Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

Infomaniac needs to do a bit of housekeeping.

I’ll ask the fellas to put on your French maid’s outfits to assit me.

Ladies, just come as you are. You’re perfect. It’s the “men” around here who need to work it.

First Order of Business: The Blogroll

I’ve had a request from someone (not one of our regulars) to remove their link from my Blogroll due to the objectionable content on Infomaniac. In fact, they referred to Infomaniac as a “porno site.”

So while we’re on the subject…

Is there anyone else who wishes to be removed from my Blogroll? Speak now. Either tell me in the comments section or send me an email. My email address is on my Blogger Profile.

Infomaniac: Down with this sort of thing!

Second Order of Business: Word Verification

To use word verification or not to use word verification?

I’ve had a complaint from someone (no names mentioned… rhymes with “Leo”) that they often have to enter the word verification letters TWICE before they can leave a comment.

Is anyone else having this problem?

If so, how do I fix it?

And do I really need WV?

Show of hands, please.

Right. Your work here is done. You can doff your aprons now and leave them folded neatly for the next shift.

UPDATE: Word Verification stays.
Thanks, everyone, for contributing your opinions on WV. I’ve decided to leave word verification in place for now. I’ll be pleased if you continue to leave comments despite the hassle. When WV acts up, repeat after me… “You fucking cunt!” It won’t get your comment loaded any faster but you’ll feel better for saying it.


  1. Yayyy! I'm first! Yet again, slackers!

    Don't remove me.

    This site is full of informative tidbits, cooking recipes, cleaning tips and chalk full of relationship advice...I love it!

    Wait, wrong site.

    But I still love it, dildoes, penis toilets, shit and all.

    Keep it coming, MJ!

    Do what you do!

  2. As for WV....yeah, I'm slow like that...I say, get rid of it. Unless you getting a shitload of spam, like me, then keep it to save your sanity...because if I want to comment, I don't mind the extra loop.

  3. Word Verification? i notice Old K. doesnt use this protection.But, (in the past) Ive had a load of useless commerical bumf dumped in comments without protection.i suppose it depends on weither your a Catholic or not?

  4. Hmm.

    Blogrolls are one of those things that I consider NO-ONE has the right to ask to be removed from (or indeed added to).

    Look at it this way: Your blogroll is YOUR list, publicly displayed, of who YOU read on a regular basis.

    Someone asking to be removed from your list is asking you not to let anyone else know you look at their place. How very pathetic. It's the same as asking you to cut out the labels from your clothing, lest anyone knows where you shop.

    If they think YOUR blog is a porno site (quite probably) then that is THEIR problem.

    I SAY LEAVE THEIR LINK IN PLACE! (unless, of course, you now feel they are complete twats and want nothing more to do with them - in which case, tell the rest of us who it is and we'll over visit and leave our own particular variety of comments).

    Anyway (fave word)... I just hate those fucking twats that decide they don't want anyone else knowing we read them. I suspect (very much so) that they are terrified of anyone else knowing that THEY read YOU. Sensitive cunts.

    As I said, it's YOUR reading list. Ignore the fuckers request.

    As for 'Word Verification'... Major fucking pain in the arse, sometimes.

    But very necessary in these spamful times.

  5. WV - Do what you did at the hockey final; take it off and see what happens.

    Blogroll - Should I stay or should I go? It doesn't really matter as I will continue to stalk you now that I've found you.

    Porn site - They are joking right? Smutty, rude, crude even but porn? Definitely not.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with T and P about the blogroll!

    But, I got rid of wv - no difference at all.

    You'll need a stiff one before you start that housework.

    Look - even I'm getting smutty now.

  8. What P & T said about the blogroll. Mind you, I do think you should get rid of all the Satanic pornographic filth and do more posts about baking cakes, making your own fruit preserve and crocheting little covers for toilet roll holders. Oh, yes, and loads of pictures of babies and small children looking cute with funny captions underneath. I really love that sort of thing.

    The word verification thing has got worse since we've all be forced to go with New Blogger. Still, I don't really want loads of spam so I'm sticking with it.

  9. Word verification is a load of shite and is annoying, but maybe it depends on your content. Better yet, switch to Wordpress and it filters spam for you.

  10. Im not even on it so bite my bacon timbit!

  11. I have to WV twice but put it down to my dsylxecsai

  12. AWA: I’ve had a few instances of Spam even WITH the WV so I’m not sure I want to deal them again, especially on days when I don’t have time to keep a close eye on the comments.

