Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heaven Scent

I am too damned tired to post.

Instead, here is a photo of a dog sniffing another dog's butt.


  1. That is actually what we zoologist types call a parasitic cleaning dog, many bigger animals have them, Eddie Waring as a midget who pops his zits and de-smegs his cock. A K-9 rimjob will stop this animal having that itchy have I wiped feeling all day.

  2. I am not sure whether that dog is sniffing but, or being born breach, complete with collar.

    Knudsen, that is one of the more gross things I have ever read.

  3. "Help it's fucking sucking me in"

    Someone get a shoe horn or something....

  4. KNUDSEN: Someone has been searching Infomaniac for images of dwarf cocks. I suspect it’s Eddie Waring.

    Notice how Eddie’s disappeared yet again? Probably off to have his cock de-smegged.

    T-BIRD: Show some respect for Knudsen’s zoological expertise.

    He was applying himself in the halls of academe while you were off partying ‘til you puked.

    DORA: Beware of Beast’s Dyson which has the same centrifugal force.

  5. I say the smaller dog is actually inflating the larger one. the smiling dog owns a used car lot and is planning a sale, and so he has come to 'inflate-o-pug inc.' to rent a promotional balloon. he likes 'inflate-o-pug inc.' because the employees are so enthusiastic.

    it's like another world out there in the used car game.

  6. FN: 'inflate-o-pug inc.' ...

    That's where Pink Floyd shops for their inflatable pugs, isn't it?

  7. I'm sure our Queen's beloved corgis don't do that sort of thing.

  8. I agree with KAZ. What's even worse is that there seems to be a lineup forming.

  9. KAZ: The corgis, no.

    Charles and Camilla, yes.

    Isn't this what Charles meant when he said to Camilla he'd like to "live inside your trousers"?

    DONN: Nobody likes a queue jumper.

    Please take a number and wait your turn.

  10. im with donn, it looks like the other one is waiting for some sloppy seconds. and is the photographer enjoying this or... whats with the photographer anyway...

  11. I think the picture of the dog who doesn't have his nose up other dog's ass is FUNNY.

    Having small dogs, I can tell you that pug is in HEAVEN. He probably passed out in happiness after pulling out.

  12. VOICES: Yeah well what’s up with THIS photographer?

    BOXER: Is it just a coincidence that there’s a “pug” in “pugilist”?

  13. This post is a breath of fresh air


    Yippee its nearly filthy Friday

  14. .... and the title, "heaven scent" awesome... just noticed that.

    photographers take the darndest pictures...

    *thinks back of what hes seen on infomaniac*

  15. ***tries not to think about what he has seen on infomaniac****

    Since its mostly Piggy's Arse, IVD's warty wand and a nekkid ass with bananas stuck out of it CLAIMING TO BE MINE.

    If only old knudsen was a girl

    ***sighs wistfully***

  16. It looks like the sniffer is enjoying it a little too much

    Notice the tiny boner

    Word verification: Cyfas - does that mean it's IDV taking the photo or he sent it to you from his private collection?

  17. BEAST: Didn’t you get the group email?

    Filthy Friday has been discontinued.

    Just kidding!

    VOICES: Thanks for noticing the title.

    I don’t just throw these things together in a slapdash manner, you know.

    It’s nice to know SOMEONE is paying attention.

    BEAST: Old Knudsen was once trapped in his Asian gurly boy wives' body but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

    CYBERPOOF: Neither IVD nor Cyfa has visited me in a week.

    I feel snubbed.

  18. I think Cyfa was here Monday or was it during the weekend?

  19. CYBERPOOF: Cyfa was here on Sunday but it's been longer for IVD.

    Snubbed, I tell you. Snubbed.

    I don't know which of his personalities to boycott.

  20. I know! At least IDV came across my site Monday

    left quite a mess but I managed to clean it up

    He must have something against you for some reason, maybe because you stole his dog porn?

  21. If you search for warty penis yer blog cums up 'a lot'

  22. the research alone would take hours....

  23. Yes, MJ, I should respect my elders. *Bows* to Knudsen for being somewhat repulsed by his Kinsey-like knowledge of dogs and rimbjobs.

    Good day, sir!

  24. CYBERPOOF: Who needs his warty cock anyway?

    KNUDSEN: Funny you should mention that.

    The warty penis in question belongs to IVD who seems to be too busy to visit.

    Although he’s been to everyone else’s blogs! Harumph.

    VOICES: It’s the least I can do for you bitches.

    T-BIRD: I wouldn’t bow too low around Knudsen if you value your maidenhood.

    Oh who am I kidding?

  25. That's the spirit MJ!

    Now keep telling yourself that, because you can't survive without at least a weekly whiff of that warty penis

  26. "Instead, here is a photo of a dog sniffing another dog's butt."

    So what? Minimalistic post. Lousy photoshop.
    More than 20 pervs commenting.
    Great. That's the way it works.

  27. CYBERPOOF: That witch is a bitch.

    MAGO: And one more perv drops in.


  29. MANUEL: That t-shirt would look even better with some Well Done Fillet badges on it.

    Or the badges I'm going to have made up with your arse on them.

  30. This is a test of the emergency commenting system. if you have reached this test in error, please turn to the right and cough while i fondle your balls suggestively.
    this is only a test.

  31. Ok, now, this is another test of the emergency commenting system. if you have reached this test in error, please sit on my face and recite the alphabet backwards while i hum 'Flight of the Bumblebee'.
    this is only a test.

  32. test one published using preview first

    test two published simply by filling in the word veri and hitting publish.

    you are high.

  33. FN: Had this been a real test, you would have failed.

    Please sit down.

    Not there.

  34. "The Witch is a Bitch"? Of course I am, dear. What else would you expect?

    As for my non-visiting, I daren't while at work as The Host would get sooo sacked for viewing 'porn'. Why, even now I'm taking a big risk, despite The Powers That Be who sit behind me being elsewhere. I barely saw those nipple-pics due to frantic scrolling down until something safer appeared...

    Lawks! They're back. Better go somewhere a bit more wholesome.



  35. IVD: Oh there you are!

    I thought Broom broke down before it could reach Canada.

    Come back when you get your Demon Box!