Monday, April 07, 2008

Vintage Vag vs Modern Muff

Cast your minds back into the mists of time and remember when a lady’s private bits looked like this…

Not this…

Why did our mounds start looking like hairless rats?

In a study called, Did the Brazilian Kill the Pubic Louse?, researchers noted that with the introduction of extensive waxing techniques, such as the Brazilian, the rate of pubic lice (crabs) has dropped significantly.

What the study didn’t say is that hotel heiresses continue to have an alarming rate of crabs…

In 2006, Kees Moeliker, curator of the Rotterdam Natural History Museum, made an urgent appeal to the public for one dead crab louse to add to the museum’s collection.

Moeliker blames modern pubic hair removal techniques for the decline of the pubic louse’s natural habitat. “Pubic lice can't live without pubic hair.”

To shave or not to shave? That is my question to you. Do you have a preference?

Down with bush? Or up with bush?

Not that bush…

This bush…

Maybe this isn’t the best example

Finally, why is it that whenever you try to type the word “pubic hair” it always comes out as “public hair”?


  1. Oh, this is going to be good.

  2. ((shudder))
    That last nasty photo is going to put my therapist's kids through college!

    Offhand I'd say that she operates a Gerbil Ranch and judging by the expression on her face she just located the one that got away!

  3. OK seriously, that poor woman has about a quarter section of uncropped land that she needs to summer fallow..
    although I don't know if Farmer Brown could even get in there to plow, pulverize the soil, and kill those weeds!


  4. You just had to publish that horrible picture AGAIN

  5. Upon putting on her new prescription glasses, Edna was shocked into a heart attack when she finally saw the sad state of her garden after years of neglect...

  6. I enjoy a well sculpted bush...though a bare rock garden is just as lovely to explore...

    P.S. Is Paris trying to hide her penis?

  7. You will loose yer readers with post like this, I'm not complaining but you know the way some are. Did you know that shaving minges started as a way to lure the blokes away from the children?

    In the south of England 1 in 10weemen shave their vadge which is why the cuntry (England) is full of pedos, no pedos in brazil you know.

  8. Also!

    In Scotland we like our weemen hairy and ugly and ready to back you up in a fight as God intended.

  9. Bingowings she is, indeed, shoving it in between her legs

    I like not getting pubic hair in my mouth and stuck in my teeth

    if that answers your question

  10. BOXER: Would you like to referee this event?

    DONN: Crop rotation is the only way to go.

    I’m sure there’s a John Deere product that could take care of that mess.

    BEAST: I’ve never posted any of these pics before!

    So if you don’t shut it, I’ll re-post that photo of your bare arse.

    WITH the banana stuck up it!

    BINGOWINGS: Paris has obviously not learned the art of tucking and taping.

    CyberPoof could give her lessons.

    KNUDSEN: Queen Scathach of Skye had quite the unruly bush on her, didn’t she?

    CYBERPOOF: Do your “lovers” charge you extra to shave?

  11. Thaks not pubic hair in the last picture. She is giving birth to a Coldstream Guard.

  12. ELLIE: Wasn’t Old Knudsen a Coldstreamer before he drove truck or became a life coach?

    Oh for heaven’s sake this comment section is becoming all about Knudsen again.

    I think he’s put a spell on me.

  13. Either as long as I don't need a combine harvester to make my way to the goods.

  14. CONNIE: If you’re talking about Tatas’ bush, you’ll need one of these.

  15. Old Knudsen is the blogging equivalent of the Dalia Llama , you cant supress him with your evil empire MJ.
    I do apologise , I have seen that rampant bush picture before at First Nations, I never forget a minge

  16. Oh, I knew I shouldn't have used my precious blog-time at work to come here...

  17. BEAST: You've invoked the name of Knudsen again.

    See how he works?

    That Nations should put her clothes on and get back in the kitchen.

    IVD: Oh you're back, are you?

    What witchery have you been up to?

    *goes to check*

  18. Is the last one about to run off for a sick bag after smelling the dead badger stuffed up her flange?

    BTW Tatas is not impressed with that link.

