Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Social

Infomaniac readers gather for fun and fellowship

We are gathered here today so that we may become better acquainted with our fellow Infomaniac brothers and sisters.

Those who choose not to participate in this social event will receive a Norwegian Fish Whipping from Mistress MJ.

Here’s how it goes…

Study Infomaniac's Blogroll.

Select at least one blog that you’ve never visited and/or commented on and click upon it.


Now read at least one entry on that blog.


Leave a comment on their blog as follows:

“I was sent here by MJ from Infomaniac.”

Feel free to add more to your comment if you wish.


Come back to Infomaniac and tell us which blog(s) you commented on.

Where do you think you're going? We’re not done yet!

When you come back we’ll all gather in the kitchen where we’ll share a potluck dinner.

What dish are you bringing?

Now get over to the Blogroll and meet some new people!

Make new friends the Infomaniac way!


  1. I left my mark on Tata's blog which I found to be informative on the subject of Bearded Dragons. I will not be buying one as a pet though as I do not care for reptiles.

  2. Miss MJ I have visited with SID who wasnt home , and sniffed Eddies sweaty Arse crack.
    I will be bring Ma Beasties Chick Pea Curry to the potluck :-)

  3. That should have been I will be bringing....

    It was the excitement , that got to me

  4. I clicked and came across Geoff. However, I didn't realise which body I was in so I didn't arrive as IDV...

  5. I clicked on Donns at Homo Escapeons and learned his blog is worth a fortune. I'm so jealous I'm not sure I'll be going back there


  6. I also went upstairs to Jailbird Connie and wished him happy birthday

    such a joyful chap but where were the tea and biscuits?

  7. ATTENTION: Do not eat the chickpea curry.

    I repeat. Do NOT eat the chickpea curry.

    EDDIE: Tatas is also an authority on bearded clams.

    Your caption on her blog was much better than my sorry effort.

    BEAST: Eddie appears to have taken yet another opportunity to post a photo of his bare arse on his blog.

    He’s such a showoff over his sweaty arse crack but unlike you, he does not feel it necessary to insert fruit up it.

    Your suggestion on his blog, “Duct taping an odour eater over ones arse crack may afford some relief from this embarrassing problem” was sound advice.

    As for SID, he’s still at Fat Camp and won’t be joining us for a while yet. And yes, he’s still fat.

    CYFA / IVD: I hope you didn’t “come” across Geoff literally!

    For heaven’s sake, can’t you ever control yourself?

    CYBERPETE: You visited Connie? That was a colossal waste of time.

    Go back there and suggest that he update his blog more than once a month.

    As for Donn, he’s Canada’s answer to Donald Trump.

    Only with better hair!

  8. I also visited Eddie Waring and helped him with his ambition of being Google's no1 for 'sweaty arse'.
    That's enough socialising for this month.

  9. KAZ: Well done. I’m sure Eddie will appreciate your effort.

    I’ve gone over to help as well and, in addition, I’ve given him Will Mellor’s cock.

    As a result, hits to his blog will skyrocket.

  10. I went over to Dr Hoose or Kapitano and it seems he is having technical problems so why do I bother? no don't answer.

  11. He does have lovely hair doesn't he?

    I headed over to Eddie Warings place to see his sweaty arse. Quite informative and visual

  12. KNUDSEN: Kapi’s having technical problems?

    That’ll teach him for moving to Bulgaria.

    CYBERPOOF: Yes, Donn has a lovely head of hair.

    And Eddie Waring has a lovely hairy arse.

    A lovely, hairy, SWEATY arse.

  13. i went to cyberpete's...been thinking about visiting and don't know why i havent prior...

    are you happy? lol

  14. DAISY: You went to CyberPoofs?

    Now you see how the Danes spend their drunken Saturday nights!

    Did you notice the giant tube of Veet in his bathroom?

    I don’t want to imagine which parts of his body he uses that on.

    Eddie Waring could use that tube of Veet on his hairy sweaty arse and still need more.

  15. Daisy: you are always welcome over at my place. Thanks for coming by, even if MJ made you do it

    MJ: You should see what was placed on the sink, that would have really made your day.

