Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Foot Vagina

While I was tidying up from the party, I found this…

Okay, which one of you pervs left behind the vagina foot?

And what on earth were you planning to do with it?


  1. I left my Jesus hand with the vagina nail hole in it somewhere.

    why do I never get invited to yer parties?

    never mind I think I know.

  2. Its mine Miss MJ , I use it to hold my pens at work.

  3. Walking around bare-foot would be a very different experience indeed.

    But not on the beach...nothing worse than sand in your crack. or in other places.

  4. oh ffs...and i thought i had seen everything...i never would have thought someone would to be inserted INTO a foot...

    beast...that would not surprise me...for some reason..

  5. A foot is 12 inches I have more than that to offer you my lady MJ.

  6. What a cute chocolate bar dispenser - is that a TWIX?

  7. I think it might be a Picnic bar. It's all lumpy.

  8. KNUDSEN: You can come to my next party but you have to bring food.

    No, your kebab doesn’t count.

    BEAST: Your pens?

    Or your bananas?

    DORA: You don’t fool me.

    I know you never take off your Birkenstocks.

    DAISY: You mean you’ve not tried this at home?

    BRAD: I hope you’re talking circumference.

    KAZ & T-BIRD: Aside from my HobNobs addiction (which I developed thanks to you lot) I’m more of a savoury person than a sweets person.

    I’d use it for fish fingers.

  9. My foot looked like that when I had a giant verrucca scraped out.

    Er, anyway ...

  10. GEOFF: I’ll stop pussyfooting around if you stop beating around the bush.

    BETTY: Wart did you say?

  11. Wow, that's a whole new meaning to slippery when wet ;)

    Does it do a tap dance when it experiences a happy period?

    Talk about a foot in one's mouth...

  12. Hey! That's my flower vase. Or at least that's what I thought it was. Damn it. It better come back clean.

  13. EROSWINGS: There's no such thing as a happy period!

    *rips out uterus, throws it in Eroswings' face, has crying jag followed by maniacal laughing fit*

    BOXER: I will thank you to take your stinking Titan arum elsewhere.

  14. *rips out uterus, throws it in Eroswings' face, has crying jag followed by maniacal laughing fit* Isn't that just one of your normal days MJ?

  15. TATAS: Bitch, I'll show you a normal day.

    *removes Tampax and lobs it at Tatas' head*

  16. out of your FOOT??????

    wait wait wait.i've missed something here.

  17. Glad to see you got the Tampax back MJ

    That has got to be one of the most bizarre things I've seen

    What's that sticking out of the foot?

  18. CYBERPOOF: That's Kaz's Twix bar sticking out of the foot.

    Haven't you been paying attention?

  19. and why pray tell is Kaz's Twix bar sticking out of that rubber foot?

    Just wondering..

  20. Do you reckon it was that heather Mc cartney , what left it behind.
    Wouldn't you also stick to wet floors ????

  21. CYBERPOOF: Our Kaz is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

    Only Kaz knows for sure.

    BEAST: I don’t know about sticking to floors but she stuck it to Macca.

  22. um... WTF? some people are into some weird shit? i can understand the bannanas in your ass, but, fucking a rubber foot? get a chicken or something for fecks sake!

  23. MJ: Tampax? You'd need a sheep to put in your gaping wound. BITCH!!!

    Throws a sheep at MJ's head.

  24. He got off waaaaaay too easy MJ

    Waaaaaaaaay to easy, she deserved it ALL for giving it up to him for as long as she did

  25. VOICES: You’ve been giving the ‘bananas up the arse’ some serious thought, haven’t you?

    Be sure to take pics and forward them to me.

    How about you and Beast inserting bananas and taking your show on the road?

    TATAS: This one might be big enough to stop your snatch.

    CYBERPOOF: Maybe he’d like to try a Dane next.

    You’re available, aren’t you?

  26. For the amount Heather got

    HELL YEAH! I'll hold the rubber foot for him if that tickles his fancy

  27. I thought it was for footjobs not an insert! I guess the girl doesn't come with the package? Nice nails!

  28. CYBERPOOF: Well now we know your price.

    MYTOES: Trust YOU to notice the nail polish!

  29. This is what happens when some cunt wants to bare their sole.

  30. "so much for getting kicked in the groin and not enjoying it any more..."

    and perhaps we could call our road show "beasts beautiful backside banana bonanza band!" featuring voices on the drums....

  31. TICKERS: *sniggers*

    Maybe their lover was a heel.

    VOICES: And MJ on butt bongos.

    Butt Bongo Fiesta!

  32. *stares off into space and daydreams about beast, bananas, and "butt bongos". shudders and washes brains out with gasoline*

    yeah, i made you come back just for that.

  33. VOICES: And how long have you been having these dreams about Beast?

  34. FN: Ack!!!

    I didn't see your comment from hours ago.

    It's Voices and Beast's fault.

    They were baring their bottoms at me.

  35. "bottoms up" takes on a whole new meaning. and i guess "put your foot in your mouth" does too.

  36. no MJ...i was waiting for beast but he never...came...

  37. i'm sorry; i've torn out my own eyes and cannot comment.

  38. VOICES: Foot in mouth...sounds like a disease.

    Which reminds me...

    Would you like me to give you something for your verbal diarrhea?

    DAISY: Beast stood you up for Voices.

    FN: Please refer to the Braille edition of my blog.

  39. Geoff was too funny!

    I suppose that there are some ETs out there who already have these...
    but foot vaginas would be too far away from the breasts...you'd have to ba an NBA playa to reach the dials...
    and besides, what would podophilacs do?

    It would certainly put a stop to foot binding in the Orient...
    and don't you think that women are already overly obssessed with footwear? It's just a plot to 'force' women to go out and buy a whole new set of shoes with nobby little insole thingamabobs.

    If this happened you'd all be 'jellin' 24/7.

    Oh it's not a prosthestic procedure it's just a toy..

    never mind.

  40. DONN: That Geoff's a card, I tell ya, a CARD!

    Yes, it could well be a plot carried out by the shoe lords Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo to force us to purchase more shoes.

    *hurriedly clears space in closet*

    I'm curious as to how you clean these things but I think we've explored this topic long enough, don't you?