Friday, April 18, 2008

Filthy Friday – Nipple Tweaking

Nipple Tweaking.

Everybody's doin' it.


  1. Right on Time!

    These portly old codger pictures are very distressing. Don't you have anything in a 42 Tall?

    Even if I go back and look at the gal from the 50s checking her nipples for wayward hair it prolly wouldn't help....

    maybe I'm just all weinered out?

  2. DONN: Nipple hair?

    I thought she was trying to tune in the Voice of America.

  3. Can I tweak someone elses .....or does it have to be my own ????

  4. did some one say voices?!?!

    *wakes up from stupor and looks around... swears someone said his name, passes back out dreaming of pink raisins*

  5. Have you any pictures of dogs doing this?
    Please say NO.

  6. Holy Mary, Mother of God!

    I'm blind!

    Why are there so many pictures of fat, hairy old men and their cocks? Oh, the humanity!

  7. I agree with T-Birdy

    Now get those hot stud cowboys out to play (with their cocks and nipples)

    Now that would be worth a look assuming I'll get my sight back

  8. ****limbering up fingers****

    Stand still MJ

  9. BEAST: This is a self-service programme.

    Are your own nipples unsatisfactory?

    Please send me a pic.

    I have a lovely photo of Tazzy’s nipple.

    VOICES: *Adjusts frequency to BBC World Service*

    KAZ: I’ll look into it and get back to you.

    Any particular breed?

    T-BIRD: "Why are there so many pictures of fat, hairy old men and their cocks?"

    Because I discovered a site called

    FROBI: Has your stopcock been mended yet?

    CYBERPOOF: The hot stud cowboy post is delayed until Bingowings returns from vacation.

    Try to be patient in the meantime.

    Aren’t there any Danish mens’ mags you could peruse?

    BEAST: If you insist on tweaking someone else’s nipples, try using your toes to kick it up a notch.

  10. There is a homoerotic issue of Vogue Homme out

    I suppose I could buy that but perving your site is cheaper, even if the quality is rather poor at best

  11. You like 'em old and fat, don't cha?

  12. i'm with ratso on this. where's the nipple pumps? combining tweaking with the latest in vaccuum technology!

    hear me, beast? 'vaccuum technology'??? thats right, dyson boy.

  13. CYBERPOOF: Poor quality?

    These are the finest fat old men in the Blogosphere!

    BOXER: Fat old men need love too.

    FN: Beast’s superfluous third nipple was sucked off by a Dyson.

  14. Ha the guy in the last picture swallowed the others?

  15. Well I'd appreciate that you'd show someone a bit younger and a lot thinner

    thank you

  16. honestly who would have though MJ was a geriatric chubby chaser..... but I suppose they can't run as fast as the young ones !

  17. BBB: The guy in the last pic has indeed swallowed the others.

    But one helping of Ma Beastie’s chickpea curry will flush them all out.

    CYBERPOOF: Do you have anyone in particular in mind?

    *sits poised with order pad*

    BEAST: Did I SAY I was a geriatric chubby chaser?

    I just said they need love too.

    I’m just giving them air time.

    Some day YOU will be old and fat; huffing and puffing away as you try to maneuver your Dyson up the stairs.

  18. I'm thinking

    Paul Walker, Jesse Metcalfe, Tyrese, Brad Pitt, George Clooney circa Out of Sight, Matthew McConaghey, Will Young, Orlando Bloom and Ryan Reynolds

    just to name a few. If you need more suggestions feel free to ask

  19. Apparently produces a boner except for the last fat guy! Does it do the same for the ladies?

  20. CYBERPOOF: Not a Dane on your list.

    MYTOES: The last guy doesn't have a boner?

    His shadow suggests otherwise.

  21. Re the last one: I think he's so fat you can't really tell. But think he's defintely tweaked himself into a frenzy, as the shadow suggests. What really disturbs me is his pose. It's so... frog like.

    Haven't these codgers ever heard of photoshop?

  22. alright i would just like to know what the hell is wrong with a little nipple make it sound like a bad thing MJ...geez girl...

  23. Where the hell do you find these photos?

  24. CYBERPOOF: Is Denmark bereft of slim, young, male celebrities?

    T-BIRD: Frog-like yes, but minus the toe webbing, thankfully.

    DAISY: Nothing wrong with a little nipple tweaking now and again.

    And why not go wild and snap on some nipple clamps while you’re at it!


  25. The last guy would never know. He hasn't seen it in years.What about the gals? Do they get the feeling? Who can tell?