Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Blogiversary, Infomaniac!

Welcome to the party!

Help yourself to the open bar as Infomaniac celebrates its second anniversary.

I’ve started without you.

How did I get this far? Remember when I almost threw in the towel?

But thanks to you lot….

Infomaniac readers

… I’ve continued on. And on. And on.

Entertaining all of you bitches for the past 2 years has made me feel dirty.

So dirty that I must accept Johnny Depp’s invitation to join him in the bathtub.

Party on!

Come back on Tuesday (I’m taking Monday off. Shut up) as we celebrate yet another Infomaniac reader’s birthday.

Thank you one and all (even Piggy) for making blogging fun and fabulous.

Now bring on the dancing boys!


  1. Wow, you really know how to throw a party. I usually can only get a 6 pack and one male nude dancer.

    I am not worthy.

    Happy Bloggy B-day to you.

  2. Only two Toxicmingetastic years......
    It feels much longer :-)


  3. Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda.

    *goes back to IDV birthday celebrations*

  4. "Oooh, doesn't time fly?"

    Happy anniversary, MJ.

  5. Happy bloggy birthday MJ - well done on you two-year anniversary!

  6. BOXER: See that nude dancer with no hat?

    You stole it, didn’t you because you couldn’t have Knudsen’s cap?

    And because it’s my blogiversary, Knudsen will give his cap to ME.

    You wait and see.

    BEAST: Mingetastic?

    Why thank you for acknowledging the exquisiteness of my lady bits.

    I plan to continue blogging so you’ll have more to look forward to if you haven’t choked on your pink Barbie Easter egg yet.

    PIGGY: Goes back to IVD celebrations because you want to see more deformed cock?

    I would have thought you’d seen enough looking at Smunty’s bendy bits.

    GEOFF: I have been instructed that in Britain, fly is plural as in “flies.”

    Or does that pertain only to the zipper on trousers?

    TIM: And a happy blogiversary to you too as it appears we started our blogs at about the same time.

    Double happiness for IVD, wouldn’t you say?

  7. Happy BlogDay! What A Swell Party This Is!I Look Good In A Red Bowler!

  8. I haven't really recovered from IDV's infected tackle but I'll raise a glass, a cock and a smile for you.

  9. MJ it takes more that a pink Barbie egg to bring down a Beast.
    HAve you got a minge shaped cake ???

  10. TONY: Or look good without a hat!

    TICKERS: As pleased as I am, I thought you’d drop off your used panties here like you did over at FN’s place.

    BEAST: Come back on Tuesday to see the cake of your dreams.

    I’ll even let you lick the icing.

  11. Is that Bianca Jagger smoking a cigar in the middle of the first pic? Or has the woman on the right just got a very long tongue?

    You'll need Monday to get over this one.
    Happy anniversary and many happy returns.

  12. Too tired for even more celebrating.

    *turns over and goes back to sleep*

  13. KAZ: That’s Bianca in her Studio 54 days and Jerry Hall’s on top.

    Luciana Morad hadn’t been born yet.

    BETTY: It’s just go go go with you, isn’t it?

    You’ve got to slow down this fast-paced lifestyle of yours before you exhaust yourself.

  14. Happy Blog Birthday, MJ! Thanks for all the laughs and wisdom and cautionary tales! Why, you're almost a good enough reason to forgive Canada for launching the offensive on American soil known as Celine Dion...but then y'all had to throw in Avril Lavinwhater! Be advised that we're planning to send over pantiless Britney Spears in retaliation!

  15. That top photo is pretty fun looking. Happy Birthday!!!!

  16. Sorry I missed your day, but: Happy Blogiversary anyway!

    I'm kind of glad in a way, as there's a little too much ladyfun for my liking...

  17. BINGOWINGS: But we gave you Mike Myers and Leonard Cohen and Alex Trebek and William Shatner.

    Doesn’t that make up for Celine and Avril?

    RICH: But in YOUR ideal world, they’d be drinking coffee.

    IVD: It IS my blogiversary today, you addle-brained ageing poofter.

    Obviously you’re losing your marbles.

    March 23, 2006 was the day I started this cesspool.

    And today is no longer your birthday, just in case you’ve forgotten that fact too.

  18. Do the dancing boys get to service the female guests?? yes?

    Then I'm staying

  19. It would be hard to get you out of the tub with Johnny in it!! Right?
    Have a great Monday, you deserve it.

  20. hmmm... no hat?

    **taps feet and whistles**

  21. Oops! I've lost all track of time - Being at The Parents for more than 24 consecutive hours does that...

  22. Congrats! I'm so excited for you that I want to turn naked cartwheels, too.

  23. QUCIFER: I think they’re more interested in servicing each other.

    MYTOES: I can’t get out of the tub ‘til I’ve painted his toenails.

    What colour do you think he'd like?

    BOXER: If you think Knudsen’s cap will become your new Easter bonnet you can forget about it.

    IVD: You were at the parents’ house?

    That excuse is getting old…like you. Ha!

    DINAH: I’ll have you know I had my knickers on!

  24. Yeah: On a boil wash!

    Please don't cartwheel around MJ. We don't want to be sprayed with the noxious excretions from your sideways smile.

    Or is that a full-on guffaw?

  25. Happy blogiversary MJ

    Don't worry I haven't forgotten you, I'm working on something so be patient.

