Friday, March 28, 2008

Filthy Friday

What have you bitches done to deserve such a punishment?


  1. Yay firsties!

    Whinging and moaning on the previous post for a start.

    Is the whip really neccessary, couldn't we just say a few 'Hail Mary's?

  2. I for one continue to stay atop of my staying filthy-minded and cantankerous game quite nicely

  3. WTF!?!? its still thursday! is this how i always seem to stagger my way into the conversations late!?!? its still thirsty thursday for me! i just finished repairing the log splitter i flipped over last weekend and viewing video footage of the vacation i just missed out on....

    wait, this isnt the bitching and moaning comment box any more is it?!?!?

    so what did i do to deserve this punishment? i constantly look to the sky and loudy say "fuck you god!!" if there is ultimate punishment to dole out lets have it!

    hmmm... this must mean his minions, (yerself) are put here to serve us our final sentences.

    *gets on knees, ready for lashings and spits out his last words*


  4. Um. I just used the five second rule to eat something that fell on the floor.

    If you don't punish me, the bacteria will.

  5. i must have been very bad because i feel like i am dying...cough more runny nose...beat me if you want just stop the nose from running!

  6. Well, I didn't make full use of one of Tim's comments by turning it into a filthy innuendo.

    I deserve to be punished!

  7. Tame - can we have more cock please?

  8. I Want To Leave My Job!
    I hope,when i do, They have a whip-'round for me...........

  9. TICKERS: I’m consulting the Vatican’s ‘Book of New and Improved Mortal Sins’ to see how many Hail Marys and Our Fathers you’ll recite.

    QUCIFER: And good on you for it!

    VOICES: You are a modern day Rip Van Winkle who’s fallen asleep and woken up in a different decade.

    Try to keep up.

    T-BIRD: You’ll be punished by a husband and wife team: Sam and Ella.

    DAISY: I can hear your nose yelling “Blow me!”

    Or is that Inner Voices talking in his sleep?

    IVD: I thought today marked the first day of your being without a demon box.

    I’m so glad you’re still here!

    Did I just say that?

    KNUDSEN: You’ve moved me to verse…

    Little Jack Horner sat in the corner,
    Eating a Christmas pie:
    He put in his thumb, up Knudsen’s bum
    And said, “What a good boy am I!”

    FROBI: I don’t want to be accused of being all cock and no action.

    TONY: Let’s hope they don’t pistol-whip you.

    DONN: Take a walk on the wild side.

    RICH: Have you ever had a coffee enema?

  10. i like a good spanking now and then, so what ever it is i need to do to be punished is all good with me. now bring me some coffee, i like it with a lot of sugar.

  11. I've been very idle - I obviously need whipping into action.

  12. VOICES: Sugar? It’s sweet you want?

    You’ll get the Caramel Macchiato enema.


    KAZ: Idle?

    Coincidentally, tomorrow is Eric Idle’s 65 birthday.

    As punishment, you must entertain me with one of my favourite songs.

    Dressed only in a loin cloth, sing along with Eric Idle to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

  13. "thank you master, may i have another..."

  14. Donn, I'm with you on this one: That dude looks like a lady! And for pointing out her flat manly boob (pec?), she/he is trying to silence me from spreading the news to the masses...

    Also, I lied to a bum at the stop light, telling him I had no change...why should he get drunk off my hard earn money? I was going to spend that money on getting drunk myself! And I did!!!

  15. I punch, I do not get whipped.

    (It's just a little rule I have.)

  16. VOICES: No more for you ‘til you’ve held the last one in for an hour.

    BINGOWINGS: You did the right thing withholding your spare change.

    You gotta fight for your right to party.

    BOXER: I thought you were all tied up for the weekend.

  17. I'm still wondering what IDV has against blue carpets. Except they aren't exactly fashionable

    Is that Alicia Silverstone?

  18. now you know im not supposed to do that... *jumping up and down from foot to foot*

  19. you won't get rid of me that easily.

  20. CYBERSLUT: Alicia Silverstone impersonator in drag, more like.

    VOICES: *hands Voices a pair of rubber pants*

    BOXER: Dios mio.

    *makes sign of the cross*

  21. I didn't think there was a difference

  22. Anyone attempting to whip me will find the whip shoved squarely up whichever orifiicome to hand first

  23. How on earth do you know about Eric's birthday - did he invite you to his party?
    I've already sung Maggie May for you today and I don't do encores ...or loincloths.

  24. *it put the pants on its skin* oooooooaahh... these are a little tight! gives me that nice moose knuckle look! thanks, so when does the punishing begin?

  25. Well I thought about anal fissures and brief jerkies so I guess I deserve some sort of beating.

  26. CYBERPETRA: Right you are.

    BEAST: Come again?

    In English this time?

    KAZ: I know when all your birthdays are.

    See YOU in September.

    VOICES: You’ll know when it starts.

    In the meantime, enjoy the element of surprise.

    Whoa! What’s that rancid coffee smell?

    *sprays blog with room deodorizer*

    MR.SHIFE: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Anal fissures and brief jerkies? You’ve got just what it takes to be an Infomaniac reader!

  27. Is this a man? Looks like hair on it's chest.

  28. MYTOES: Didn't you ever hear mothers say, "Eat your crust. It'll put hair on your chest?"

    Your guess is as good as mine.