Thursday, April 19, 2007

Come Back Later Today

Infomaniac is having problems with disappearing photos. Seems it’s an issue with some other Blogger bloggers too.

Please come back later today.

If you’re in the UK on British Summer Time, try again around 4:00 pm. I’ll either have posted something new or I’ll have an update.

If you’re on Eastern Daylight Time, try again around 11:00 am.

The rest of you figure out the time zones for yourselves. Especially you lot in WinterPeg.

Apologies for the delay. I know you’re just dying to read whatever crap (and I mean that literally in the case of the next posting) I’ve come up with for today.

And I know you’re all missing that photo of the guy with the bottle up his arse too. Unless it’s returned while I was sleeping.


  1. Yayyy! I'm first!

    And that's all I have to say about that.

    And I still see the photo in question. Yes, must get therapy.

  2. AWA: I don't see that pic. Nor several other pics.

    Yes, Piggy, no matter how many times I "refresh" the page.

    So I'll just turn off the PC now and ignore the problem and hope that when I wake up it's resolved.

  3. "Upload Now" is sometimes just an expression of optimism on Blogger.

    When your piccies won't load it's always a good idea to go away and do something else, like cutting your throat.

  4. We see the pics fine too.

    It's just you.

    Useless cunt.

  5. I can see the pics too ... though I wish I couldn't see some of them.

  6. *must remember to thank IDV for reminding me about the glass table incident*

  7. I can't even see the words, let alone the pics!

    Fucking maple sucking mong!

  8. Unfortunately your Mr. Arsebottle is still there in all his explicitness.

    And while I wait for your crap post may I take the opportunity of congratulating Connie on his chemical equation.

    Red tick!

  9. I can see all your pics - in addition I have found a backdoor to your private collection -I always thought Old Knudsen was bragging when he said he had had you...

  10. Buncha cunts. All of you.

    That goes for you too Warmington.

  11. Dear Madam

    I am in receipt of your note, the entire contents of which I unreservedly reject.

    Yours truly


  12. Blogger was indeed acting up and I totally panicked!
    instead of pulling my hair out I did what any guy would do in the dark all alone in the middle of the night when you're bored and can't sleep because you're so 'frisky' and hungry but your partner is asleep and nothing in the fridge looks interesting..

    turned the TV! I forgot how awesome it is to screen suck without having to think or type.
    TV is AWESOME!