  26. Happy Bloggiversary MJ!

    That first pic almost defies gravity. Save a glass of champers for me - I'm just going to shove this Bianca bird out of the pile.

  27. Happy Blogiversary!!

    That party looks a tad too athletic for me. I'll be sitting in the tub with Johnny...

  28. They cut Samson's hair and he could no longer blog, I see yer plan. 2 years huh it seems longer.

  29. Where DO you find these pics?

    Way to go MJ for 2 years of this stuff - I don't think anybody else could come close to finding such a pile as you have. Take that as you want.

    I'm disappointed that I'm not following qucifer this time. I can dance too - but not like THOSE boys....

  30. Oh I forgot its MJ's DAY OFF......lazy baggage is staying in bed , fartin , scratchin and eating pork pies

  31. and you wouldn't have made it without my arse.......nice

  32. An amazing achievement - Happy Anniversary Infomaniac!

  33. IVD: If I’m upside down
    It’s a frown.

    CYBERPOOF: What are you up to?

    Posting more naked boys with their socks on?

    T-BIRD: Are you replacing Bianca?

    That could be IVD’s cigar in her mouth, you know.

    PEEVISH: Sitting in the tub with Johnny?

    Not if I have any say in the matter!

    KNUDSEN: I notice you didn’t mention who gets your cap.

    I see YOUR plan.

    Very cunning.

    You want Boxer and I to wrestle nekkid for it, don’t you?

    NWT: I get the pics from a photo dispensing machine on my wall.

    I just press a button according to the subject matter I want and out pops a photo.

    My fave options are:

    1) English fellas who fancy a bit of cock
    2) Fat-arsed Irishmen
    3) Canadian men gagging for a shag.

    BEAST: Lazy? It’s 5 a.m. and I’m up.

    Anything else you’d like to say about it?

    MANUEL: Ireland’s finest waiter saved the day.

    I am eternally grateful.

    Your sugarloaf is my wallpaper.

    FROBI: Why thank you, Ratso!

  34. MJ , with the aid of wireless technology , you could be lazing under the duvet.....fartin , scratchin , eating pork pies AND blogging

  35. I was up early too , I have gym'd and am now attacking me housework .....pumped up , stripped down , mean and clean.
    Think Rambo with a dyson :-)

  36. BEAST: If I blogged from bed I would develop those bed sores Betty spoke of in my 'Pain in the Arse' posting.

    Rambo with a Dyson? Is that how The Beast keeps his buttocks firm?

    I'm sure our readers would love to see that pic I have of you nekkid Hoovering.

  37. Johnny likes black. He has painted his nails on his fingers many times. He is very progressive. Although his toes can't be as nice as mine, nor maybe his arse!

  38. MYTOES: You can check out Johnny Depp’s arse here.

  39. 2 years and yet 11000 posts!

    Hoppy brithday Ms MJ!!
    I trust you are well oiled?

  40. I thought that was you in the bathtub giving Johnny that far away look.

  41. No no MJ

    For you it must be totally original, so there is no cake or Hoff this time around either.

  42. MUTLEY: Oh Mr.Mutley, how you exaggerate.

    It’s only 933 posts.

    And yes, I’m lubed.

    JOE: That’s not a faraway look.

    That’s a “come closer!” look.

    CYBERPOOF: Well I don’t see anything new at your place since the naked man orgy.

    Aside from you insulting me in your comments.


  43. Don't be like that Wendy

    you know you wanna return to Never Land with me

  44. CyberPetra: I am pleased that you are celebrating my blogiversary yet confused by the images of crotch-grabbing and deranged mummies ripping at breasts and leopard skin loincloths.

    Disturbing yet strangely titillating.

    Like you.

  45. I thought if anyone required deranged mummies, breasts and crotch-grabbing for their blogiversary it would be you.

    very tit-illating I'm sure...

  46. congratulations x

    *he* said I could have the cap ...

  47. IVD's cigar? I'll think of Queen and Country.

  48. Not a bad arse....there are a lot here to compare too. Do I measure up?
    Does the one dancer have somewhere to be? He's wearing a watch. Must not have got the naked!

  49. Hey! Did you see how Bittersweet said "he said I could have the cap".

    ***stomps around kicking the naked dancers***

  50. CYBERPETE: You are a sexy girl.


    See comment to Boxer, below.

    T-BIRD: Maybe it’s wine-dipped.

    MYTOES: You could be his arse double in the movies.

    That dancer has a watch because he’s missing a hat.

    BOXER: This can only mean one thing…BITCHFIGHT!

  51. Sorry I'm late sweety!
    Are you sure that it's only been two years?

    Congratulations on filling this e-niche..and loving the unlovable, touching the untouchables.
    You're like Mother Theresa.

  52. goodie :D

    ps i like having my hair pulled

  53. DONN: It’s okay. I understand you were having "issues" over the weekend.

    Shall I perform some hands-on-healing to your afflicted areas?

    BOXER: & BITTERSWEET: I’ll arrange a time later. Knudsen will officiate.

    Bittersweet, this isn’t about pleasure so I’m not pulling your hair. Anyway, isn’t it about time you shaved those legs?

  54. My left hook is not something people like. just sayin..

  55. BOXER: You'll get whiplash from my left tit.