Sunday, April 22, 2007

Victoria Dogs

Lewis: Cathie’s muse

VictoriaDogs dot com is a resource for dog owners in…you guessed it, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

You'll find recipes for dog treats, including a dog birthday cake; learn where to play off-leash; and get the scoop on services.

The site is run by that fabulous, multi-talented Canuck: Cathie Walker.


  1. Cathie Walker needs to take a course in web design. And pronto!

    While she's at it, she might as well take a few lessons in grammatically correct english too.

    Those sites (and their grammar) are fucking awful.

    I can't believe I even looked.

    By the looks of things, everyone else was too stunned to comment.

  2. hi mi names jojo i liked it luv ya all meat head m8

  3. Hi Jojo. Welcome... wherever it is you're from.