Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Socks and Sandals

In Spring, our thoughts turn to sunnier skies and warmer weather.

Unless your name is Donn or Ponita and you live in Winnipeg. Donn, sensibly, has fecked off to Mexico.

Previously on Infomaniac, we advised you against wearing socks with sandals.

This time we’re issuing a warning.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Your Avatar

When Mistress MJ started this blog, she did not have an avatar and thought she could do without one until she discovered there were other MJs in the blogosphere.

So she asked you bitches to help her choose an avatar and this is the one you picked…

That’s Mistress MJ above, wearing her stripey tights and The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts, with a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey between her legs.

This week our friend Anonymous Boxer (the birthday girl) gets a new avatar...

Oh, be sure to wish Boxer a happy birthday in the post below this one.

XL changed his avatar earlier this week. Mistress MJ always enjoyed seeing XL’s kitteh face in her comments box…

...and she was disappointed to see he’d replaced it with this whilst under the influence of one too many absinthe shots...

An upset MJ convinced XL to change it back to the kitteh. (insert sigh of relief here).

We want to know the story behind your avatar.

What is it? And why did you choose it?

If you don't have an avatar, why not?

Note: Another post beneath this one.

Happy Birthday, Anonymous Boxer!

Boxer, we know you’re not 60.

But when someone canceled their order on this cake, we got a swell deal!

Happy birthday!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mystery Guest

Mistress MJ found this straggler in her Plaid Room after the party

Any idea who it is or what he was doing in there?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winner – Teen Angst Competition

Wondering who is our mystery teen?

All the way from Kent, England, it’s GEOFF!

Geoff today on hols in Ibiza

Geoff, we know you’re camera shy but please turn around just this once? And change into something more colourful while you’re at it…

Thank you.

Teenaged Geoff and his electric eel

Correct answers were submitted by NONE OF YOU!

For the first time in Teenage Angst Competition history, not one of you bitches was able to identify our mystery teen.

Which is a darned shame since this week was the BEST PRIZE EVER!

Special note to Mr. Kapitano who left this comment:

I've got no idea who he is but he's just so sweet!
Do you have his phone number? Or if he's straight and married...do you have his phone number anyway?

For your information, Kapi, our Geoff is happily married to Betty. As far as we know, Geoff does not sneak out in the middle of the night (like the straight marrieds you know) to have his knob polished. However, the pair of you might want to exchange emails should Geoff ever have a hankering.

Special note to Kaz: We thought that you of all people would correctly identify Geoff…the bleak landscape…a young man in his impressionable years…the years when he should be socializing, alone, all alone on the desolate beach.

Special note to Geoff:

What’s up with the red socks? Do they hold magical powers? Or did your mother dress you?

And do you have an eel stuffed down your shorts or is that what Mother Nature bestowed upon you?

*winks knowingly to Betty*

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Teen Angst Competition.

Send in your teen angst photo soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teen Angst Competition

It’s time for another Teen Angst contest.

Guess the identity of this teenaged Infomaniac bitch and win a prize!...

(click pic to further humiliate the mystery teen)

In the event of more than one correct answer, Mistress MJ will ask one lucky Infomaniac bitch (volunteers, anyone?) to reach beneath her bustle where she has concealed the names of potential winners on tiny slips of paper. He or she will present the selected slip of paper to Mistress MJ who will announce the winner asap.

We here at Infomaniac would like to hold more Teen Angst Competitions in future.

Were you a troubled teen?

Were you moody? Petulant? A dork? A nerd? Did your hair and fashion sense require an intervention?

Do you have the photographic evidence to prove it?

Then email your photo and you could be the next Teen Angst mystery blogger. (Email address is in our Blogger Profile.)

Note: Contest closes at 9:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Wednesday, March 25th. For you UK readers, that’s 4:00 am on Thursday, March 26th. The rest of you can use this handy World Clock to figure it out for yourselves.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PostParty Depression

Mistress MJ wishes to thank all of you wonderful bitches who celebrated Infomaniac's 3rd anniversary here on the weekend.

The morning-after-the-night-before began with gaiety and light.

Mssrs. XL and CyberPoof (having become better acquainted through their mutual distaste for sticky floors) brought Mistress MJ her morning coffee and Modifinil...

XL and Mistress MJ sharing a fag

Following a rousing exchange of bon mots, Mistress MJ arose to use the powder room.

“Will you look at the state of this place!” she gasped…

As you can see, there is much work to be done tidying up.

Houseboys must be rounded up and household duties appointed.

Mistress MJ does not wish to be disturbed until Wednesday.

