Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cross-Species Breastfeeding

Women who have never suckled often experience difficulty in nursing on account of the sunken and flat condition of the nipples. The nipples may be drawn out by a common breast pump, by suction with a tobacco pipe, by the use of the hot-water bottle, or by the application of a puppy or of an infant a little older.
--The Physical Life of Woman, 1872

That little gem of advice was proffered up to women in 1872. But how about modern times? How many women do you know who breastfeed other species? Infomaniac does the research so you don’t have to.

A Norwegian woman took 10 hungry puppies to her breast when her dog died….

Nursing in Norway

A New Zealand woman breastfed her Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup “Honey Boy” because she wanted the dog to protect her baby girl as the pair grow up.

“It doesn't hurt, but it's a little bit ticklish," she said.

“Honey Boy”

Apparently, there exists a practice among women from Papua New Guinea hill tribes who breastfeed pigs.

Meanwhile in India, Namita Das breastfed an orphaned monkey.

"This is not a pet, this is my son. Please get that right," she insists.

Just when I thought my work here is done and there can’t possibly be more cross-species nursing, along comes Hla Htay, breastfeeding two Bengal tiger cubs.

Ms Htay said she offered her services, at least until the cubs grew teeth.

Well that’s all the research I have time for today, folks. I’ll be sure to update as more cross-species breastfeeding stories cross my desk.


  1. Yaay - first at last.
    But I wish I wasn't.

    This has quite put me off my breakfast.
    But I suppose I can eat my cornflakes without milk.

  2. I'm starting to worry about my powers of imagination. This has never occurred to me before.

  3. So were you breastfed by an ostrich or a giraffe MJ?

  4. err .. . . . ?

    but you can buy "nipple pumps" to turn your nips into tent pegs in Clone Zone!

  5. I have sucked on some breasts in my life.. does that count?

  6. A woman once asked if she could breastfeed my cock.

    I thought she was having me on. And she was.

  7. KAZ: Why don’t you try breast milk on your cornflakes?

    Don’t you find it odd that humans consume milk that’s meant for cows instead of milk produced by humans?

    It’s just me then.

    TICKERS: I've given YOU cause for pause?

    *smacks self in head*

    CONNIE: A swan.

    Were you breastfed by Lucy, the missing link?

    FROBI: I bet you’ve accumulated a lot of “frequent buyer” points at Clone Zone.

    They won’t ship “aromas” overseas. Is that what the kids are calling them these days?

    BOCK: I think that YOU, Bock, are the hairy-baby-maker.

    SPIKEY: How hairy were they?

    FG: Perhaps you could relate the tale on your blog.

    Since you’ve finished the series, “The Woman Who Only Wanted Me For My Cock,” I need more cock installments.

  8. Dam, some women will do anything to get their breast sucked on.

  9. I am completely disturbed by this.

  10. I am having the same queasy mixture of revulsion and intrigue that I experienced when I was a lad skimming through the pages of National Geographic.

    Is PETA your new sponsor or what?

    I can't thank you enough for NOT showing us any other cross species interaction.

  11. Ah the mammaries!

    Wasn't I breast fed by you MJ?

    Only thing was you were in the top bunk,I slept below.

    Use your imagination!

  12. SPIKEY: Please, no photographs. We believe you.

    GEO: And some men will do anything to get their... Oh excuse me. I have a call coming in. It's SID.

    MAIDY: Well I had to do something to liven up your day after all your kvetching.

    As our only pregnant reader, we ask that you be our guinea pig for further experimentation in this field. With pics, of course.

    HE: Believe me when I tell you I had more photos. Perhaps you’d like me to email them to you in a brown paper bag?

    SID: I recall that YOU’RE the one with the MOOBS.

  13. Gah! I just clicked on the MOOBS link - I'd forgotten about those monstrosities.

  14. SPIKEY: Slut.

    IVF: SID likes me to call out "Bitty" as I fondle his moobs.

  15. glad to see you're keeping abreast of your research.

  16. "And They Called it Puppy-Love."
    I think I,ve fixed my Computer!(again)

  17. SID: You have to look at those moobs every day. How could you forget?

    Unlike that other part of you that’s obstructed by your huge moobs. I can see where you might forget about THAT.

    RICH: You “tittered” when you typed that, didn’t you?

    TONY: What did you find down the side of your computer this time?

    Why do you think I call you “Dirty Tony?”

  18. TONY: I've just read your recent posting and I must say I'm shocked that you performed oral sex on your PC.

    Don't they have escort services in Hebden Bridge?

  19. IVF and FROBI: Piggy says you two had bum sex. Is it true?

  20. my mom had memories of women breastfeeding shoat piglets next to their infants, back in depression-era new york.

    'you and me, baby, we aint nothin but mammals...'

  21. There was a woman breastfeeding in Burger King yesterday. That's what I call customer service.

  22. As much as I would love to entertain the rest of the blogging community by breastfeeding some other mammal besides my son, I just might take a miss on this one.

    And Geo doesn't count in the "some other mammal" category.

    And no, I won't take a picture of that either.

  23. EDDIE: Did she ask to see your Whopper?

    MAIDY: Doh! You know me too well.

  24. re Bum Sex avec Frobi: Well, I don't remember it if it did happen. Frobi must've drugged me.

  25. IVF: Frobi describes you as "rough trade."