    I'm thinking Manuel needs the Veet more than Eddie though

  16. But of course then he wouldn't match the pillows

  17. Snippets From Spaceship Orion;

    I visited that blog because the name is so catchy!!! and it's a very interesting peek in the lives of those living in the Great White North...who knew that those geese were called Canada geese, not Canadian geese? I'd've never guessed!

    Also, I hope those cooks were wearing their hair nets while prepping that food!

  18. I went to Cyberpete's because I am lemming.. bonus! I got to see the green shorts.

    As for potlucks, I don't cook so I've called for Pizza and they should be there any minute.

    Please pay them.

    (I made the blog list... I think that's good?)

  19. Why aren't those nekked Ladies using a splatter screens on the frying pans?

    I went to Cyberpetes and discovered that we both love Kylie but much to my chagrin came to the realisation that I didn't know what a getting a few 'sherfs of paddy' meant.

    Well, you can imagine my embarrassment...
    bare ass...
    hey I think sherfs of paddy might have something to do with bare ass.
    I had better go back and try to sound better informed.

  20. Donn, it's supposed to say 'shorts' as in THE shorts, the green ones in the mirror.

    what is this sherfs of paddy you are going on about anyway?

  21. CYBERPOOF: I heart Manuel’s hairy arse.

    Leave Manuel’s big hairy Irish arse the way God intended it.

    EROSWINGS: “Honk” if you love Canada Geese.

    Not only is ‘Snippets from Spaceship Orion’ an interesting peek inside the lives of Canadians, it’s also a peek inside WW’s refrigerator, storage room, shoe closet, etc.

    We’re all waiting to see inside his bedroom.

    BOXER: Those Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts could be yours!

    I’ll alert the media when CyberHoor holds his competition.

    Yes, you made the blogroll but don’t let it go to your head.

    I giveth with one hand but I taketh away with the other.

    And for the love of all that is holy, don’t let Inner Voices know he’s on there too.

    Thanks for the pizza. FINALLY someone brought some grub.

    DONN: Sherfs of Paddy?

    I think on the mirror he’s scrawled, “Thanks for the SHORTS, LOVE PETE.”

    Over at his blog you mentioned “paddy whacking”.

    I just love spanking Irishmen!

    Donn, I had absolutely NO idea you’re a Kylie fan.

    You kept that one under your tuque.

    CYBERHOOR: Perhaps Donn had stayed up too late too, listening to Kylie and drinking way too much champagne.

    Maybe I should peek inside his bathroom and see what shenanigans he got up to last night.

  22. i went over to the voices blog! that guy really fucking rocks i tell you!!! he has the coolest jokes and best pictures on the web, i swear it! if i could only find some way of giving him a reach around....

    oh i didnt SEE HIS BLOG LISTED IN YOUR BLOG ROLL, i just stumbled upon him by assident...

  23. fuck... i take it back... there it is, damn youve got me shedding tears now... i guess i will march on and do what im told.... im giving you fair warning this time, i'll be back.

  24. VOICES: Oh vey. What have I done?

    *smacks self in head*

  25. *opens up bag of stuff, lays out gallon jug of moonshine, pulls out enormous roasted pig on spit cooking over fire, pulls several shot guns out of bag and loads them, lays them next to gallon jug of homemade booze and stands to say...*

    "lets get this party started!!!"

    i went over to cybers as well, i saw that several other mj fans were there already and should have known by the smell that was lingering in the air. i noticed about eight gajillion you tubes and saw that knudsen wouldnt ever go there because of that, other wise after dial up spent have of the day trying to load the first page, i hung around and checked it out!

    wassup cyber, when you gonna give away them shorts!?!

  26. VOICES: Not only 8 gajillion YouTubes, but also 8 gajillion tubes of product in his bathroom.

    What the hell is all that stuff FOR?

    Thanks for the roasted pig. Wait a that why our Piggy hasn't stopped by today?

  27. Voices: There aren't THAT many youtube videos.. Anyway I just now learned to post them properly on blogdrive. D'oh!

    I just got the shorts on Friday. Give it time, they are probably doing a bit sightseeing in the next week or two. Then we'll see.

    EVERYONE should do a bathroom shot. It should be compulsory. I'd love to se what Donn (my new favorite person, Miss K fan, rich and good looking *wink wonk*) has going on in his bathroom.

