Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fly Me

Infomaniac Airlines is now boarding.

Where do you want me to take you?


  1. YAY First!

    "Fly me to the moon
    And let me play among the stars
    Let me see what Spring is like
    On Jupiter and Mars"

  2. DONN: Spring on Jupiter and Mars can only be warmer than Winnipeg.

  3. mj I hope i will get an automatic upgrade to 1st class , and dont have to sit with the likes of Piggy and IVD in steerage.....can you imagine a sea of polyester and cheap aftershave

  4. To the Galaxy Of Lerrrve, travelling at Warp Factor Three with Crown Heights Affair. Well, everyone tells me I only like disco music ...

  5. Steerage!? Beast, I'll have you know I only went back there to insert a champagne bottle quite a long way into Piggy to stop his whining.

    * swishes through the losers in First Class on way through to the Club Lounge *

    Ummm... Hang on. Are you flying this thing, MJ?

    * readies self for an emergency exit *

  6. take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship..............(with Easter Eggs Seved By Cabin Crew)

  7. never never land

    *wistful sigh*

  8. You know... I've been to paradise... but I've... never. Been. To. Me.

    Sorry. I *simply* had to do that.

  9. Take me to the popstars on the moon

    I sure hope there is an open bar

  10. I overheard Knudsen say he wanted to take you up the Khyber Pass

  11. ...away, sugar. at this point, i don't give a fuck where!

  12. ... back to bed - I am getting chilly?

  13. I only fly Mandy, not MJ.

    Is that a bottle of bourbon I see under the dashboard?

  14. BEAST: Not to mention the after effects of Piggy and IVD having just eaten a dodgy curry.

    BETTY: We’ll drop you off at the Disco Mausoleum.

    IVD: Yes, I’m flying this plane.

    I trained under this pilot.

    TONY: This flight leaves in the jingle jangle morning.

    BITTERSWEET: Neverland?

    Michael Jackson awaits you for his sleepover.

    T-BIRD: So you’ve been undressed by kings and seen some things that a woman ain't supposed to see?

    Do tell!

    CYBERPOO: I’ve laundered your Sailor Moon costume so you can be the airline hostess.

    ELLIE: Not until he’s been to Uranus.

    SAVANNAH: Right then.

    If you’re so amenable, YOU can sit beside Piggy and IVD.

    MUTLEY: I don’t care if it’s on Oprah’s list.

    I’m not buying you the Burberry dog sweater.

    GEOFF: If you’re flying Mandy you’re not going to need that bourbon.

  15. Take me away like Calgon!!, preferably to a warm climate place with nude beaches, strong drinks and men I don't know willing to do depraved things to me..... anywhere but this fucking office babysitting grown ass people!!

  16. Well that's certainly not Virgin Airlines.

  17. oh jeez, I forgot my I.D. Can I still board? Plus, I have "special" dietry requests for my food. What? You're full?


    P.S. I'd like to see sun. Warm sun. It's been a long time.

  18. If you can spread your wings the way you spread your legs we could go all the way to Barry Island.

  19. is there going to be a flock of geese following this plane? other wise a flight to the furrows of gluteal sounds warm and sweaty enough...

  20. YAY!

    That is my fantasy career

    can I wear 9 inch stilettos?

  21. QUCIFER: NWT Runner hasn’t popped by yet but I believe you’re high on his depravity list.

    KAZ: No it’s not Virgin Airlines which means that you have frequent flier points and can ride for free.

    BOXER: What ID?

    You’re anonymous.

    TICKERS: Cheeky bugger.

    You’ll have to remove your Carmen Miranda headpiece as there’s a height clearance restriction in effect.

    VOICES: As long as it’s not a Flock of Seagulls.

    I don’t want their hair getting stuck in the engine.

    CYBERPOOF: Yes, you may wear your nine-inch heels, nine-inch nails AND have a starring role in Air Hostess Wars!

  22. I like your airline. Window seat please. And can I be behind Old K? If he falls asleep (and he will) it could be my chance. For the hat.

  23. This is so exciting .....

    Will Piggy retract his undercarraige after take off.

    Will IVD and Tim join the mile high club.

    Will old knudy get his complementary nuts

    Why does that trolley dolly look like Frobisher

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. anonymous boxer - i was going to put up a fight for Old Knudsen but, on reflection, i think you would win.

    if there is anything left over ...

  26. BOXER: Don’t sit behind Knudsen.

    He’s had the dodgy curry.

    BEAST: There’s a mattress in the cockpit that looks like Frobi.

    And please put your shoes and socks back on. There have been complaints.

    BITTERSWEET: It’s MY airline so I get Knudsen’s cap.

  27. Bittersweet - I don't know.... I'd win only if I had a chance to smack you when you weren't looking.... plus, it APPEARS MJ's gotten all bossy with the fact that it's her airplane.

    And the shoe comment? They need a little airing, that's why I want to go to a sunny place.

  28. Wow I hope they make an english languaged version of that.

    It's so catty I love it!

    I'll be sure to be (the only) one to watch

  29. I'll ride in steerage please. at least i'll know who im sitting next to.

  30. BOXER: Get your own airline.

    CYBERSLUT: Are there soaps in Denmark?

    If so, send me a link, please.

    VOICES: This flight is full.

    You’ll sit in the overhead baggage bin and you won’t complain about it.

    Knudsen will open the latch occasionally to feed you nuts.

  31. Take me down to Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...

    And hopefully where there's lots of sun, sand, and free tequila.

  32. om, okay.... where are we going again? has anybody decided yet? or are the blow up dolls driving?

  33. Well, I've not been undressed by any Kings to the best of my knowledge - but who knows what sort of incognito royalty may have been slumming it?

    As for the things that no woman should have seen? Let's just put it down to the carnivale going on inside IDV's head.

    No woman needs to know that much.

  34. PEEVISH: Tequila shooters are available at the bar, on board.

    Infomaniac is not responsible for your behaviour. Drink responsibly.

    VOICES: Let go of the blowup doll so she can steer this thing.

    MANUEL: Line up for the loo with the rest of the passengers who are headed for the Mile High Club.

    And when you’re finished in there, put the seat down!

    T-BIRD: Looking inside IVD’s head is like looking into a funhouse mirror.