Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Takin’ it Easy

I’m takin’ it easy while the new Back-Up Bitch is in training.

Don’t just stand there with your mouth open. Put the kettle on.


  1. I know you're not talking to me. Get your back-up bitch to fetch you the kettle, cunt.

    And YAY, first!

  2. *makes cuppa*

    *stirs cuppa with stinky, cheesy bellend*

    Here ya go MJ, enjoy.

  3. MAIDY: Make yourself useful and give me a bikini wax.

    CONNIE: Don't you ever wash that thing?

    *gingerly sips Bellend Blend to see if it lives up to my usual Irish Breakfast and Yorkshire Gold teas*

    SPIKEY: Where's my Tim Hortons "Timbits?"

  4. They bring out the kosher for passover timbits on Shabbat!

  5. UNFORGIVEABLE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Luvrly Easter Bonnet you have got on girl!

  7. SPIKEY: I'll send my Back-Up Bitch over to your house for the day to be your Shabbat goy.

    TONY: When my hair's finished drying you can give me a trim.

  8. Oh vey! Good I have lots of things that need to get down around the house!

  9. Yhat is just SCHWRONG on so many levels!
    Away foul temptress!
    Please wear panties next time.

  10. SPIKEY: While I'm waiting for those kosher Timbits, pour me a drink.

    L'Chaim, Schmendrick.

    HE: If you want me to wear panties, you can hand wash my smalls.

  11. Could you not have waited and made it a Really Good Friday?

    Shorts on now bitch!

  12. ...please, god, yes - shorts, wadded up newspaper, a pekinese - just cover that stuff UP!
    no way that's kosher.
    hell, that's not even pareve.

  13. No problem. Schnapps on me and I prefer to be called a schmuck !

  14. SID: Oh look who’s making an appearance. My Numero Uno Bitch.

    Shouldn’t you be training the subordinate Bitch?

    Now get back to work, ya lazy tart.

    It’s so hard to get good help these days.

    FN: Yet another request to cover up?

    I’ll let your remark pass-over.

    SPIKEY: Schmuck.

  15. MJ is reminding me of Dinker when she was younger Feed me,burp me, wipe, my ass, make me happy or I scream.

  16. GEO: You should have lots of experience by now then, Trucker Boy, so put the pedal to the metal and do my bidding.

  17. Honey, there isn't enough wax in the Yankee Candle Factory to smooth out your nasty snatchy.

    Go ahead, Trucker Boy. Put on your best leather thong and dog collar and go visit the nasty snatchy. I'm sure you're up to date on your shots.

  18. MAIDY: You're one to talk.

    Yours is like a Brillo Pad.

    Geo will need to take a weed whacker to that mess of yours.

    Nasty bitch.

  19. I guess this is my pet name,since this is what you refer to me as.

  20. GEO: I know you like Maidy to call you "Big Rig" but I'll stick to "Trucker Boy."

    Trucker. Rhymes with...

  21. Ah there's a lot of ald hags around Beantown that still look this way.

  22. RICH: I've really let myself go.

  23. Did you mean your smalls or s'mores?
    ..and furthermore I don't 'do' small loads by hand. I don't want to go blind or get hairy palms thankyouverymuch!

  24. HE: Smalls. Delicates.

    Fine. I'll send them to the group of Japanese businessmen who bid for them on eBay.