Friday, February 29, 2008

FILTHY FRIDAY - Beast’s Bare Bum

Previously on Infomaniac, I posted a photo of Beast’s arse as seen here…

Beast: the Roy Cropper of Bournemouth

What I really wanted from Beast was a photo of his bare buttocks but that was the best we could do at the time.

Until Tickers informed me of a pic I’d forgotten all about from a posting by Frobisher back in 2006….


How could I have forgotten this pic? Am I so inundated with photographs of bare arses that I’ve become jaded?

Thank you, Tickers.

And a slap to Frobi, who, as my secret source for all things Beast-related, should have sent this pic to me when I requested Beast Bottom.

And for any of you fellas who haven’t yet sent in your bare bum to me, make haste.

Your arse can’t possibly look any worse than this!


  1. For some technical reason, Beast's ares won't open for me.

    That just sounds so wrong.

  2. TICKERS: Have you tried a crowbar and some K-Y Jelly?

  3. His dick is soft and brown like an old banana.

    Talk about a packed lunch I bet the salad cream sandwiches were a 'bugger' to put in.

  4. A very obvious fake for anyone who knows the Beast in the meat space.

    1. That untoned horror bears no relation to the toned Beast botty. - My personal trainer is probably issueing writs as we speak

    2. The Beast NEVER wastes food in such a wanton manner.

  5. Ah, yes. This was the pic that put me off bananas. The fresh ones, anyway. I'll still eat the dried ones. They're the ones that look most like they should be up someones bum!

  6. i was just eating my breakfast fruit ...


  7. Oh shit, that means Beast will be in a sulk all weekend

  8. KNUDSEN: I recommend the Banana Flambé.

    Be sure Beast has eaten a bowl of beans before attempting to make this dessert.

    BEAST: Wasting food?

    Were you not offering the House Special up on a platter to a customer here?

    IVD: I’m glad you popped round as I’m still waiting for your arse photo.

    Though I’ve heard your back door is off its hinges from overuse.

    BITTERSWEET: Orange you glad you come here?

    FROBI: I suppose Beast always wants to be the top banana?

  9. "Yes, we have no bananas
    We have-a no bananas today
    We've string beans, and onions
    Cabashes, and scallions,
    And all sorts of fruit and say
    We have an old fashioned tomato
    A Long Island potato

    But yes, we have no bananas
    We have no bananas today!"

  10. I am just pondering on the type of person , thats just sitting there twiddling their thumbs , a bit bored prehaps.... and suddenly thinks ***I know I will stick a couple of bananas up my ass and take a picture of it***
    Why would they do that MJ ???

    Why ????

  11. kind of like a thanksgiving centerpiece, isn't it? yes, it is.

    hey, you've never been to OUR thanksgiving. you don't know.

  12. reminds me of the gwen stef song... now that and the image will be stuck in my... all day.. B.A.N.A.N.A...

  13. HE: Sing along…

    Homey, homey bo Bomey
    BANANA fanna fo Fomey
    Fee fy mo Momey,

    BEAST: Why don’t YOU tell US?

    It must have had some sort of aPEEL to you at the time.

    FN: Do you truss the turkey before you stuff it?

    VOICES: Argh. That song drives me bananas.

    But it helped me win a spelling bee.

  14. As a former 'amoureux de banane' I say thank-you-very-little for this 'ripe bunch' of nonsense.

    I'm off of Banana Splits for the forseeable future.

  15. HOMEY: Could you be enticed back to Banana SplitsVille with a little hot fudge sauce?

  16. Oh dear, who knew a banana (or in this case two) had multiple purposes

  17. The lyrics

    "The shit is bananas
    B. A. N. A. N. A. S."
    (repeat ad nauseum)

    were never more appropriate. That dude looks like a monkey.

  18. OMG...that's just wrong!! He didn't eat these after this I hope?

  19. HOMEY: NFW?

    Gwen was trying to spell “bananas.”

    You’re not even close to the correct spelling.

    No wonder I took home the spelling bee trophy.

    CYBERSLUT: You can also cure warts with banana skins.

    I wonder if IVD knows that.

    T-BIRD: You may look at Beast and see a monkey.

    But I look and see Cezanne’s “Fruit Bowl.”

    I’m inspired to paint now.

    MYTOES: Beast made a lovely ‘banana dipped in chocolate’ recipe.

    It’s on the menu at Café C if you’re interested.