Thursday, April 12, 2007

Caption This!

So I’m browsing the “man-on-man” section at the video store and…

Oh come on. You do it too.

And lo and behold if a familiar face doesn’t appear on one of the DVD covers!


It’s GEO!!!

Geo, if you don’t already know, is a trucker. Hauls ass (arse) all over the good ole U.S. of A. Including his own, apparently!

Geo, I know it gets lonely out there on the open road without your wife Maidy but I didn’t know you had a secret life as a gay porn star.

Anyway, I’m opening this up to the rest of you. Now that Geo’s dirty little secret is out, this DVD cover needs a caption.

Leave a caption or comment. Go for it.


  1. "do you know why I pulled you over sir?"

    "to pull me off I hope."

  2. word verification is so ghey, no thats not a caption.

  3. Caption? Did you say 'Caption'?


    Shouldn't we be captioning the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts pic by now?

    *reminds everyone else to demand MJ stop timewasting and gets the gree elf shorts pic posted*

  4. "Decision time for Geo Truncheon up the arse or drive into Canada"

  5. Yes and stop wasting time.


  6. Not going to caption until the shorts are posted.

    As per usual I demand that you put them on!

  7. .........blow into what Officer........?

  8. "I was just on my way to Tim Hortons to roll up the rim.. "

  9. Oh fuck it ok I will.

    Geo regrets his decision to follow Maidy's suggestion of role-play

    WV = slot

  10. LOL!!!!!!!!!
    Oh i needed that this morning.
    Caption * If you want to see an ass follow me to Canada I 'll so you an ass named MJ.

  11. You forgot my tattoos
    and have to supplement the income some how.

  12. *notes that so far, it's all men who have commented*

    Like I always say, "GEO: Gay men want to do him. Straight men want to be him."

  13. Noooooo way ... am *NOT* I touching this one.

    And where are the freaking elf shorts?


  14. Can y'all tell I just woke up and have no caffeine in my system?

    *stumbles into kitchen to grab a cuppa*

  15. MAIDY: Oh I think you'll be touching it as soon as he comes home.

  16. Dirty filthy-minded Canuck.

    *thinks about it*

    You're probably right

  17. MAIDY: Both you and Geo got turned on by that DVD cover, didn't you?

  18. Look what I can see in my rear view mirror.

  19. All GEO heard was the cry of 'Police brutality!', and came mincing over yelping 'ooooooh, me first, me first!!'

    (Fucking WV - next time it requires me to do it twice - then I simply will not!)

  20. Oh go on then, another one SID...

    Don't mind if I do,thanks very much.

    "Geo longed for a helmet as hard as his friend's"

    And another? Oh alright if you insist.

    Geo whimpered "Luncheon meat..I said I would share my luncheon meat..not truncheon meat"

  21. See you in a few hours, cunts. Too many nosey people here at work for now. Keep it up!

  22. 'This gear-jamming stud DRIVES HARD! Pulled over for hauling an OVERSIZE LOAD, one of these hot-n-hairy HIGHWAY HE-MEN is GOING TO PAY...and the fine will be STIFF!!!!'

    *lies down on couch with cool rag on head*

    *paisley, with yellow flowers*

  23. "When he got to the truck, Danny sure was in luck he was one happy man".

  24. BITCHES: Apologies for not joining in today. Having a hard time getting any free time. Just want to say that your captions are cracking me up. You’re all in top form.

    There is one more thing that needs to be said while I’m here. That Steve is one day away from gay. Don’t you think? I feel he’s uttered the words he typed in more than once himself, i.e. “'ooooooh, me first, me first!!” He is SOMEONE’s bitch. I just know it. Probably Piggy’s. Note how he follows up his comment all manly-like by saying he’s outta here if “fucking WV” doesn’t work for him next time. We’re not fooled by his macho posturing.

    p.s. Someone named Loz has added a potentially helpful hint in the comments section of the previous posting on Word Verification. See what you think.



  25. The LONG Arm Of The Law!

    The CORE-ERECTIONS Officer


    "BUTT OFFICER, I wasn't speeding!