Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Snatch

Demure damsels? Or fun-loving floozies?

What are they up to on a Saturday?


  1. Up to? 5'3", 5'2" & 5'4&1/2"

    They have been drinking tequila, and smokin' reefer at a Key Party. Luckily Susie (not pictured) passed-out in the boathouse and they are having a little fun with her husband Ricky.
    They were trying to make him guess which one of them has hidden his key chain.

    Ricky activated the key chain locator which beeps.
    Obviously Trixie (middle) has them.

  2. I think it's 3 of the old spice girls

    Ginger on the left, then Baby in the middle and Sporty on the right

    I guess they'll do anything to stay in the papers

  3. It's a ladies football team practising their wall.

    They're not taking it seriously enough and their coach is going to come hard down on them.

  4. DONN: She put the “tricks” in Trixie.

    The life of the party, that one.

    CYBERPOOF: Nice to see they aren’t starving themselves like Posh.

    GEOFF: Those dirty minxes!

    Have they submitted their photo here?

    Note: There’s a page for West Ham.

  5. Yes, even Sporty packed on a few

    are they hiding their cocks behind their hands?

  6. They're getting ready to go out rolling in the snow.

  7. is that manuels bedspread hanging up behinnd them??

  8. CYBERPOOF: It’s possible they’re hiding their candy.

    Why don’t you ask them to move their hands for a better view?

    PISSOFF: Yeah it snowed here overnight.

    Yet it’s like summer in Ontario.

    BEAST: Well spotted!

    So what have they done with Manuel?

  9. I don't think I'm ready for that kind of surprise

    Not sure anyone is

  10. They are playing spot the bottle blonde , these feckles minxes wouldnt spend the time on matching collar and cuffs , Manuel must be off camera pondering.
    (my money is on the one with the skunk do)

  11. CYBERPOOF: You must learn to think outside the box.

    MATT: Slut.

    BEAST: Over here we ask, "Does the carpet match the drapes?"

    Let’s hope not if it looks anything like Manuel’s bedspread!

  12. Not bad for ol' gals. I bet they're shaved! The middle one is in real good shape. Great boobs.