Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Go Danish

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Next stop: Denmark
Note to IVD: Update the map!

The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts are headed, for the very first time, to Denmark!

CyberPete, our token Dane, won the much-coveted Shorts from Tatas in Berkshire, England.

Here’s the photo of Tatas in The Shorts with CyberPete’s winning caption, a poem, underneath…

With boots of rubber
waiting for her lubber
ready for action
with decent traction
bum in place
and hidden face
the shorts so snug
you can see her rug
but gentlemen beware
and tread with care
the hedge clippers are ready
so keep it steady
if not she will snip
and it won't your lip.

Congratulations, CyberPete!

Oh and Tatas? We’ve heard you have more pics of yourself in The Shorts. Let’s have a peek, eh?

New to Infomaniac and wondering what all the fuss is over a pair of Elf Shorts? Check out The Definitive History of the Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.


  1. The more I look at Tatas in her FGES - the sexier it becomes....

    Hope that doesn't happen next time around!

    And - YAY FIRST!!

  2. NWT: It's the dirty wellies that do it for you, isn't it?

    CYBERPOO: Think of the photo opportunities!

    How about posing on the lawn of the Christiansborg Palace?

    Or with the Little Mermaid as a backdrop?

    Or on a Viking Ship!

  3. Oh I could do that and go to jail for desecrating a national monument

    Interesting, but keep the tips coming dear. I need all the help I can get *hyperventilates*

  4. MJ you always put a smile on my face...thank you darling

  5. MJ: Thank babes.

    Get the ole cogs going CP wont be long before them shorts turn up at your door.

  6. CYBERPOO: *checking to see that you said “desecrate” and not “defecate”*

    You’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately.

    How about a shot of you baking?

    On second thought, The Shorts are highly flammable as they contain toxic minge deposits from Tatas so stay away from the oven.

    DAISY: A smile a day keeps Daisy at play.

    TATAS: Still waiting to see the pics of you and Connie enjoying The Shorts together.

  7. Hmmm that's true MJ. I should probably also keep it away from the gas stove bit yeah?

    It could become scary stuff

    Tatas: Yeah, I really should get the cogs turning and the clogs burning

  8. I'm not a new reader and I still don't know what the fuss about the shorts is. I do have a support Denmark flag up on my news blog though but maybe in this case free speech should be stiffled.

  9. Old Knudsen: Wave that flat mate!

    I'm going to need all the support I can get. Even if it's more a case of the support of free speech

  10. CYBERTWAT: Tatas can’t be bothered to launder The Shorts before she sends them to you so handle with care.

    You may want to start with carbolic soap and move on to something stronger if that doesn’t work.

    KNUDSEN: Wasn’t your father a Scottish Viking?

    You and CyberHoor probably have a common ancestor.

    Try sticking the flag of Denmark up yer arse.

  11. CYBERSLUT: You may have to pull out the Cillit Bang.

  12. Cyberpete - why don't you be the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in a dyke? I'm sure those Green Elf Shorts would help you in the process!

  13. MJ: Teeheehee that brand always makes me giggle. It's so dirdy.

    T-Birdy: I don't think I've heard of him. Do elaborate.

  14. MJ: You'll be waiting a long time. ;o)

  15. T-BIRD: *laffing so hard I can't see*

    Can we get a volunteer dyke for CyberPete to stick his finger into?

    CYBERDANE: Here's the story (with pic) of the little Dutch boy who sticks his finger in the dike and saves his country from flooding.

    TATAS: I'll speak to Connie.

  16. Is CyberPETE making a move on Old K? Do I need to kick someone's ass?

  17. Bahhh! I'm never going to win.

  18. BOXER: It appears that CyberPete wants Knudsen as his “flat mate.”

    TICKERS: But The Shorts need to see Wales!

  19. Congratulations, CP!

    *Eats a Danish in CP's honor*

  20. Blast! I can't believe I missed all the 'Shorts excitement. I'll get going on that map asap...

  21. Eros: Did she taste good? (the Danish?)

  22. IVD: Have you been putting in overtime down at the docks?

  23. If only.

    Sadly, my absence hasn't been caused by anything nearly as fun/messy!