Friday, March 07, 2008

Fanny Batter Friday


  1. Yay First!

    I'll betcha ten bucks that the Banks hire the Bee Gees to sing "Fanny Be Tender"

    Ooh or maybe Pete Townsend can sing
    "You're Batter
    You're Batter
    You Bet!"

  2. I dread to think what you were really searchinng for when you came across this little number.


  3. Is the first commenter really Jeremy Beadle back to haunt us? are there cameras on me? My friend Dick Cocksmith had the same problem if people use their porn names at banks what can you expect?

    I did see a porno called 'Fanny Hill'

  4. Shouldn't she be asking her parents for £1 million in punitive damages for christening her Fanny Batter in the first place?

  5. Now don't you feel bad about using that term. *who am I kidding now you will use it more then ever*LOL

  6. DONN: Knudsen is right. You’re the ghost of Jeremy Beadle.

    What business has the ghost of Jeremy Beadle here on Infomaniac?

    Have I been framed?

    IVD: I was looking for pics of you at the time.

    KNUDSEN: Since viewing Fanny Hill I’ve always been wary of entering hat shops for fear I’d be recruited into a … “milliner.”

    BETTY: Better choices would have been Fifi Trixabelle, Peaches Honeyblossom or Pixie.

    GEO: Haven’t heard from you in awhile.

    Fanny Batter always brings you out of the woodwork though, doesn’t it?

  7. I heard she married a Mr Precombe.

  8. GEOFF: That marriage is on slippery grounds.

  9. wow, i bet that made her hot.

    geddit? hot? hot fanny batter? and with the fanny, angryness, and

    so yeah, i wasn't lying when i said i was still kind of fried this morning. no i wasn't.

  10. Would that be the Third Agricultural Bank owned by Jizz Wadd.

    Fanny Batter v Jizz Wadd.

  11. FN: Hot fanny batter?

    Isn't that what Beast spreads on his toast?

    TICKERS: Yes, if that's the same Jizz Wadd who operates his business out of the Japanese village of Bukkake.

  12. Granny Fanny Batter , sounds worse than just fanny batter.

    ***Throws Salad Cream in bin****

  13. battered granny fanny anyone? sounds right to me... would you give her an account in your bank? it doesnt specify whta KIND of bank she was trying to make a deposit in...

  14. I think Trixie Firecracker is a far superiour name

    but I agree with Betty, she should sue her parents instead but there may be less jizz in that than jizz wadds seed bank or whatever it was

  15. I think she should get every penny. Imagine living with a name like that? Someone should pay don't you think?

  16. Who the frig is Jeremy Bloody Beadle?

  17. Her parents obviously had a sense of humour.
    Wayne King does exist and works in the UK for a US bank.
    Lee King (can't hold his drink)
    Sue King (doesn't need a straw)
    Patty A Winkle - always made me laugh when I saw it on a work e-mail.
    There was a passenger on a ship I once worked on that I had to tannoy his name was Mr Peter Nuss. I did fight not to just use the first initial...

  18. Yeah, who is Jeremy Beadle?

    But we're talking about Franny Batter here.

    And seeing as I'm her press agent, she has no comment because this is all before the courts.

  19. BITCHES: Ta for all your comments. I've had a very long day and just WANT MY COCKTAIL NOW DAMMIT! so I'm not going to respond to you all personally.

    Except to tell Donn to unstick his Google finger to look up Jeremy Beadle where he'll find that his avatar really does look like Jeremy when Jeremy was MUCH YOUNGER. And, of course, Donn is MUCH BETTER LOOKING.

    Thank you and goodnight.