Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Book Title of the Day

To Make a Homo by Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Do you have the recipe?


  1. *waggling eyebrows, ashing cigar*
    If I buy the yarn will you do it for me?

    I have decided that i am in love with you and I need your nasty cheeser body in my salmon crunching clutches. watch out baby. oh yeah.

    actually, never mind. I've been taking a lot of Vicodin lately.

  2. FN: I'll do it for you but not with that nasty Phentex shit.

    Don't whisper words of love to me you Vicodin Vixen. I see you've more or less done the same thing with Mutley.

    Fickle bitch.

    Knudsen's next, no doubt.

  3. I have a recipe for a sloppy Joe, if that helps any.

    *rolling up sleeves preparing to defend old knudsen's honour*

  4. BITTERSWEET: Make tonight a Manwich night!

  5. What a nice book - I like the title picture as well... I think Ms FN is nude blogging again...

  6. "my mother made me a homosexual"

    Oh, do you think she could make me one too?

  7. i never thought about the "making" of a homosexual...just thought some people are some arent...never really gave two shits either way...my sisters werent now one is and the other isnt sure (would probably help if she had sex with one or the other)...

  8. MUTLEY: I think Miss FN was hepped up on goofballs last night.

    FROBI: Shhh… everyone will want one.

    She broke the mold after she made you.

    DAISY: I’m sure we could fix your sister up with one of Infomaniac’s readers.

  9. What is a little library press, and is it used at any point in the story?

  10. BETTY: See how they've left their shirts in a crumpled mess on the bed?

    A houseboy will enter the room later and use the little library press to iron out the wrinkles.

  11. no but my ex wife does......


  12. now that i have shaken off the effects of illicit prescription joy i am SHOCKED AND APPALLED at what i have written. oh dear. i meant to put an exclaimation mark after the 'yay first' comment.
    *hangs head in shame*

    the little library press is used to iron out the wrinkles on newly-made homosexuals. they tend to curl until they've been washed a few times.

  13. MANUEL: Obviously she did not appreciate your fine sweet sugarloaf as much as we do.

    Was it your ex wife who bought that bedspread? If so, you are better off without her.

    FN: Are you not a member of the Knudsen Nation?

    Our motto is "Correct punctuation and sentence structure is for the weak."

  14. are they on a round bed? whats with that? and wots that in the painting hanging on the wall? hmmm... round bed....

  15. If I make one will it tastefully decorate my house ???? . I am woefully lacking in soft furnishings and colour coordination

  16. VOICES: The round bed?

    They're vacationing in the Poconos.

    Offside there's a heart-shaped Jacuzzi.

    As for the painting, Knudsen's concealed a webcam inside it. Watch for the YouTube on his blog soon.

    BEAST: You need to call 1-800-FURNITURE-FAIRIES.

    Could you not use Frobi's arse as a soft pillow in the meantime?

  17. I'm working on a recipe, this upcoming one isn't "to make a homo" but I will look into it

    I know my mother made one and if she can do it, by god so can I

  18. Impressed by FN's Groucho Marx impression.

  19. CYBERHOMO: See if you can make a homo of Bingowings while you're at it.

    TICKERS: She ruled out her impersonation of Harpo as she would have had to mime it.

  20. As long as its not piggy wigs arse , ginger is very difficult to colour coordinate

  21. It's time like these I wish blogger had that Amazon "take a sneak peak" function.

  22. I think I need reinforcement for that

    Come on IDV


  23. * searches for recipe *

    Arrrrgh! I can't find it! If anyone's got it, please copy it and send one to BingoWings and one to Tim.

    Thank you.

  24. Ed WOOD Ha!

    If I am not mistaken it's a typo.
    It should read "Tomake Ahomo" which loosely translated from the original yokogaki means "Two Make A Homo".

    I hope this helps.

  25. BEAST: By all means do not furnish your home using Piggy’s arse as a style guide.

    We’ve all seen how pink and ginger clash.

    T-BIRD: I’m waiting for the movie, myself.

    CYBERHOMO: Speak of the devil, here he is.

    *looks below*

    IVD: Can’t you whip up a spell or something?

    And you call yourself a witch.


    LORD T: Yes, THAT Ed Wood, Jr.

    You just know someone will come out of this wearing a tight angora sweater and heels.

  26. looks more like 'One Homo Making Another' to me. *cleans glasses*

  27. FN: Trust YOU to turn it into smut!

  28. Education by the Jesuit Order has been known to do the trick. That and the Boy Scouts.

  29. GARFY: The Boy Scout Bugling badge is a dubious name.

    Oh. I may have misread the spelling.

  30. ...we never did get that recipe, did we?


    two scoops of...
    come on, two scoops of...

    oh come ON.

  31. FN: The recipe, yeah. I may have the answer…

    What if we put Frobi and Ben Cohen in a blender and turn it on high?