Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Your Favourite Post

Once upon a time, you must have written a post that you like above all the others.

Rummage about in your blog archives for your favourite post.

Then email the link to that post to MJ. (Email address is in my Blogger Profile.)

Once a week, depending on my mood and the tides, I’ll shine the spotlight on an Infomaniac reader’s fave blog post so that all of us may be blessed in reading your creative output.

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what my fave post is so click here to read it. (Shockingly, it’s safe for work.)

Now go and dig through your archives.

The first of these posts will appear this Saturday, April 26th so quit stalling and send me your links NOW.


  1. Well fuck me! You posted something with a few words in it!

    Are you feeling okay?

  2. Love the penguin post.
    I once knit an egg cosy which I'm thinking of adapting.

  3. Righteo - I read your instructions properly this time!

    I am sending you my linky now.

    Also, how adorable were those little guys and their sweaters?

  4. Yeah I'll go into my archives and start reading that shite again I have blogging bulimia don't make me eat my own puke.

  5. PIGGY: You forgot to yell “Yay! First!”

    Are YOU feeling okay?

    KAZ: You knit an egg cosy but you didn’t knit a jumper for the egg?

    T-BIRD: Yours was submission number one.

    Submit to Infomaniac!

    KNUDSEN: Is bulimia contagious?

    I’ve caught enough from you already, thank you.

    *scratches rash*

  6. KNUDSEN: p.s. I hope you're not submitting your April 22 post because it sucks.

  7. There's too much to trawl through on Peril. It'll have to be something off the Dream Blog from 1836.

    I remember penguin sweaters well. Did they ever produce penguin deodorant?

  8. That's adorable..although the 'Guins do look far more sophisticated in their tuxedos.

    It is interesting to see how 'office safe' you were before you went over to the Dark Side with Vader.

  9. GEOFF: The Dream Blog is a gold mine. Get panning.

    The penguins should indeed apply deodorant if they’re wearing those bulky jumpers.

    Not to mention the fishy smell.

    DONN: It was a kindler, gentler blog in those days.

    Mingling with you lot has sullied it.

  10. This whole post has left me feeling a bit too happy. Not sure what to do. Fairy penguins, sweaters and no porn posted.

    **checking to make sure I'm at the right Blog**


    I'll see what I can rummage up from the basement.

  11. BOXER: Not the basement!

    That’s the portal into Hell. The place of demonic possession.

    Having said that, I’ll just help myself to a bottle while I’m your wine cellar.

  12. so many to choose from - so little time

  13. FROBI: How about your tales of convalescing from mole removal?

    Or your adventures with the Spanish cabana boy?

    Or Ben Cohen’s knickers?

    Anything but Garfield.

  14. Your not the boss of me

    ***sulks in corner****

  15. BEAST: I’ll give you something to sulk about.

    *takes giant halibut in hand*

  16. I have submitted myself to MJ.

    Far too often.

  17. HUH? wheres m.j.? what kind of post is this? i made sure no one was in the office and moved my screen "just so" and i see some weird post with writing and a post office? HUH...

  18. I too have submitted to Miss MJ's imperious demands
    I feel so used

  19. KAPI: It won't be the last time you submit to me.

    VOICES: Worry not.

    Tomorrow's blog post title should titillate your co-workers.

    BEAST: Beast of Burden.

  20. *wanders back in to belatedly shout 'YAY! FIRST!'.

    Shut the fuck up whining. It was 7am here and I was still bleary eyed.

  21. BITCHES: Thanks to all who submitted today.

    Keep 'em comin'.

  22. my April 22nd post did leave a bad taste in my mouth.