Monday, April 02, 2007

My Bitch is Back

My man slave SID (Stupid Irish Daddy) is back so I’m taking the day off, putting my feet up …

…and ordering the filthy Irish slut about.

I regret to inform you that the Blogging Roundup will not be published today.

Blame SID.

I have to spend all day whipping him back into shape after his absence...

It’s time to mend his disobedient ways.

Perhaps I should consider enlisting the aide of a back-up slave.

Any volunteers?

Qualifications: Must be able to take DICK-tation.

Apply in the comments section to Mistress MJ.


  1. Yayyyy! I'm first!

    I could certainly go for hitting someone right now...although its not SID. :)

  2. I'll be beneath you shall I? The Irish are used to being dominated he'll love every minute of it.

  3. I dunno, what are the hours? Do I get a uniform? Is there a pension scheme or dental plan?

  4. I volunteer southern cunt, Steve.

  5. does it come with Jameson? And only on Mondays.

  6. If you promise to wear those outfits (grrr) and keep the 'swift hoofs to the nads' down to a reasonable level I'd consider it.
    I am allergic to pain and I would kvetch for hours after every command
    but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night.

    wv: ifunka HA!

  7. I'll pass thanks.

    Yes, I'm still alive.

  8. AWA: I would never hurt SID.

    Order him about, yes. Hurt him, no.

    Now excuse me but I have to break him in to this new bit and bridle.

    KNUDSEN: Congratulations! You’ve made the short list!

    Just between you and me, SID’s the filthy Irish bastard who got me hooked on “FC”

    TICKERS: If you require fringe benefits, you’re not slave material.

    Get to the end of the queue.

    But you’re missing out on some fetching frilly uniforms. I never ask SID to dress up like a laydee as he’s not the type. (I have other kinds of uniforms for him but we won’t get into that today.) However, they’d suit YOU to a tee.

    PIGGY: It goes without saying that Stevey will plead for the position.

    I’ll refuse him just for the pleasure of making him beg ‘til he’s blue in the face.

    Carly will be pleased to be rid of him on those days that I require his services.

    FROBI: I’ll make it up to you next week, hun.

    GEO: The position is sponsored by Jamesons and Guinness.

    I’ll consider you as I know you’re used to taking orders from Maidy. She’s done all the groundwork for me so you should be a good candidate for the job.

    HE: You’re too damned talkative. I couldn’t put up with your endless chatter all day.

    *opens trap door*

    CONNIE: Coward.

  9. Oh that's a bunch of lies. Geo is the one who plays prison guard while I'm the prisoner tied to the bars.

    Maybe it's time he's learned a little discipline. But take video so I can jot down notes.

  10. MAIDY: Prisoner tied to the bars, eh?

    Maybe I should enforce affirmative action and consider a female slave.

    Or a team. Yes! You AND Geo.

  11. Im shit @ dusting&Ironing.....But my spotted dick is the talk of Yorkshire!

  12. TONY: You're shortlisted!

    As far as dusting and ironing go, you're trainable.

    I've heard your Polish Sausage is exceptional.

  13. His and hers tag team ?

  14. GEO: Yes, a his/hers tag team.

    Maidy has tons of experience from our bitchfights.

    Although I've heard you fight dirty. Hair-pulling, biting, the lot.

  15. You filthy Canuck hallion!

    And where did you get that pic of me in my latex balaclava?

    Oh yes..silly me...I remember now.

    By the way..Have those stitches dissolved yet?
    I know the seepage was getting you down.



  16. I'm not vounteering, but I do have some tips on inserting thick, gnarled, wooden shafts.

    All without the aid of Boy Butter, too!

  17. SID: It's common knowledge that you filthy Fenians have balaclavas in an assortment of fabrics.

    What are you waitng for? Remove my stiches with your teeth. Pronto.

    You nasty bitch slut.

    IVF: SID could use a good shafting!

    *claps hands*

    After last night's gangbang he'll be all stretched out and won't need the Boy Butter.

  18. I'm already Carly's manwhore - why on Earth would I volunteer to be slave to another bitch?
    And ET's bitch sister at that!
    Piggy only volunteered me cos he wants to see me strapped up in tight wet leather.........again!

  19. STEVE: Why? Because you want me to lead you around by your bendy bit like the slave boy you are!

    ET's bitch sister?! Revenge. Mine. Tomorrow.

    You Cunt of Dorset.