    Yay for dildos!

    TONY: Old Knudsen is a reckless old goat. With his complete disregard for protection, it’s a wonder that wee stump of a willie hasn’t rotted and fallen off. I don’t think we should follow him as an example.

    PIGGY: I’ll seriously consider continuing to use WV because to ignore your advice is to do so at my own peril where I’ll have to listen to your “I told you so’s” over and over again.

    Out of respect for the wishes of the poor, misguided, ignorant twat, I’ll not reinstate him on my Blogroll. “I pity the fool.”

    In fact, I know him personally and as revenge, his wife has agreed to point and laugh every time he pulls out his willie.

    CONNIE: You’re like a bad case of the clap that keeps coming back. I know I’ll never be rid of the likes of you.

    And no, they’re not joking. He actually considers it porn. As Piggy said, “Pathetic.”

    KAZ: I have noticed a definite wanton turn to your personality lately.

    Saucier. Smuttier. Quite the little vixen under that petticoat, aren’t we?

    *shares a stiff one with Kaz*

    BETTY: We really must exchange household hints with each other by email on a more regular basis.

    Stain removal is a big issue for me.

    KAV: You really don’t want to see me try to make as bold a move as to switch from Blogger to Wordpress.

    Ask Piggy about my techie skills.

    SPIKEY: If I added you to my Blogroll I’d have to make a separate category entitled, “Big Whiny Babies.”

    TICKERS: Let me know if it continues to be a problem.

    You’re fortunate the WV isn’t in Welsh with words like “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.”

  13. While I do blush from time to time after visiting... a porno site! Are you kidding me? That's hilarious.

    About the wv, I get so much spam and it really does cut it down. It is a pain in the ass though.

  14. Fab blog, which I've come to via Kaz's blog. I shall be linking to you now!

  15. DP: Tell me the bits that make you blush and I'll be sure to include more of them just for you.

    FLAMING NORA: Welcome to Infomaniac! And thank you.

    I can't call you "FN" because then I'll get you confused with "First Nations." We're already completely confused by the Kav/Kaz/Taz trio.

    So that brazen hussy Kaz sent you here. But surprise surprise... you may not realize it but you already know me. I'm one of the original contributors to Corrie Canuck.

    In the words of Jack Duckworth, "Flaming Nora!"

  16. 1. keep me.
    2 pornsite? new to the web, are they?
    3. pig and taz are RIGHT (for a change.) listen to them (for a change.) i love you my darlings (as usual!)
    3. i have to do ALL word veri at least twice to gain access. i feel that this is more of a message from UBIK than anything to do with word veri itself.

  17. FN: Keep you? Isn't that the Yummy Biker's job?

    It pains me to admit that Piggy is right. He's never steered me wrong. Except for a few days ago when he forwarded my email about my dream of Stevey in his tighty whities to Steve himself. Cunt.

  18. Please get rid of wv! It makes it hard to comment since typing up those letters several times in a row takes so long.

  19. Yeah get rid of that damn WV it's useless anyway. I just had to give it three trice myself

  20. Not only should you not remove the person who called this site porn, you should let us know who it was.

  21. PRU & RICH: Are you having this WV problem on other peoples' blogs too? Or just mine?

    BILLY: I'm respecting the person's privacy. Otherwise would gladly tell you.

  22. If this site is pornographic, who is being exploited?

    Saying that, I wouldn't show it to my grandmother.

    She's been dead 20 years!

    Yes to wv.

  23. I've only come back for the picture of the lady in the french maids outfit.

  24. GEOFF: My gran would have washed out my mouth with soap.

    TICKERS: And the inflatable sheep in the previous posting, I’m sure.

  25. I agree that you shouldn't tell us who it is, but you should drop very, very heavy hints about it so that, if I'm invited around their house, I won't put my car keys on the table for fear of causing offence.


  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Ummm, WV is a pain in the arse for those of us that have problems spelling nonsensical words (i.e., me). BUT, it is insurance against SPAM and we all know insurance is a necessary evil. Ergo, keep it.

    I do agree with Piggy and Tatty on the blogroll. But ... whatever. Add who you want, subtract who you want, multiply ... divide .... squareroot ... you get the point.

  28. WV - Get rid of it, NOW. Theres nothing wrong with spam. It helped this great nation through two world wars and gave the Pythons one of their greatest sketches. It also tastes very nice battered!