  19. CONNIE: Are you so pussy-whipped that you have to speak for your wife?

    She doesn’t like the link?

    Tell her to suck my prosthetic dick.

    FROBI: What have I told you before about vomiting on my blog?

    I was going to post some cock for you on Filthy Friday but I may have to reconsider.

  20. I'd love to, but I'm currently pouring bleach in my eyes to get these images out of my head.

  21. glad to see the knuder is talking at you again. personally i like a change up. shave it, buff it, wax it, let it grow, trim it, prim it, just keep it clean. its a nice surprise when its different. like when you shave a beard and you can see yer face? catch my drift? heh heh..

  22. Good grief, that last one - I'm sure its Elton Johns long lost wig.
    Natural hairyness is fine but sweet lord that 'aint natural...

  23. MJ: You BITCH. Bring on the prosthetic dick. I'll show you how to suck cock.

    Connie can whip my pussy anytime.

  24. Nooooooooooooooo, beast; you never saw that at my place. bigfoot is extinct in this part of the world.

  25. BOXER: But I need you to step in and ref the ensuing bitch fight between Tatas and me.

    VOICES: You don’t wanna know what I had to do to get Knudsen (his name is spoken again!) to talk to me.

    As for the gardening, I’m sure you have just the right tool for the job.

    MR.G: Frobisher is wearing Elton’s John’s lost wig.

    Just look at him!

    TATAS: Thanks but I’ll just watch the DVD you made.

    FN: I think it’s time we punish Beast.

    Any suggestions?

  26. Well I have seen that picture of a the great beehive of a minge before , if it wasnt at FN's blog then its somewhere else.
    I am going mad

  27. BEAST: You're not going mad.

    It's just that you had your face buried in it.

    Between the bush burn and the rug burn, you're really quite a mess, aren't you?

  28. Did someone mention my name? The Coldstream guards are a load of posers I did have the job killing and skinning the bears for the muffs on their heads once but then I saw the lite which didn't taste as good but there was less calories.

  29. Did you know that the sun shines out of Knudsen's ass?

  30. Where's the weed wacker?? Hairless, Hairless, Hairless. A good trim at least. How do you gals like the guys? With or without?

  31. Britney's minge looks so folorn and naked. Poor little thing. I also feel sorry for the pubic lice... but not as sorry as I feel for Brit Junior.

    My problem is shaving is uncomfortable, the regrowth is yuck and there's the danger of ingrown hairs. Waxing hurts far too much and I absolutley refuse to do it again.

    Is there a painless solution?

    As for men, well hairy and natural is my preference. There's just something disturbing about a man with no pubes. In my humble opinion. But you need to trim and tidy too, boys.

  32. KNUDSEN: Bears?

    Were they Great White Pandas of the Pennines?

    BRAD: Visit Boxer to see the sun shining out of his arse in its full glory.

    MYTOES: I like a big fat hairy Irish arse.

    Wasn’t that the question?

    T-BIRD: Fellas, take T-Bird’s advice.

    Hair down there is good but trim the trees if you want to please.

  33. I like my men well trimmed, but not quite bare. Nobody goes down there to floss...

    As far as the vadge goes, I'm of the racing stripe/landing strip ilk - a bit of hair at the front, nekkid down the rest.

  34. PEEVISH: I might try out that landing strip and hope that Aer Lingus services my airport.

  35. Like fine wine, a quality vagina needs no bush.

    I suspect most of you are too young to get that reference.

    Anyhoo, I have a feeling undergrowth is about to make a come back, then a back combe.

    Julia Roberts will probably be the most cutting edge by not cutting hedge.

  36. Not one of your more engaging self-portrait pix, MJ, that last one.

    Clearly, the word pubic always comes out as public because we all have an internal censor that doesn't want it becoming public that we're trying to spell the word pubic.

  37. I agree. We men must trim. A full skin is too itchy and people think we got crabs! A landing strip is the way to go. Trim and straight.

  38. WW: Who asked YOU?

    MYTOES: I just figured you had jock itch.

  39. No itch. Most of the time!