Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tabula Rasa

MJ is unavailable today.

Please take it upon yourselves to write my post for me.

Bonus points for making it sound like I wrote it myself.


  1. Right here we go

    ***adopts pervy MJ pose****


    ***accepts rapturous appluase***

  2. * brushes fringe out of eyes to better see the old timey pictures of people doing pervy things on google search *

    BEAST Show me yours first, sans bananas.

    The rest of you bitches: Get writing! I haven't got all day you know - SID's coming around for his weekly potato enema and I've got to get the hoist ready for his pendulous moobs.

    Don't make me show that picture again...

  3. I don't even know where to begin...

    Where's Cybepete when you need him? Or IVD for that matter?

  4. Leap Year: the traditional time when a woman can propose marriage.

    Blame the Irish. Legend has it the tradition started when St. Brigid complained to St. Patrick that the womenfolk were tired of waiting for the men to propose.

    So St. Paddy took it upon himself to declare February 29th, once every four years, a day when the women could make their move.

    Ach thats all I can think of.

    Send me cock pictures!

    no not me that was her, I said her not hoor.

  5. *clutches head in hands*

    NO ONE could ever imitate you MJ

  6. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of cock.

    etcetera etcetera etcetera

  7. Now I have all your arse pictures. You need to send me goatsie pictures.

  8. Thanks for all the photos. I can reveal that the winner of the Golden Anal Fissure award is ...


  9. pretending to be MJ...

    moobs, moobs everywhere...
    i like them naked, best with hair...
    fun to flip and fun to flop...
    i like it most with moobs on top...
    moobs are for breakfast and moobs are for lunch...
    the best moobs are sweaty thats more than a hunch!
    moobs are so sexy they make me so wet...
    i love me some moobs,dont you forget!
    show me your moobs by sending some pics...
    along with photos of all your butts and your dicks!!!


  11. T-Bird what do you need me for?

    *wonders what's wrong with MJ*

    That's the first not pervy picture you've posted in a really long time. All year I'd say.

  12. Since I am squarely on the Nature side of the Tabula Rasa controversy I am certain that you are indefatigably hardwired to display genatalian oddities.

    Therefore imagine the picture of Jackie & Ari Onassis relaxing on his Yacht perched atop the bar stools that Ari had fashioned out of Sperm Whale Penis.

    Jackie's caption reads;
    "How did you get these?"

    Ari' reply,
    "I hired Four Skin Divers!"

  13. Write it as if you wrote it?

    Okay, here goes...


    Piggy's arse.


    There. That must surely win best imitate MJ entry?

  14. Bitches, your lack of effort sickens me.

    I'm off to get plastered...

    Oh, and PIGGY? If I have to see that pallid arse of yours once more, I think I might cry.

    Unless you can get one up on BEAST and fit a whole crate of bananas in it. Should be no problem.

  15. *storms off to get pissed and fill watergun. fills it in the mensroom with...then blasts MJ in the back*

  16. BITCHES: I'm drunkish. That wasn't me in the comments commenting as MJ..I suspect a ginger pygmy poof stole my identity. I forgive him though as his response to you is better than meine as you can see. Must go press "publish" button now for next posting.

    O and thank you.

    Everyone except Piggy.

    *likes Betty's Golden Anal Fissure Award idea*

    why is it ranining pee in heer?

  17. Voices, that poem needs to be framed and posted separately. I need to post SID's moobs pic again with that verse accompanying it. Good work.

  18. Ha ha! I was the Phantom MJ of Olde Infomaniac Towne! Hah hah hah ha!!

    Do I win?

  19. IVD: You imp!

    I was all set to send Piggy a scathing email.

  20. *holsters watergun, turns and walks through the saloons double swinging doors into the sunset*

  21. as mj:


    much too busy to post my usual three lines and some b/w ween, natter amongst yourselves *hic*


  22. FN: Just for that comment, Nations, I shall do a post with no words at all on Friday.