Monday, March 03, 2008

Golden Bog Awards

The 3rd Annual Irish Blog Awards took place in Dublin on March 1st.

Old Knudsen was shortlisted for Best Popculture Blog; Manuel was shortlisted for Best Food/Drink Blog; Bock the Robber was shortlisted for Best Blog and Most Humourous Post; and Ellie was longlisted for Best Personal Blog.

But the panel of judges didn’t have the good sense to award any of these fine bloggers.

So please accept, in place of an Irish Blog Award, Infomaniac's Golden Bog Award for excellence in blogging…

The rest of you feel free to applaud, fire up the confetti cannon, and send cheques to the winners.


And if you send money to me, I'll send you photos of Manuel up close and personal…

Manuel uncovered

More pics where this came from. Send your cheque or money order today!

Congratulations everyone!


  1. I am trying to contain my giddy joy and mouth vomit at the same time I can see why weemen turn ghey but men? Now we know who looted Saddam's palace.
    I have several people to thank.
    The Queen of Helena,Simon Wiesenthal, Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins,Benedict Arnold for the eggs, Mary Harris "Mother" Jones,Marie LaVeau for that old black magic Ka-chow! baby, Arthur Abraham, Margaret Mead ,Nikolai Girenko, Poker Alice, Wyatt Earp and most of all Blogger McGee I hope I haven't left anyone out.
    MJ you make me want to reach for standards I never wanted to reach to before (and under yer blouse) this award is better than a pity fuck well its all I'm getting, right? no no no don't start playing the music I'll never be here again is T-bird wearing a Vera Wang? so not working with those shoes ha! Tickers is wearing the same dress how embarrassing so anyway my moment, lets do something for the planet and free Nelson Mandela.

  2. KNUDSEN: You've got a trail of bog roll stuck to the heel of your Jimmy Choos.

  3. Congratulations everyone!

    * scrolls down to see rest of post *

    Oh, hello again breakfast.

  4. I don't know what to say.....I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat......and whilst the photo is spookily similar to me we all know I have better taste in bed spreads........

  5. I wasn't expecting this. You're so kind. I just don't know what to say.

    Yes I do.

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck !!!!!

  6. IVD: Did you know that ginger has been found to reduce nausea and vomiting?

    MANUEL: You’d best see a doctor about those symptoms.

    As for your taste in home décor, I think we’ve all seen that before and debated it.

    BOCK: Fucking right.

  7. Is that manuel +10 yrs?

  8. BBB: That’s Manuel when he waits too long between treatments with Grecian Formula.

  9. MJ I hate to tell you this, but there is a huge stain on the bedspread. It must have been there for quite some time because it's gone all fuzzy

  10. CYBERSLUT: Infomaniac is not responsible for Manuel's slovenly housekeeping.

    TONY: Born with horseshoes up their arses.

    All of 'em.

  11. You could have warned us. Just look at what it did to IDV

    poor guy

  12. That is fanfrickintastic. Congratulations.
    Who would have guessed that this was such a la-di-da bunch?

    Hopefully this exposure will rub off on the rest of us...

    (there ya go MJ a pitch right down the middle)

  13. the picture of Mr Manuel is strangely hypnotic.

  14. What the hell is Manuel laying on , the whole picture looks like a nightmare pizza.......
    Congrats all you nominee's

  15. LORD T: I see that you're a pitcher, not a catcher.

    BRAD: I've long suspected you're ghey.

    BEAST: Help yourself to a slice.

    Manuel's arse is known as his "sugarloaf" so help yourself to a slice of that as well.

  16. If I wasn't in absentia I would have won easily, without even trying very hard.

    I'm insouciant me.

  17. GARFY: Feckless fecker.

    Probably blogging from a barstool as we speak, aren't you?

  18. Knudsen - glad you like my Vera Wang. Maybe I shouldn't have teamed it up with those see through plastic stripper shoes.

    Eh. Live and learn.

  19. T-BIRD: Just don't let me catch you in Crocs.

  20. Who shot the bear?? I think I have a little vomit coming up....

  21. I'm honoured and delighted. My apologies for not being here to collect my award on the "night". I was probably doing something terribly important.
    I love this award and the fact that you gave it to me makes it even more special. Thank you.

    If I weren't straight I would kiss you. Oh go on then, just a peck.... Mwah xxxx

  22. BANQUETMANAGER: Don't fret.

    I publish a Braille edition of Infomaniac.