Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sinful Sunday

I hope you’re having a sinsational weekend.

Join me tomorrow for your Blogging Roundup.


  1. the roundup had better be clean or my link and my advertisements are cuming off.

  2. Darn it! Old dude beat me to the punch!

    I am off to cry now.

  3. That fucking Awa's turned into a right cry-baby lately.

    I think we should give her a community slap.

    Perhaps Old Knudsy could slap her across the chops with his dribbling old dick. At least it'd be soft.

  4. As sinful as I can make it.

  5. I thought I felt a sin coming on but it just turned out be gas.

  6. Sins aint what they used to be............?

  7. KNUDSEN: Don’t threaten me you old goat. I know about your sex solicitation rap in Boston thanks to that big-mouth Rich.

    AWA & PIGGY: Awa’s every right to be weepy these days but I agree that a good willie whacking from Knudsen would do a world of good.

    FROBI: You’d damn well better post after your recent whining spell when I didn’t post the Roundup.

    CONNIE: Poor Tatas.

    PRU: Lay off the cabbage and broccoli.

    TONY: Shouldn’t you be in the confessional this very moment?

    PIGGY: Surely there must be some sin you’re guilty of… coveting your neighbour’s ass, perhaps?

  8. I sinned last night.

    It was fun!

  9. SID: Which of the seven deadly sins did you commit?

    *looks SID up and down*

    Gluttony, obviously.

  10. Is coveting thy neighbours wife still a sin? I had an impure thought when I saw her without her teeth in yesterday morning.

  11. Perhaps Old Knudsy could slap her across the chops with his dribbling old dick. At least it'd be soft.

    The shirt lifters may have a decent idea there.

  12. EDDIE: If you like a good gumming, you may be able to sneak over to see Knudsen's Gobbling Granny while he's busy pursuing Awaiting.

    KNUDSEN: Awaiting's on the market again. She'll deny that she wants you but she's gaggin' for it.

    Work on it.

  13. i've been so busy looking for the rendered fat of an unbaptised infant and the blood of a white cockerel that i havent' had time to sin. they don't carry that stuff at Bromley's, babe.

  14. The diapers are a bit of a turn off.

  15. FN: Bromley's has got to do something about their customer service.

    EDDIE: Just close your eyes and think of England.

  16. MJ - You cheeky cunt. I've never coveted anyones arse.

    Okay, Tazzy's. But he begged me to.

    The same way Connie does.

    But I just kick Connies.