Friday, April 13, 2007

This Space For Rent

Maidy is offering space for rent on her pregnant belly.

So go ahead. Suggest a slogan you’d like to see emblazoned on her big bump.

Make it as long as you like. There's plenty of room!

She'll also be renting it out as storage after the baby's born. Got anything you'd like to stash in there?


  1. Yay! First!

    Isn't any kind of slogan or message going to seem rather small on that fucking gigantic belly?

    And is that belly-button fluff I can see? The dirty cunt.

    *clicks and save pic for a photoshopping spree*

  2. *follows in suit of piggy*

    Maidy, you sure make one sexified pregnant lady!!

    And dang piggy for beating me in the first spot!

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention...

    Fab stretch marks, Maidy. Just fab.


  4. Spongebob's let himself go hasn't he?

  5. How about this one, "coming soon another Knudsen"

    I don't think I've met the lass but I do like to worry people.

  6. Wow, she has been eating a lot of Crabby Patties!

  7. Those are old stretch marks. I'm sure I'll get more.

    And this pic was before I hit the 7 month mark. JT is only 3 pounds. He has to grow at least another 4 to 6 pounds.


  8. PIGGY: You know those huge paintbrushes they use to paint cruise ships? I’ll be using one of those.

    AWA: She’s hot. She’s hormonal. She’s our favourite Psycho Bitch.

    PIGGY: Cruel! She’ll get you for that. I hope you’ve changed your phone number and left no forwarding address.

    CONNIE: That’s Spongebob’s pineapple.

    KNUDSEN: Aren’t you already responsible for Stevie Nicks’ love child?

    SPIKEY: Maybe it was the Hungry Caterpillar.

    MAIDY: Are you wearing that damned orange baseball cap?

    Don’t you ever take that thing off?

  9. If you crop the image it looks like Maidy's fondling a humungous tit.

    The recent visits to Maidy's sites must be affecting me.

  10. First of all Maidy looks absolutely beautiful! Radiant.

    Secondly, Convict's observation is disturbingly accurate..I wouldn't flash that puppy around a Cyclops!

    Now that I have cleared the palate..ahem..I would think that a Bunsmaster or Easy Bake Oven logo would be cool...not that you're easy Maidy..I mean that you make it look easy...

    I'll shut up now.

  11. Following on from my earlier observation, she could advertise milk. There could even be a missing person photo plastered across her arse.

  12. CONNIE: Fondling a big tit? Yes, it does! Too bad she’s not having twins and then it would look like she’s fondling a pair of tits.

    HE: I suppose she’s not half bad looking for someone who looks like they swallowed a beach ball.

    Yes, please shut up now before I’m forced to come over to Homely-Escapees-Ville and do something about it.

  13. I was going to say that MJ about her bloody hat.. I can picture her and Geo laying in bed that night, doing what they do best, wearing nothing but that orange hat! How romantic!

  14. SPIKEY: So you admit you lie awake at night fantasizing about Maidy and Geo.

  15. "Use a condom, or it could be you next"

  16. Well it's hard not to after I finish watching the video. Want to borrow it?

  17. KAPI: Maidy and Geo live on the edge.

    SPIKEY: They're giving me a private showing. Thanks anyway.

  18. Spikey: Dreaming about me again ?I think he is closer then Steve on coming out.

  19. Hmmmm, only an 800km drive Geo!

  20. This 'pregnant ' thing is so different from my own life that I find it difficult to comment.

    Awesome Maidy - All the best.

  21. That's only about 500 miles less then 9 hours.

  22. *looks at pic then own tummy*

    It does look like a big boob. Heh ...

    And I love this baseball cap. It won't be replaced til I get my BoSox cap.

    And WTF is this mileage bullshit??

  23. Barbie says math is fun!
    Why a crappy BoSox cap when I can send you a nice Blue Jay one? Now that would be a nice picture!

  24. KAZ: Different from my life too. Maybe she'll let us babysit to try on the experience. Then again, you holding that vodka bottle isn't a good advertisement for responsible childcare.
    *said as I mix another cocktail*

    MAIDY: Both Geo and Spikey have a lot of mileage on them.

    GEO & SPIKEY: Quit flirting and just get it on.

  25. Hey I have that same sponge Bob shirt!!!

  26. I could get a Blue Jays cap now that they changed their logo. I like the new one much better.

    Fine. I already ditched my Yankees cap for a BoSox cap (I have a love for Boston) and I'll ditch my orange cap for a Blue Jays cap.

  27. RICH: Yes but do you fill it out as well as she does?

    MAIDY: You love us Canucks, don't you?