Monday, March 17, 2008

Blank Me, I’m Irish

Have we missed anything?

If so, fill in the blank…

____ me, I’m Irish.

And all you bitches can


  1. Umm how about

    Buy me a drink I've fucked Irish?

    ...Yeah or something to that effect

  2. Jeez, following Q again! :-)

    I like the t-shirt that is Gaelic for Pogue Mahone, which gave us two of the best Irish/Celtic bands - the Pogues (Irish) and Mahones (Canadian).

    Happy St Patrick's Day everyone - enjoy the Guiness and Jameson's!

    About that drink qucifer... ;-)

  3. "I'm a smug, arrogant twat in a crappy boyband. Worship me, I'm Irish."

    Oh, sod off, Ronan.

  4. i shall have a day of unadulterated craic.

    Happy Pat's Day!

  5. I can remember a time when they came over here and drove the busses, now they do all the stand up comedy.

  6. Round here we get *I'll keep you awake all bloody night 'cos it's St Patrick's day - so try and stop me, I'm Irish*.

  7. ("Irish men are gooooorgeous")

  8. QUCIFER: I’ll drink to that.

    NWT: Maybe next time she’ll let you be on top.

    IVD: Whatever happened to Keith Duffy after Corrie?

    BITTERSWEET: My craic’s adulterated.

    TICKERS: When did buses replace donkey carts?

    KAZ: Round here they vomit green beer.

    GEOFF: You’ve thrown me with the “s” in “sexualise” as we spell it with a “z” over here, i.e. “sexualize.”

    That being the case, why does he spell it Eddie Izzard instead of Eddie Issard?

    I like my “gooooorgeous” Irishmen with big fat arses, in case you didn’t already know.

  9. I think I stay letting folk on top... I rebel against that in my folk life

  10. Honestly, I think you've just about covered everything.

  11. QUCIFER: Eh?

    BOXER: You're letting me off easy.

    You're up to something behind my back, aren't you?

    Something Knudsen-related, no doubt.

  12. smack me im irish? i dunno, i do better here when im drunk i guess... i'll be back...

    *walks out counting pennies for bottle of thunderbird*

  13. VOICES: This is where you shop for your booze, isn’t it?

  14. I get bored with the Irish - what have they actually ever contributed.

    (guiness makes me constipated)

  15. ive got to start saving for one of them there t-shirts...

  16. 'Find me a new liver, I'm Irish'

    'Irrigate my Colon, I'm Irish'

    'I live in Boston, I'm Irish'

    'Find me a virgin potato, Mickey, I'm Irish'

    oh, i could go on for hours....

  17. I have organised more St Paddys days parties than I care to remember ... how about

    Pay for your own drinks...

  18. Give me money, I'm Irish... but I'm really not, actually. I'm mostly Welsh, with enough English, Scottish, and Italian mixed in to make it interesting. But I speak fluent blarney!

  19. you should have seen the classic I had to serve today......mutton dressed in green in still mutton.....

  20. oppress me

    pistol whip me

    shoot at my peaceful protest

    speak slowly

    give me a tan

    I'm ugly because

  21. If there aren't any snakes in Ireland then what do they have to control the Gerbil population?