Monday, April 14, 2008

Tidying Up

Thanks to everyone who attended the Sunday Social Potluck yesterday on Infomaniac.

I'm all partied out...

I hope you enjoyed the camaraderie and that you made some new friends …

I would also like to thank those of you who stayed behind to tidy up…

Of course, there’s always one guy who just doesn’t know when the party’s over…

Let’s do it again sometime!

p.s. Does anyone else have the farts from FN’s three-bean salad?


  1. Noooo, but I never eat food at a Potluck for many reasons.

    However, I am missing something and was wondering if you found it?

    You'll know what it is if you see it. Trust me.

  2. ***flicks dutch Cap at Anon Boxer***

  3. Do I have to Urban Dictionary a dutch cap, beasty?

    Will I blush?

  4. didn't have the bean salad but thought we werent posting clean up pictures...that is the last time i hoover for anyone!

  5. I enjoyed having new visitors yesterday.

    Sorry I didn't contibute to the party - I'll be over later with the Kutnow's cocktails.
    Just what you need after that three bean salad.

  6. BOXER: I was going to tell you to shine a flashlight up Knudsen’s arse but it appears that Beast knows something I don’t.

    BEAST: Too late now.

    Wait 9 months and there’ll be a mini Knudsen.

    T-BIRD: I’ll let Beast answer that question.

    DAISY: Don’t worry about the photo.

    What happens in Infomaniac, stays in Infomaniac.

    KAZ: I hope the visitors behaved themselves and didn’t go upsetting your regulars.

    Did you have to clean up any messes after they’d gone?

    Or explain any unusual stains on the furniture to your regular readers?

  7. Beast - Not mine, wasn't this in the gift bags?

  8. BOXER: The gift bags contained vibrating nipple clamps.

    Didn’t you get yours?

    BEAST: Both Boxer and T-Bird are talking to you.

    So why don’t you take over for me today in the comments as I’m going to be rather busy anyway?

    I’ll be popping in and out though should the pressure be too much for you.

  9. I luv a woman who's not afraid to go down on a carpet ;)

  10. i didnt get to stick around long enough! i was really looking forward to shooting something off...

    *leaves self open for folks to make fun of point fingers at*

  11. EROSWINGS: Yeah, I had you pegged as a carpet muncher.

    VOICES: Guess which pointed finger I'm holding up at you?

  12. If the gift bag contained vibrating nipple clamps, then which bag did I get?

    I ended up with two bananas, a spare gold Manolo Blahnik strappy sandal and box of tampax

    So, it appears that I am paying for the jello shots Bingowings brought today. I never eat at these functions, but I usually manage to swallow.

  13. CYBERPOOF: You ended up with bananas?

    My apologies. That gift bag was meant for Beast.

    And you were meant to get the Veet; not the Tampax.

  14. would that be your thumbs up sign?

  15. And only one gold Manolo Strappy Sandal ?

    What's that about?

    By the way, that sofa, when I saw that in person I didn't think I'd ever seen anything that ugly ever again. Turns out a photo of Knudsen and your uncle sitting on the sofa could push it over the edge.

    Throw it out, immediately!

  16. Well I cant answer when I am at work , since Infomaniac is blocked as a porn site.

    A dutch cap is a term for a form of barrier contraception otherwise known as a diaphram.

    I didnt get a gift bag I think Knudsen pinched it

  17. You were the Hostess with the Mostest.

  18. VOICES: In Iraq and Iran, the thumbs up is an obscene gesture, equivalent to the use of the middle finger in the Western world.

    Tell that to Arnold Schwarzenegger before he heads off on a Middle Eastern trip.

    CyberPoof: These couches are uglier.

    BEAST: CyberPoof got your gift bag by mistake.

    There's some bananas in there for you as the one up your arse must be bruised by now.

    WW: The mostest?

    I have the bestest readers, that's why.

    Ta, WW.

  19. Oh dear lord

    Who buys those atrocities?

    I guess you'd be one of them which surprises me considering you like designer furniture

  20. CYBERPOOF: The winner of that ugly couch contest is from Saskatchewan.

    Trust me when I say that explains everything.

  21. i'll leave message with arnie to wave his spurting oil derreck your way when he visits the mother land!

  22. Why is it called a Dutch cap? Does you have to stick your finger in the hole to stop it from leaking?

  23. hmmm, i think you stick your finger in the dyke to keep it from leaking, thats why its leaking cause she doesnt use a dutch cap. i could be wrong, i usualy am.

  24. T-BIRD: It appears that Voices is our resident Dutch Cap expert.

    VOICES: Why don't you try sticking your finger in a dyke and get back to us.

  25. HMMM... i dunno, doesnt sound safe... i might get hurt.

  26. VOICES: Well, better you just hurt your finger rather than your fist.

  27. I wish that the over-the-top guy would have strapped on aluminum so that I could have written 'nice cans'!

    Surely you must have hit your weiner quota for the month by now..
    good gawd y'all!

    Is there no end to those pricks?

  28. DONN: Tomorrow...a day without weenies.

    Coming up on Tuesday…ladies’ bits!

  29. Bloody Good Do! The Hostess-with-the-mostest!

  30. TONY: Thanks for coming!

    I hope we didn't keep you up late with our racket.