  28. I naturally went back to Eroswing, who had visited me as per your exceptionally bossy instructions.

    He's a fine lad who went into great detail about fat ladies with red shoes and all kinds of other cultural entertainment, including something about "me very horny."

    I loved his YouTube vid to that effect.

    And then I meandered over to Mutley The Dog, and was overcome by emotion at his sordid tale of vasectomy, no sex, without work and on the verge of being evicted.

    I think, as with most engaging Englishmen, all he has to do is start writing for a living and he'll become a millionaire.

    As for what dish I'm bringing, I was thinking pickled penises on savoury rice.

  29. CYBERPOOF: Where are you taking The Shorts?

    To LegoLand? The Tivoli Gardens? The Little Mermaid?

    Oh the suspense.

    WW: I'm impressed that you travelled all the way from Texas to Bridport!

    Let's hope Mr. Mutley comes through with a case of Old Lesbian Number 6 ale.

    *turns nose up at pickled penises*

    You're not known for your culinary skills, are you?

  30. CYBERPOOF: Did you do a wink-wonk at Donn?

  31. Well you just kind of smother them in the savoury rice, so as not to notice them. Lots of protein.

    I thought you'd be quite enamoured with the penises, given your penchant for posting about them.

    Now my feelings are hurt.

    However, you're quite right, I'm not known for my culinary skills. Maybe I'll just bring the chips and dip?

  32. Did I? I could have had something in the eye?

    I would never take them to Legoland, that's way too far away being in Redneck Country where I grew up

  33. WW: I don't literally eat penises, you know.

    Perhaps you could make a nice cock-a-leekie soup.

    What do you folk at the Tudor Village whip up for YOUR potlucks?

    CYBERPOOF: Denmark has a redneck country?

  34. Of course I love Kylie and my fave song is Spinning Around..

    "I'm spinning around,
    move out of my way,
    I love Minogue in the old fashioned way.
    Try breaking this down,
    I'm not even ghey,
    I would be feelin' her 'cuz she has a nice tush"

  35. I think you're being rather picky. If you put them inside your mouth, that's close enough.

    As for cock-a-leeky soup, you'll have to provide the recipe.

    Being a resident of Tudor Village, I'm just one of the riff-raff. Our fare is gruel and rat ratatouille.

  36. Hey! Did you notice Donnnnnnn is now just Donn again? It's his daily identity crisis change!

  37. DONN: Suddenly it smells very Jean-Paul Gaultier in here.

    WW: Donn is a wee bit poofy today.

  38. Gaultier is pronounced 'Gauche eh'?
    'Pooftez' vous sentir mon Fleur du Mâle de là? I prefer Evening In Detroit.

    I must have put too much on but I use it to disguise the smell of KD & fried balogna.

  39. It's funny you should mention Jean Paul Gaultier MJ

    For the past two weeks I've smelled Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Male" everywhere I've gone (and it's not me, I'm all "Light Blue by D&G as you could see in the photo that and Darling)

    JPG Le Male has been stalking me, and all this time it's just been Donn following me around. Wow wow wow..

  40. Yes, Donn IS a bit poofy today. I find he gets like that if he doesn't hang around me often enough.

  41. DONN: *sniffs*

    More like Evening in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Locker Room.

    CYBERPOOF: Wink wonk!

    WW: Donn's not hanging around you enough?

    Maybe he’s embarrassed to set foot in your “Tudor Village”.

    Did you ever think of that?

  42. Hem Jzay
    I'll have you know that Withered's Man-Lair is a respite from this world and I incessantly harrass, beg, and cajole him into letting me go over there to drink gallons of Rye, eat cans of oysters, cheat at phase 10, listen to one of the thousands of mixed CDs that I bribe him with, and of course, to play guitar in the altogether with a lampshade on my head.

    There is only one thing that I would rather be doing than rejuvenating at the Man-Lair...first two guesses do not count.

  43. MJ/Donn:

    Are you kiddin'? Donn loves it over here. I am his escape from his reality, my singleness.

    He has the most lovely wife and the most incredible kids. But he's wound up tight with his big ideas to save the world and to offer his big thoughts to a bigger universe.

    And besides, he loves the smell of the Blue Bombers dressing room in my place. He's a jock-sniffer through and through.

