Saturday, April 26, 2008

T-Bird’s Favourite Post

It’s time for the first installment in our new series, Your Favourite Post.

Today’s submission comes all the way from Australia from the lovely yet slutty T-Bird of Strega Nona’s Super Number One Mecha Party Laser Blog. Don’t make me repeat that blog name.

CLICK HERE to read T-Bird’s all-time favourite post entitled “I hate Ayn Rand. Bad language warning.”


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  1. Hurrah I hate Ayn Rand as well.Good post T-Bird

  2. The book Atlas Shrugged was mentioned as the big advertising boss man's favourite book in this week's episode of the brilliant Mad Men.

    "You're like me," he said to the main character. "You're in this world for yourself - a Selfish Capitalist. You'd love this book"

    Well those weren't the exact words but that was the gist. I'd only heard her name before but I soon found out that that book is the second most popular book in the US. After The Bible.

    The meek will inherit the earth? Give me a break!

  3. Absolutely fantastic post from T-Birdy!

    I had no idea who Ayn Rand was, still not entirely sure but I'm really curious about her books now. Almost want to read one.

    Oh and I feel so bad because I hardly use punctuation myself. Why would I really?

    Maybe Ayn Rand and I, are of the same opinion that the reader takes a break and a breath whenever they feel like it anyway?

    Or maybe it's just me never having learned how to do commas and such properly.

  4. great post and i agree whole heartedly...she just grates on my every last nerve...ayn that is :)

  5. just before i head off to Oz ... i tagged you MJ, if you do *that* sort of thing.

  6. I'm away for the day.

    Nice to see Rand being shrugged off by a few of you.

    And thank you for dropping in to visit our gal in Oz.

    CyberPoof, according to the Laws of The Knudsen Nation, "Correct punctuation and sentence structure is for the weak."

    Bittersweet, I believe that memes are a no-no in the Knudsen Nation but I'll consult with the Oracle.

    Carry on, bitches.

  7. she's absolutely right. T-Bird, not Ayn.
    goodness gracious NO, not ayn.

  8. We all know someone who thinks they can write - but can't.

    We all know someone who thinks they're enormously intelligent - but they're too dumb to see they're not.

    And if we're really lucky we know someone who's goal in life is to be leader of an adoring cult.

    Ayn Rand was all three, and big style. An immensely pretentious, semi-literate, ignorant fuckwit with delusions of greatness.

    If she'd been born a century later, she'd be a drop in the ocean of wingnuts and self-proclaimed geniuses with webpages visited only by crank fans like us. Instead, she's a legend - even with a few followers.

    Still, I graduated by taking her apart, so she was some small use.

  9. Woo hoo! Ayn Rand hate is alive and well!

    This is not only my favourite post because it literally took 10 minutes to write itself, but also, I get massive google hits from it too.

    I'd like to thank MJ, hatred, Ayn Rand, the internets, YOU AREN'T INDIFFERENT TO ME, YOU REALLY AREN'T INDIFFERENT TO ME!

    Thanks for all those people who popped on over! Can't wait to see everyone else's favourite posts...