Saturday, April 14, 2007

Airbag Department of Security Blog Advisory System

We all know that Infomaniac could use some kind of NSFW label since being told in no uncertain terms by a disgruntled reader that this is a “porno site.”

Good news! Now Infomaniac can alert readers to off-colour content.

If you use naughty words and phrases on your blog like, oh, say, “Steve, you useless cocksucking cunt,” or “SID, you fucking Irish hooer,” then you too should consider the Airbag Blog Advisory System.

We wouldn’t want to offend anyone now would we?

I hereby declare Infomaniac to have reached Asshat Level.

Consider yourself warned.

[Thanks for the link, Frosti.]


  1. Yayyy! I'm first!

    Yet again...please guys, give me some competition!

    Anywhoo...BRING ON THE PORN!!

    Ok, not really, but I love you just the way you are! No complaints here, MJ.

  2. yayyyyyy!!I,m Second!
    "Style With Vagas Odds" That could describe me!
    I cant stop Honey, I,m off a Dylannimng Today!

  3. AWA: You need a blogging advisory for your potty mouth on YOUR blog, young lady.

    The word "fuckered" comes to mind.

    TONY:VAGas? I agree that you're "Style with VEGas Odds" whereas I'm an "Odd Vag" or "Odd Cunt."

  4. I think the liberal use of cunt and fuck has already promised me a "red zone" level.

    That and links to nude pics of Sean Lamont and Nick Beyeler.

    Oh fucking well.

  5. so then posting vintage douche advertisements is...?

    i never had any doubt but that you deserved to be an asshat, my darling!
    and i mean that in a GOOD way.

  6. I do don't I. Maybe I should look into it. I am known to string profanity together.

    Makes life less stressful.

  7. Personally, I think your blog needs more porn and filth. You can't have enough smut. Pissing off puritans is fun. I was once involved in an incident in Vegas (of all places!) where I was asked to tone my language down as the gentlemans was concerned his wife would be offended. He seemed prepared to defend her honour but got up and left when I asked him if he ever let her put her finger up his arse. She smiled at me as they left and her eyes lit up when I winked at her and made a crude "o" with my thumb and index finger and poked at it with my other hand. She obviously wished she had married me instead of that prudish twat.
    So...yeah....more filth please.

  8. Excellent idea - I am going for maximum alert!!

  9. MAIDY: I’m still waiting for you to post the Sean Lamont penis pic.

    FN: Posting vintage douche advertisements is the fast track to Hell.

    AWA: And you’re a bad influence on me.

    EDDIE: All the women wish they’d chosen you instead. It’s a curse you must live with.

    You’re a dirty boy, Waring. You want more filth? Send me a complete listing of your deviant desires and I’ll see what I can do.

    MUTLEY: Speaking of dirty boys, along comes Mutley.