Monday, April 21, 2008

Honk If You Love Old Knudsen

Today is the first meeting of my support group: Women Who Love Old Knudsen Too Much.

“Weemen want to do him and men want to be him and some men would also like to do him.”

“Lord of the painful 4-hour erection.”

“When Old Knudsen says he bucked yer Ma he probably has.”

Please do not enable me by suggesting I seek retail therapy here.


  1. It's really not WHO I love too much, it's WHAT I love too much... the damn cap.

    Damn stupid beautiful cap.

  2. Oh my, he is dead sexy!

    Something about an overlapping belly and weeter shooting straight at attention that gets me every time.


  3. Yet another image of air brushed 'perfection' thrust at us in the 'media'. No wonder vunerable teenage girls become bulemic.

  4. I've not commented much lately, but here's to Old Knudsen!

    I don't want to do him. At all. Never. But I'm okay with all them that do wish to!

  5. Like, how could I not agree with AWA??!!!

  6. HONK!!

    Knudsen... oh, Knudsen. Why must you be so damn indifferent?

  7. *peep*


    (an english 'honk')

    i've thrown myself at him, but he just walks on by ....

  8. Knudsen's got a gun
    Knudsen's got a gun
    His whole fly's come undone
    Now MJ is on the run
    What did MJ do?
    What did she put old Knudsen through?
    They said when Knudsen was posted
    He had his ding-aling out
    But man, did MJ have it comin'?
    Now that Knudsen's got a gun
    He ain't never gonna be the same..

    from the pain....

    Plus a whole lot of air guitar. This is kinda suited to open mic.

  9. Well fuck me with a dead Mallard duck!

    Honk! Honk!

    If you don't love me then you are wrong and donc the weakest link goodbye.

    Donc if you've had Old Knudsen cos I've got a rash.

  10. real men (so I am told......) Feel the same way about Knudski!

  11. BOXER: If you steal his cap, you steal his mojo.

    AWA: Is that a cake stand behind you? Yes, it is.

    You have your mouth full while you’re talking to us, don’t you?

    BEAST: You’re jealous of anything that has a little thrust left in it.

    NWT: All that honking … you must have thought a flock of Canada Geese were flying overhead.

    Did we wake you up?

    T-BIRD: He wouldn’t be so indifferent if only you’d lie still and pretend to be dead.

    BITTERSWEET: Thrown yourself?

    Too much action.

    Like I said to T-Bird, just lie very still.

    DORA: I see you already have a mic in hand.

    And T-Bird’s tit in the other.

    KNUDSEN: I told you not to come round while I’m in recovery.

    Does it hurt when you pee?

    TONY: You’re in luck.

    Knudski likes pole dancing.

    DONN: Think I better knock on wood.

  12. LMAO

    that is where i go wrong .. too much hip swivel!

    If i shut my eyes and went really stiff .. would that help?

  13. BITTERSWEET: Yes. You go stiff. He goes stiff.

    It would help if you lay in a bathtub of ice water first, too.

  14. Honk!!!

    Hey there, you sexy piece of used moose meat! What up??

  15. He is cuter than ever but I don't remember him ever smiling before.....

  16. Viagra has a lot to answer for

  17. MAIDY: You’d honk for anything with a pulse, ya dirty slut bag.

    MUTLEY: He was passing gas.

    FROBI: When Knudsen dies, they won’t be able to get the coffin lid shut.

  18. I HAVE honked for anything with a pulse. Hell, I've honked anything with a pulse.

    Dirty slut bag? How tame coming the nasty skank likes of you!

  19. ...there now see, you're getting me all confused. first you post pictures of my super secret lover man (and after having wrested control of his nether reaches away from me bitch! STOP THIS COLD KNIFE IN MY HEART!) now theres hot sleeze on cheese action going on.

    *stands under cold shower*

    *with 'mr. buzzy' my waterproof shower buddy*

    *thinks of england*

    oo, that did it. raging girl-hardon gone.

  20. I like it when they lie still.

    Speaking of which my court date is up this Thursday so I need alibis and character witnesses, don't worry I'll tell you what to say.

    One day at a time MJ.

  21. FN: No amount of pulsating shower power could ever cleanse the filth from you.

    KNUDSEN: I’m going to fake it ‘til I make it.

    So far, the meeting is going well.

    Hey, is that Amy Winehouse over there in the corner?

    By the way, what are you wearing?

  22. HAve you noticed how that smiling knudsens eyes follow you round the room

    The dirty devil

    I am wearing peek a boo waders miss MJ......a chap has the right to a little relaxation

  23. *practises lying like a corpse*

    You know, I just read the Captain Smack story starring Knudsen and Mr T as Xenu.

    Gold. Pure and utter gold.

    *goes back to pretending to be dead*

  24. BEAST: You’ll find that most depictions of saints and religious icons have eyes that follow you around the room.

    That “what are you wearing?” question was directed at Old Knudsen.

    Your hip waders are filled with salad cream, no doubt.

    T-BIRD: The story where Old Knudsen (portrayed by Sean Connery) spends hours looking off into the distance and farting and scratching his balls?

    VOICES: Welcome back from your wild weekend.

    See what you almost missed?

  25. pfft......of all the things I've witnessed here this hurts the most

  26. MANUEL: Honk if you love big hairy Irish arse.


  27. I appealed to a higher power to take away this dread addiction to Knudsen, and the higher power said move over bitch, he's mine.

  28. WITCHYPOO: Welcome to the Best Psychic Blogger of 2008 as awarded by Old Knudsen.

    Oh no, I swore I wouldn't mention his name before I got through day one of recovery.

    Back to the drawing board.

  29. Yep, MJ. I believe he also farted a lot and saved the day.