    Blogroll - any chance of getting some OTHER peoples links removed? Starting with TazPig!

    (See MV made me do it twice!!)

  29. Porn cums later in the week. As far as removing from the list terminate them . And yes it was me that has a hard time getting thru on the first time,I must be slow. But do keep me on the list.It just did it again.

  30. Here's my thrupenny bit.

    WV is a terrible beauty so keep it.

    The random letters do have to be entered in twice at my end also on occasions,but that's because I choose to as it makes life that little bit more interesting.

    The blog list is your list,and no-one has the right to ask nay demand for their link to be removed.

    Keep it on,just to annoy the cunt.

    In fact tell everyone who it is so we can all add them.

    WV vhplmtlb....fucking poetry!

    2nd WV eplrwd...bastard wv

  31. WYNDHAM: Is that really you? You’ve been gone so long I can’t tell. Or is it the anonymous Wyndham impersonator?

    MAIDY: Are you going door-to-door selling policies? You get commission, right?

    *slams door on Maidy’s foot*

    STEVE: Yeah yeah we all know how you love the taste of batter.

    GEO: Oh look who’s here. It’s the Terminator!

    I can always count on you to get the job done.

    Just nuke ‘em, eh Geo? Atta boy.

    SID: Thrupenny?

    How many thrupennies are in an Irish punt, cunt?

  32. *ahem*

    You mean Euro?


    WV Luxgit.

    I'm a luxury git!

  33. SID: But Euro doesn't rhyme with cunt.

    Tit rhymes with git. As does submit.

    Submit to my tit, git.

  34. I know I haven't been visiting as often, and I apologize for that, MJ, I really do.

    But if you were to remove me from your blogroll, it would kill me.

    I would feel less Canadian. I would feel less hip. I would feel...normal.

    I don't want to feel normal. I may not comment on some of your wilder posts, but that's OK.

    You're a breast of fresh air, a macabre mind with a meaning, sexual diva who's divine.

    Fuck the twat(s) who said whatever they said. You don't need 'em. They don't have humour.

    Lord knows, we need humour. And you supply it, with a sexy and sharp edge.

    As far as WV goes, I'd ditch it, but it's not going to stop me from visiting. I rarely get spam.

  35. WW: *gets out cheque book*

    How much did I say I'd pay you to say those things about me?

  36. EVERYONE: I'm keeping VW for now. Thank you one and all for your input.

  37. can ya remove Tony and maybe Kav please, oh and that cunt waring too. Yes I am shocked everytime I cum over this Blog.

    Ah joke them if they can't take a fuck.

    probably American.

  38. KNUDSEN: Agreed. Those 3 really bring the tone down around here.

  39. If this works first time, I know what's up with the WV. If not, I'm a fool, experimenting.

  40. Ok, I know.

    It times out. If you spend too long typing, the "token" for that non-word expires, and you need a new one.

    Solution: Type your post elsewhere (in notepad, for instance), then visit the comments page and whang it in there all in one go. Clicky. Works!

    All blogger blogs with WV.

    Sorry, not funny, I know. I've been fixing things on site and am in tech mode.

  41. I would have commented earlier but I was knee deep in pics of Nigel Harman to come up for air. Judging by these comments (over 40 of them) our Infomaniac's got alot of fans! Moi aussi. You go girlfriend!

  42. Dear MJ,

    I've been made aware of your predicament via a mutual acquaintance (Chells)! You might want to try the Airbag Blog Advisory System, this way when some prudish type comes along, they will be forewarned of what might happen to them when they visit your very fine blog!

    When someone doesn't like you, it's the best bloody compliment you can get!

    Cheers, and happy blogging!

  43. CHELLY: Nigel pics?
    *runs over to see if Chelly's posted the Nigel Harman video*

    FROSTI: Nice one! Thanks.

  44. Rule Genatalia!
    You are my favorite PERVeyor of Hornography!

    I told the Canadian Broadcorping Castration and the CRTC that you would keep a balance between informing socially retarded shutins and work avoiding cubicle slaves (bloggers)obscure references to places and people throughout the United Kingdom alongside of doling out generous portions of exposing the lighter side of depraved human sexual behavior to the general public.

    Without WV you would get all of the cyber riffraff and 'boner pill ads' and nobody wants to see that happen.

  45. HE: And yet WV doesn't keep the likes of crazy Canuckleheads like you out.