Sunday, March 16, 2008

Album Cover(s) of the Week


  1. im on dial-up... so i cant see yer funny pics... so i will comment blinddrunk, errrr... blind... that guy with the crazy hat is gonna fall off the bridge for sure and in the lower album pic the rooster is gonna get his too... if the album covers have any thing to do with legos, i'm yer maniac....

    oh and yer stupid verd worification letters were: luftbbtmk

    THAT FIRST TIME DIDNT WORK, so now they are:bjztcq

  2. SO NOW THAT I GOT A FIRSTY.... do i get the password for a blogroll link er wot? or do i have to break into info-head-quarters and spray paint the shit on the wall my self?
    *stumbles off and pee's on random bum in alley behind MJs house*

  3. *sees that no one is in the office at "infomaniac" and starts useing the phone to call the asian cutie hotlines he finds in the rolodex on the desk*

  4. *wanders around the info-complex and useses a marker to draw moustaches on all the blow up dolls laying around, finds bannana peels everywhere? and some old albums playing on a record player in a comfortable padded room*

  5. Inner Voices is a bit lonely tonight maybe he can join you burning in the pits of Hell for suggesting that God is anything but a God of love.

  6. Who is this God chap that the kids are talking about these days? And why doesn't someone just lock him away if he's a killer? I bet he's corrupted those poor denim clad weirdos with the axe.

  7. Hahahaha! Swing those gospel axes this way, tight pants men!


  8. VOICES: Not bad considering you’re drunk and you have dial-up.

    The rooster is now known as Mike the Headless Chicken after a group of Gospel singers beheaded him.

    And stop peeing on my bum or you’ll never get to heaven.

    My Rolodex contains only the numbers of fat-arsed Irishmen.

    KNUDSEN: Get down on your knees when you say that.

    IVD: I’d prefer they were non-DENIMinational myself.

    T-BIRD: The men are gonna have to knock down that gal in front to get to you.

    Do want that crime on your conscience?

  9. AA Alien came to earth to save us all.

    God will kill unbelievers with his mighty axe.

  10. CYBERSLUT: Oh come now. Can you really ever have too much denim?

    How about completing their outfits with these?

    GEOFF: Will there be smitings?

  11. He has smote before. He will smite again.

  12. GEOFF: Plagues? Pestilences?

    Do you have a favourite smiting?

    I rather like this one…

    “And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs”

  13. Smitings! I loves me some smitings! Smite away! We shall see what gets smote! (I also loves me the past tense of Smite)

    Butch & Upbound are relatives of the Manson Family. Didn't you know?

  14. Did you see Justin and Britney all decked out in denim - That's too much denim

    These too. And it's the same colour

    *vomits a little*

  15. Rather frogs on my borders than fucking daffodils.

  16. PEEVISH: Looks like Charlie took away all the women from his kinfolk but one.

    CYBERSLAG: I smite you for that image of Justin and Britney in denim.

    GEOFF: You’ll wish you had a border of daffodils when you’re smitten with a plague of boils and blains!

  17. God: the original DethMetal rocker.

    -oh crap i'm late for Mass.

  18. FN: Late for Mass?

    Just don't try to shave time off your commute by taking Chuckanut Drive.

  19. My oh my - one can only wonder where Butch Yelton is now. Likely serving hard time for turning his quintet into an all-boy quartet... God might not be the only killer around these two album covers

    And is there a hint of cameltoe happenin' here??

  20. Are You SURe that the bottom picture isn't The Osmonds?

    Oi think that they maybe are into hacking up people, innit?

  21. ps where's my bloglink, I have been linking to you for shitknows how long. Have a heart for a starving blogger!

  22. BEAST: I smite … a pox on you!

    NWT: I wondered which one of you pervs would be the first to sight the cameltoe.

    Nothing gets by you, does it?

    RONKNEE: The teeth don’t take up 50 per cent of the face acreage therefore they are not The Osmonds.

    God has not sent me a sign that I should add you to my Blogroll.

    Send me your credit card number immediately and I may or may not add you to the waiting list.

    I didn’t ask to be added to yours now, did I? Besides, every time you click on me I get a twinge in my hip. Stop it right now.

  23. I don't want a blog roll line, I just want a hat.

    And I'm pretty sure the guy on the right is working as a Carnie at the amusement park.

    Almost positive. He's still wearing the vest.

  24. Mj, that girl clearly isn't giving the axe men everything they need for a days' successful axing.

    Off with her head!

  25. BOXER: Gog Almighty will decide who gets the hat.

    I'm putting you on my BOGroll.

    T-BIRD: Maybe they want her axe wound.

  26. Well you gave me fashion nightmares with that gospel picture

    So much denim and all the same colour.

    It's revolting, and must be stopped

    *calls fashion court*

  27. CYBERBABY: Yes, I noticed you're up past your bedtime.

    It's past midnight in DaneLand.

  28. Butch Yelton (which is what I'm calling that outdated lady) Looks quite happy about her impending gang-orgy.... I'm hoping they don't get too brave and happy with that ax handle though

    and why, yes God is a Killer, and while I agree on the sentiment i'm just going to pass up on seating through that talking toupe

  29. QUCIFER: Outdated?

    Cameltoe never goes out of fashion.

  30. ah fuck, i was drunken blogging over here as well i see. pretty fucking good for dial up. and now that i see the pictures, well.... hahahahaaaa. "the rooster is going to get his too..."
    no shit.

  31. VOICES: I'm sure you'll do it again but don't expect me to wait up for you.