    We're each other's sounding boards and more. I've tried to portray him at times for the bigger blogosphere, but never really have.

  44. It was rye and coke where I came from.

    What's on your mix tape?

    If Barry Manilow's Copacabana is on there, you're going straight to hell.

    WW: I am disturbed by this image of Donn as a jock-sniffer.

    I shant be able to sleep tonight.

  45. WW: And what the HELL is that on your head?!

  46. I wuz at SSENCH which you have listed WRONG on your sidebar as BENCH probably because you had your snoot in the single malt again. I read something about some stuff and there was a picture of a guy in a condom taking a shower. I'm still waiting for him to give me a dollar. Have some three bean casserole with fried onions on top! I used Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup!! ONLY THE BEST FOR INFOMANIAC i always say. really. people slap me sometimes and say 'quit saying that stupid shit and go get me another vinyl sofa you've ruined this one' although vinyl is WASHABLE, HELLO so yeah.
    can i go now?

  47. It's rye and Pepsi in these parts, girl.

    Donn HAS actually recorded Barry Manilow songs and brought them over here for posterity.

    Do not be concerned by the image of Donn as a jock-sniffer. Someone has to be, so might as well be him.

    I explained over at my place what I'm wearing. It's my daughter's swim cap, plus a snorkel.

    I can breathe under water, you see.

  48. FN: SSENCH? Maybe it’s STENCH!

    Did you know that Tony lives in the lesbian capital of England?

    You’ve brought food so you are free to go now.

    Would you mind coming back later to clean up?

    WW: I hope Donn didn’t make you slow dance.

  49. Bloody Hell.I was just off to Bed!
    Hey,I visited PAUL +T-BIRD.both Cool Blogs!
    Can I come to your Pot-Party in my Jar-Jars?

  50. TONY: Thank heavens you didn’t bring the jellied eels.

    FN (Paul) and T-Bird are two lovely “ladies” I must say. Good choices.

    If by Jar-Jars you mean PJs, you're getting ahead of yourself. That's next Sunday's party.

    Mark it on your calendar.

  51. Quite the marketer, you are.

  52. MATT: If I'm quite the marketer then why haven't you visited anyone yet?

  53. I want a naked person to give me a dollar.

    and hey, Tony! next time leave a comment!

    TONY CHEATED!!!!!!!

  54. oh ffs FN here's your goddamn dollar...i thought we werent telling anyone...geez!

  55. FN: Whaddya mean Tony cheated?

    He left a comment on your blog! Didn't you see it under where I thanked you for your casserole?

    Or maybe you didn't see that either!

    Your glasses are on top of your head, by the way.

    DAISY: Telling anyone what?

    Am I the only one who doesn't know what's going on around here?

  56. I picked Kaz at random. I'm almost sorry I did. I used to say that I'd try anything once, and that fish whipping might have had possibilities. I think I'd prefer salt Cod to Gefilte.

  57. I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Jock Sniffer Party..
    that's not how I roll.


    You usually have your new posting up at 11 (my time) so either turf your houseguests or put the really drunk 'hot' nekked ones on your webcam...c'mon?

  58. BREAKERSLION: Did you have a spoon full of Kutnow's at Kaz's?

    I'll keep you in mind as a fish whipping candidate in future.

    DONN: All right all right already.

    New post coming up.

    Gimme a few minutes.

  59. Ok, so I went to visit Kaz. I am a bit late, but can I still have some of the left over 3 bean dish?

  60. MJ that i was sitting here blogging naked my really need to catch up to things...(oh yes i am being's monday and i have a shit week ahead of me)

  61. T-BIRD: I’m sure I read somewhere that you were bringing Nona’s special pasta but now you’re helping yourself to the trough.

    The best intentions, eh?

    DAISY: Would you like me to bring some leftover three-bean salad to your workplace?

  62. Oh, unfortunately, I had to work, so I just dropped of some jello--shots for dessert...

  63. EROSWINGS: Jello shots?

    Then it's you who's responsible for the guy who wouldn't leave the party.

  64. yes...please oh please mj...come to my work...bring whatever you like...just come and fart away!

  65. DAISY: Just leave me your credit card details and I'll book the next flight out of Canada.