Thursday, April 24, 2008

Celebrity Arse – Russell Brand

Welcome to a new series on Infomaniac entitled, “Celebrity Arse.”

Today’s featured Celebrity Arse is …


No, this is NOT a feature about which celebrity you consider to BE an arse.

It’s a chance for you to tell me whose celebrity arse you’d like to see featured here on Infomaniac.

My choice is Johnny Depp’s arse.

How about the rest of you?

Send in your suggestions today and, from time to time, they’ll appear on Infomaniac’s CELEBRITY ARSE.

Note: Russell Brand’s arse is a disappointment as it’s nowhere near as alluring as your arses.



    Gina Gershon!!! Now that's an ass I'd bite and pray for lockjaw.

  2. MAIDY: I'm regretting this already.

  3. J.Depp. No question.

    Huh, I guess that also answers the Lesbian question too.

  4. BOXER: Well that was easy as Johnny's arse has already been posted.

    You're easier to please than that Psycho Bitch Maidy.

  5. Thats the longest butt crack I ever saw. Who needs all this celebrity mularkey when we have our own dear Piggy and Manuel's posteriors to ponder

  6. Beast is right about that arse - looks like a geological fault.
    Don't suppose there's any chance of Thierry or (second choice) Clive Owen

  7. i agree...the depp arse is of quality...didn't care for the brand arse at all...just wasn't appealing...oh i am being bad...

  8. We need a pic of Eros ass. Don't worry about these celebs

  9. Brand or Bland?

    Oh well, suggestions you say?

    Paul Walker!

  10. Tatas: I agree we need a picture of Bingowings bum!

  11. BEAST: If you stuck a banana up Russell Brand’s arse, it might be more “appealing”.

    Can you lend him one from your bunch?

    Honestly, your arse smothered in salad cream is more aesthetically pleasing than Brand’s.

    KAZ: The San Andreas fault line has nothing on Russell’s arse crack.

    Thierry or Clive.


    I bet you could bounce coins off Thierry’s arse, don’t you?

    DAISY: Brand’s arse is one big letdown.

    A pancake arse is what it is.

    TATAS: Go work on Bingowings if you’re so desperate to see his wares.

    CYBERPOOF: What I said to Tatas.

    And yes, Paul Walker’s arse shall be yours in time.

  12. Hmmm... Celebrity arses?

    Obviously, Connor Trinneer's arse would be my first choice, but I've already searched long and hard to no avail.

    How about Kevin Pieterson's (England cricketer), or Jake Gyllenhaal's?

  13. Stephen Hawking.

    It'll have to be when he was in space though.

  14. That should be a project for us all

    Oh and Patrick Muldoon - that would be hot!

  15. IVD: If you can explain cricket to me, I’ll get you your cricket player’s arse.

    GEOFF: I’ll just post a pic of Hawkings’ face then, shall I?

    You won’t know the difference.

    CYBERPOOF: How many selections do you plan on making?

    Listen to yourself.

    Such a big homo.

  16. Isn't this an on going series?

  17. How about Luke Roberts.
    Dr out of Holby City if anyone has seen it.

  18. TATAS: Holby City?

    Is that near Barnsley?

    You lost out on your chance for Celebrity Arse earlier.

  19. I agree on a pic of Eros' cute bum.

    Plus Gina Gershon's :: swoon ::

    And Stacy Keibler.

    And Salma Hayek.

    And Gina Gershon.

    And Eva Mendez.

    And Gina Gershon.

    And Johnny Depp.

    Did I happen to mention GINA GERSHON???

  20. MAIDY: *longs for the days when you were too busy to comment*

  21. Kylie Minogue has a lovely tushie...and so does Gina Gershon, but, nobody on this planet can compare to the evolutionary marvel of perfection known as Monica Bellucci!
    *wipes small bead of sweat from upper lip

  22. *Googgles Monica Bellucci*

    I don't know about an evolutionary marvel of perfection, but .... include Monica Bellucci to my list as well.

    *fans herself*

    *hands fan to Donn*

  23. i vote for m.j.s ass. lets see it posted in all its blogging glory...

  24. DONN, TATAS & MAIDY: *shakes head*

    Someone remind me why I'm doing this.

    Chat amongst yourselves for awhile whilst I look busy at work.

    VOICES: *ignores Voices*

  25. *jumps up and down flapping arms in front of mjs cubical at her work, begins chanting*
    "lets see your info, mj
    lets see your info mj
    lets see your info mj..."

  26. how come Maidy can suggest multiple arses and I can't?

    I'd also like to see Matthew Mcconagheys and I know this one is a little bizarre but Matthew Perrys

    And most definately David Boreanaz's fabulous posterior

  27. Vin Diesel's ass.

    *lick lips*

  28. That's the saddest looking ass I've ever seen.

  29. Jessica Simpson's ass would be great!Or ,maybe MJ's?

  30. Who is Russell Brand? Maidy had plenty of valid ones there, add Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel and Dolly Parton to it, yeah yeah everyone goes on about her tits.

  31. I'd love to see that fine piece of man meat Old Knudsen's arse, oh that would be a dream cum true.

  32. Ach cum now I'm blushing, no really the constant adulation it does wear a soul doon.

  33. I certainly agree that all of our Canuck arses put to shame this guy's.

    Where do you propose to get pix of all these celebrity arses? Do you have a global network of arse photographers, freelancing just for you?

  34. That is one loooong butt crack...yuck!!

  35. Miss MJ my arse , smothered in salad cream is a tasty treat and no mistake !

  36. BITCHES: I'll catch up with you after my cocktail hour(s).

  37. I'm drunk.

    Remind me, was it something about arses?

    Hardly know where to start....

  38. Bloody cocktail hours?


    Ok for some.

  39. VOICES: I don’t work in a cubicle world so ha.

    CYBERPOOF: Maidy can suggest all the arse she wants.

    That doesn’t mean she’ll get it.

    TATAS: Which part of “no” don’t you understand?

    PRU: Welcome back! Long time, no see.

    As you can see, nothing’s changed.

    MYTOES: This is a Jessica Simpson-free zone.

    Pick somebody else.

    MJ has spoken.

    KNUDSEN: Dolly Parton’s arse looks the same as her tits minus the nipples.

    NO-ONE-I-KNOW: I’ve already published a photo, TWO actually, of Old Knudsen’s arse.

    There’s such a thing as overexposure, you know.

    KNUDSEN: Why don’t you sell poster-sized photos of your arse at the Knudsen Shop?

    There’s been quite a demand.

    WW: Yes, in fact, I do have a posse of arse photographers.

    They wear subtle miniature cameras on their belts and shoot from the hip.

    Tonight they’ll be in Winnipeg.

    Yes, I can see what you’re wearing.

    RANDOMCHICK: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Did Voices send you here?

    You might want to check with him about “Filthy Friday” before you come back tomorrow.

    BEAST: I am not convinced, having suffered after ingesting Ma Beastie’s chickpea curry.

    TICKERS: Try drunken blogging.

    Go on. I dare you. Post something.

    TATAS: Aren’t you in bed yet?

  40. why? why did I push that link..........?

  41. MANUEL: Because your arse is my hero.

  42. Speaking of arses, admit it, you missed me coming around being a total hemorrhoid.

  43. MAIDY: *wonders if it's too late for a Hemorrhoidectomy*

  44. Ok, how about Cristy Brinkly? I'd love to see that ass. She may be over 40 but she still has it all.

  45. MYTOES: Will see what I can do.