So not a peep out of you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Infomaniac’s Pyjama Party!

Put on your jim-jams and join us as Infomaniac hosts its first Pyjama party!

The occasion?

Monday, March 23rd is Infomaniac’s 3rd anniversary!

And if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate, today is IVD’s birthday!…

IVD (left, in leopard print bikini) chats up a guest from our summer Pool Party)

But enough about him.

First things first: Mistress MJ will read the rollcall according to those who RSVPd to her invitation.

Kapitano, XL, Anonymous Boxer, Mago, CyberPete, Beast, Eroswings, Kaz, Miss Scarlet, EmmaK, Betty, First Nations, Garfer, Fabulastic, IVD, Old Knudsen, Leah, Geoff, Inner Voices, Ponita, Mutley, Carnalis, Manuel, Donn, Istvanski, Lulu LaBonne, Heff, Savannah, Ubermouth, Tony, and Tazzy & Piggy.

All present and accounted for? Any last minute late arrivals who couldn’t be bothered RSVP-ing despite the fact we sent out this invitation days ago?
Update: *adds Famulus, Maxi Cane, Hoodchick and Random Chick to list*

Anyway, don’t bother skipping ahead, as you usually do, to see if we’ve talked about you again or not. Something came up over the weekend and Mistress MJ could not possibly feature each and every one of you here…hence trying to make up for it by naming you all on the rollcall. And you’ll not find your names linked to your blogs either. Do you think I get paid to sit here paying attention to such petty detail?

Right. Back to the pyjama party.

Security will be tight. Mistress MJ will frisk you at the door…

Dangerous materials will be confiscated…

The bar is open so remember…at a sleepover you don’t have to drive home so you can drink all you want!

But don’t drink so much that you have an accident!...

Before the festivities begin, let’s take note of

No hogging all the space in bed…

No overhead lights. If you simply must engage in hanky panky, don’t turn on the lights and disturb everyone. Subtle lighting fixtures have been provided…

Bring your own towel…

Stay out of Mistress MJ’s wig closet!...

That means you, Donn!

No fighting over who gets to sleep beside Old Knudsen...

Anonymous Boxer will kick your arse if you reach for Old K’s cap

No Republicans…

All members of the Republican Party (USA) will be banished to the shed where The Houseboys will toss them an occasional crust of bread.

Bitches who flaunt the rules will be sent to the Pink Room…

Or worse… to the dreaded PLAID ROOM!...

Mistress MJ cannot possibly keep her eye on everyone so it’s up to each of you to supervise the goings-on. If you see someone misbehaving, feel free to play the disciplinarian…

Let’s see what some of you are wearing, shall we?...

Beast’s replaced his stinky duvet with a stinky sleeping bag…and, (surprise, surprise) a lady friend!...

Isn’t Manuel adorable?...

And did you read the slogan on EmmaK’s bib?...

We bet you do, EmmaK!

Inner Voices (trying to blend in) looks proud of his special features jammies. Let’s hope he makes use of the drop seat this time! (tries to forget messy incident from last party).

CyberPete’s jammies have the same trap door feature but CyberPete has something else in mind…

“Yoohoo! Over here, boys!”

Now let’s have some fun!

What can you expect at Infomaniac’s Pyjama Party?


You have Istvanski to thank for the raw fish buffet. Help yourselves…

If you’re more of a meat lover, Ponita has prepared a kielbasa spread…


I think we all know where this is leading…

What did I tell you?


Get up on the dance floor and shake it with The Infomaniac Dancers AND The Infomaniac Orchestra!...

When you’re all good and tuckered out (i.e. drunk) we’ll settle down for a wee bit of quiet time.

XL, Mistress MJ’s Official Pillow Fluffer, has artfully arranged a number of pillows for your comfort…

XL appears to be overwhelmed by his duties

Of course there will be a bedtime story…

Mistress MJ will send a Houseboy out to the shed to read a bedtime story to the Republicans…

Beast wants us to pop in his fave DVD…

At the end of the night, The Houseboys will carry Mistress MJ to her private boudoir…

The rest of you carry on and have fun.

Enjoy the party, bitches!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Party Planning

Drop by Infomaniac on Sunday, March 22nd and Monday, March 23rd for...


RSVP and tell us what you’re bringing.

As the staff of Infomaniac (Mistress MJ, The Houseboys, and The Infomaniac Dancers) are busy making preparations, there will be no new posts in the meantime.

If you’re looking for your Filthy Friday fix, why not revisit every Filthy Friday ever posted by clicking here.