Friday, September 30, 2011

Filthy Friday - Mr. Peenee's Sofa Edition

In a recent post by Mr. Peenee he asked, “Do I know you well enough to come in contact with your cooties? No, I do no think I do.”

My response to his post was as follows…

“Mistress MJ snuck into your house in the middle of the night and ground her cha-cha all over your sofa.”

And that is exactly what will happen to the rest of you Bitches if you don’t meet Monday’s deadline with your neighbourhood photos!

By the way, Mr. Peenee’s response to my comment was a curt, “Can't talk, I have to go burn my sofa now.”

We’re sure he’d feel differently if he awoke to find THIS on his sofa…

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Friendly Reminder

Thanks to the handful of Infomaniac Bitches who’ve submitted their neighbourhood photos.

The rest of you have until Monday.

Kiss Card

Check applicable boxes...


Happy Birthday, CyberPete!

Whether you know him as CyberPete or Petra, he’s our only Scandinavian Infomaniac Bitch.


Happy birthday to CyberPete in Denmark!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wenis Wednesday

Those of you who came here looking for wenis will have to make due with a couple of cocks instead…

[photos via Infomaniac Bitch Zenfancy]

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Friendly Reminder

Have you given any thought to your neighbourhood photo submission?

Don’t make Mistress MJ have to drag it out of you…


Deadline: Monday, October 3rd.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

On the Street Where You Live

Are you ready for another Infomaniac photo event, Bitches?

We’d like to see your neighbourhood so grab your cameras and get outside!

Take a photo of something on your street or in your immediate neighbourhood.

Anything will do…the corner shop, a street sign, a flower bed, a letter box, an alley, recycling bins, a bus shelter, interesting architectural features, somebody’s underthingies hanging to dry on a clothes line, the town drunk

Oh, wait a minute…how did THAT photo get in here? Anyway...

For privacy reasons, you don’t have to mention the name of your street. If you feel comfortable telling us, we’d like to know what town you’re in or at least the name of your State, Province or County.

Submit (oh how I love that word) your photo by email (address is in my Blogger Profile) and INCLUDE A BLURB ABOUT YOUR YOUR PHOTO.

Deadline for submission is Monday, October 3rd.

Does enchantment pour out of every door?
No, it’s just on the street where YOU live…

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coming Soon

While you’re listening to this evening’s 8-track selections, please charge your camera batteries.


Come back soon for more details.

Infomaniac 8-Track Club

Let’s hit the road with Mistress MJ and the Infomaniac 8-Track Club!

Simply select an 8-track cartridge and pop it in!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011


At last! We peek into the views from your kitchen windows!


And remember that in many cases, clicking the photos enlarges them.

Let’s start with Mr. Cookie. Is it just a coincidence that there are cookies on his kitchen counter?

Here is our kitchen window, the least interesting window in the house. Bleak, actually. Because our house is old, and brick, when we redid the kitchen we could either remove the window and hope to match the brick, or just run the counter right in front of it. Since we never open it, we went with option number 2. In fact, we keep it window behind curtains so we get light, but don't have to look at the house next door, which we hope to buy and rehab.

This is my garden in New York City. The best thing about it is that if you are in any room of my apartment and look out any window, this is what you see, not buildings, cars, trains and people. Many different flowers, spring, summer & fall, If you are feeling peckish grab a nectarine or a fig or a bunch of grapes, savory herbs grow all around. I walk barefoot around this, my home, and my little dog Mickey has never worn a leash; he runs free.

My house was remodeled in the mid-60's and the kitchen was bumped out to make another room. Other houses on my block are the same style as mine so I know there was once a window over the kitchen sink and I missed not having it. So, I found an old window and hung it over the sink and this is my view; into my craft area.

My kitchen window looks out into a small indoor courtyard. It's full of plants and an aviary with three birds - this is one of them. His name is Woody, he's a Crimson Rosella with a broken wing and gender issues. When I'm home, he's allowed out of the aviary to wander around the courtyard. He can only fly down, not up, so he climbed this potted tree using his beak and claws.

The Polish builders did an excellent job of doing my "downstairs" after it was flooded in 2007. But when it came to painting the kitchen walls, I wasn't impressed. I asked for a "Duck egg " blue, but what I got was an "Egg Yolk" yellow instead. Carmen was thrilled with the colour, so I kept it. The view from the kitchen window looks like a cemetery in a Hammer horror film.

Since my Austin home doesn't have a kitchen window, I am submitting the kitchen window of my flat in Berlin.

My view from the sixth floor of our new condo we just bought, our first home! Moving in Oct. 1st. The sliding door opens up next to my stove and looks out over the park and north Biscayne Bay and high rises, down below, tennis courts and houseboys!

Here's the view from our kitchen. It's my primrose path, aka the Highway to Hell.

what did you expect i'd see, platypuses?

