY: I had a female dog who was a leg-humper.

    Always an icebreaker when company comes over.

    GEOFF: Notice that none of the women are drinking.

    Obviously not a party I was invited to.

  8. I could have been a contender...

  9. That dog has much better bling than the women.

  10. The second cover is a vivid reminder of the halcyon days when folks had to 'make their own fun'...

    before Al Gore ruined it by inventing the internets.

  11. MUTLEY: Oh but you ARE a contender Mutley, you ARE.

    Come back Wednesday.

    I’m saying no more.

    KAZ: There’s no competing with a gayer when it comes to style.

    *Kaz and MJ march away in their Docs*

    *mind you, mine have rhinestones embedded in the heels*

    DONN: There’s no turning back now.

    I am, however, sitting at my PC with a giant pink bow on my frock like the woman in the pic, trying to get into the spirit of this whole “blogging” thing.

  12. I do believe what that man in the first pic is doing with that dog is illegal and unnatural! It's just as sick as those dog shows where the "judges" fondle those dogs in public! Where is PETA?

  13. MJ: None of the women have a drink because in the 50's(?) and 60's they were all high on vallium

  14. BINGOWINGS: I don’t blame the man. I blame the dog.

    Note that we can only see ONE of his paws.

    What’s the other paw getting up to, eh?

    CONNIE: Or they’ve had lobotomies à la Stepford Wives.

  15. *Gasps*
    That second pic! Are they the original Baha Men?! and are they singing "Who let the dogs out?"

  16. Who let the dogs out? They are already Eros. As we are posting comments on the biggest BITCH'S blog.

  17. ummm... *clicks heels together three times while chanting* i just want to go home, i just want to go home, i just want to go home...

  18. BINGOWINGS: I'm at work and can't click on video right now. Will tune in tonight.

    TATAS: Are you and Bingowings squabbling?

    I'll just sit back with my popcorn and sit ringside.

    VOICES: Here at Infomaniac you're not in Kansas anymore.

  19. Surely not MJ - this must be Utah

    I wonder what that old man to the left in the second photo is doing with his right hand, or for that matter the man in the bad brown suit.

    Is that a waffle hanging from the dog collar?

  20. CYBERPOO: Man on the left is a ventriloquist.

    His hand is up pink lady's arse making her sing.

  21. Mans best friend has a tongue that just won't stop.

  22. Me squabble? Never. If there's a bitch fight ready with Eros then bring it on BITCH.

  23. ...and the guy in the bad brown suit is making the guy on the sofa sing too?

  24. sing with the four roses society! its...'Full Moon Over Suburbia!'

    you know that someone in that picture has a chinese menu in their hand.
    From Lee Wong Fu's.

  25. KNUDSEN: Is this the same dog that was seen licking the sores of Eddie Waring's saint?

    TATAS: Calm yourself you crazy bitch.

    Find something to put in your mouth to shut you up for five minutes.

    CYBERPOO: Brown suit man just has bad taste, period.

    He needs the Queer Eye team and pronto.

    FN: What do you mean by Fu?

    FU too!

  26. Freakin' garden apartment swingers parties.

    Those poor Chinese orphans.

  27. you'll love this place.....


  28. T-BIRD: This photo pre-dates those "key parties" where men tossed their car keys into a bowl and got paired up with whatever woman fished his keys out of the bowl.

    Oh the good old days!

    MANUEL: What a treasure trove!

    I'd kiss you but you haven't bathed in a week.