Here is the view from one of my windows. Sadly, I don’t have a window in my kitchenette. I live in a tin shed that has limited window opportunity. Yes it is a lemon tree outside my window and when the wind blows the lemons bang on my roof and walls making an awful clatter! (Did I mention that I live in a tin shed?) However, the Empress does have a lovely view of the patio area and garden at the side of the house from her kitchen through the French Doors. I cannot imagine what pleasure having a window in my very own kitchen might bring. Not having a window is not all that much of a bother as much of the time I am working in my garden getting up close and personal with its inhabitants, thus I become a part of the view.


Please accept this photograph of what I look out upon from my kitchen sink window. The house is owned by Eileen and Malcolm Carruthers, a lovely couple with a 21 year old daughter who's name is Trouble, with a capital "T". Honestly, I don't think that they believed me when I said that Cecilia was gallivanting about exhibiting her body in an unseemly fashion. Fortunately, my husband, Edwin Smith Standish snapped this picture with his smart phone from my sink window. Cecelia is now away at a real college, Vanderbilt, and under medical supervision. As for their horrid landscape, I can only hope that they hire someone to come fix it because it offers us no winter color what so ever.

This is our magnificent garden from the perspective of the nominated washer-upper. As you can see we have a tree of some description which we planted as a baby when we moved in 14 years ago. It gives welcome shelter from the blazing Kentish sun and refuge for the odd bird or two. You may see our birdbath to the right of the tree. This affords us to give welcome drinking and bathing water for the many small garden birds which come looking for respite from the scorching Kentish sun. It also allows welcome relief for the local pigeons who like nothing more than to empty their heavy bowels into its murky shallows. That, my friends, is our garden.

I always have the curtains folded up. Otherwise they would be in my way…

When I open the window and set the camera on the sill, this is what you see. See the tree in the middle with the pink bow?

There, now you can see it. This is Maggie’s tree, it’s a Cleveland flowering pear. You remember her from the last project. We planted this on her birthday last year.
She would have been three. When we planted it, we spread some of her ashes in the dirt. Now we get to watch her grow. It’s planted so that you can see it from any window on the back side of the house. We plan to do the same this year. Maybe a bush this time. I don’t recommend planting trees the day before Halloween unless you absolutely have to. It’s bloody cold outside! At least in Michigan it is.

First, a wide view of the patio door in the kitchen…

And then the view when standing in the door…

I live in a low-middle class part of the town where all you see are duplex. Duplex, duplex and more duplex. They all look the same. Big boring cubes. Through the years, some owners have tried to make them look a little more attractive.

My neighbour's backyard…

I know it's not part of the assignment but since I missed out on the previous one, I tought you'd still like to see "mon petit jardin de balcon":

Geraniums, gazanias, and... and... how do you say "capucines" in english!!!


On the balcony in the front we've got some mighty Cosmos!

OK. there are also 4-plexes!

And if I make a 180 degree turn, I get this:

OK! I admit I did zoom in a bit!

Here is the photo out my kitchen window -- really the sliding glass door, but close enough. As you can see from the tiny little jogger, our town's walking lane runs directly through our back yard. This goes a long way toward explaining why we've let the back yard grow up so much, to get a bit of privacy, but I admit laziness has a lot to do with it, too.

Here come three bad pictures from my kitchen, one actually looks out the unlicked window.

Miss Janey wrote a post about her kitchen window view which you can read here.

Mistress MJ has condensed Miss Janey’s post as follows…

Here is the view from Miss J's kitchen window. Note that all the Janey's vases have ended up here because the Janeys are to lazy to get out a step stool and return them to their proper place above the kitchen cabinets. The vintage head-vases were from Mama Janey. Outside, camellia bushes. Beyond that, the peach-colored building is her next door neighbor's house. Miss J is pretty sure her neighbors have seen her naked more than once. Their second story allows them a view of Miss J's kitchen and yes sometimes she strips there because its where the washer & dryer are. Sometimes she even makes breakfast nekkid.

Lookin; out my back door... again, of the kitchen. Same old neighbor's oleander plant...

If you're still awake, the view out one of the bedroom windows. No happy creatures dancing on the lawn- or the laundry. Oh- Miss J rolls old school when it comes to laundry! She's all green and stuff, hanging it to dry with the Sun's magical powers. And that black thing hanging by the garage, that's part of Miss J's Figgy Project, The Hanging Pantrie, their spelling not Miss J's. Five layers of figs, protected by mesh and like the laundry, drying by the Sun's magical powers.

Mr. DeVice’s kitchen window post can be found here.
Note rainbow in top photo…

My back window; specifically the office I just repainted in order to hang these red curtains.
Note from Mistress MJ: Click pic to see what sort of filth Peenee has on his computer screen!

I do have a couple of pictures of the view from my kitchen window, but at the moment my porch is far more exciting. Apologies for the blurring, but the subjects refused to stay still even after I asked them to.

Thanks, everyone, for flinging open your windows upon your worlds!