Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Naked Men Fishing

Warning: This posting contains images of naked fishermen.

If you are the sort who would prefer to see scantily clad fisherwomen, go to Women in Waders or Beauty and the Bass.

Now let’s bring on the nude fishermen!


  1. Ah pictures for the photo album.

  2. I am working on a Pun around "fishing-Tackle"...............Pha! No Fly's On Tony!

  3. None of these guys could ever complain about a fishy smell - ever!

    And I still wonder where the heck you find all this stuff to stick up on your blog on a daily basis!

  4. I got all excited from that first picture but scrolling down lower made me lose it really fast

    thank you, for ruining my day MJ and I was just starting to feel better again.

  5. Did you notice that most of these old blokes used the fish to cover their boobs rather than their dicks?

  6. This was great MJ...just what i needed today...
    btw cyberpete...if you just scroll back up it will be a good day again!!!!

  7. KNUDSEN: The Knudsens are an outdoorsy lot, aren’t they?

    Any one of them would make a good husband for Steve Irwin’s widow.

    TONY: No flies on Tony?

    Do you have a Velcro fastener on your pants then?

    NWT: These photos are from the Knudsen family album.

    I’m surprised you didn’t notice the resemblance.

    CYBERPOOF: Mission accomplished!

    KAZ: When moobs become fashionable, these guys are gonna be hot runway material.

    DAISY: You needed fish?

    Like a fish needs a bicycle?

  8. fish i can do without but the buns would be nice to handle for a bit...or a bite...either way

  9. Daisy: So true!

    *Scrolls up again*

  10. And just like that, I've decided to take a break from fish...

  11. Judging by the size of their catches, these Gentlemen are all obviously Master Baiters.

  12. DAISY: I was going to offer you a bite of my fillet o’ fish.

    CYBERPOOF: Deal with it.

    GEOFF: Would you like chips with your codpiece?

    BINGOWINGS: A break from fish?

    Can we offer you a big sausage pizza instead?

    DONN: Fishermen do it for reel.

  13. I tried but I don't think I can

    There will be retribution

  14. I knew that captain Birdseye was a wrong'un.Try my tasty cod balls indeed!
    I am not allowed to mention old knudsen am I ?

  15. fish and chips anyone?!?!

    i wanna know how these guys get there fishing buddies to take pictures of them with there umm catch...

  16. CYBERPOOF: Retribution?

    Oooo I’m terrified.

    BEAST: You have invoked the name of Knudsen!

    You shall be punished with a good old-fashioned Norwegian fish whipping!

    Right in the test-ee-clay!

    VOICES: I don’t know how they get their friends to rise to the bait.

  17. *scratches fish n' chips off the list of lunch options*

    and before you say it... NO I don't want a taco either.

  18. BOXER: A clam sandwich, perhaps?

  19. bangers and mash then?
    whatever i just said, i'll shut up. but let me just ask this... whats with old guys shaving off their bait and tackle? i still dont get it?

  20. OK..picture one..nice ass. Picture two..I knew I smelled fish!

  21. you'd better be

    start shaking in those leggings of yours

  22. VOICES: They shave so the hairs don’t get caught in their cock rings.

    Looks like you could use a back, sack and crack wax yourself.

    MYTOES: Help yourself.

    It’s the Catch of the Day.

    CYBERPOOF: Leggings?

    How very Olivia Newton-John.

    Please Mr. Please.

  23. sounds like fun but, ah no. i prefer a little natural camo. you know so the big fish wont see me coming...

  24. but but but, why? why would they do that?

  25. *sigh* Why must old men get naked and take photos?


  26. VOICES: They may not SEE you coming, but with all that hardware, they hear you coming.

    MANUEL: As a member of the food service industry, you must know first-hand how difficult it is to get the smell of fish out of your clothing.

    Better just to strip down.

    T-BIRD: No matter how old they get, boys will be boys.

  27. i have just suffered a minor cerebral event due to double entendre overload. please excuse me

    *falls over sideways*

  28. FN: *pokes Nations with a fish finger*

    You're looking a little green around the GILLS.

    *falls off PERCH laffing*

  29. These old farts are ... well ...

    Have a look here:,1518,546042,00.html
    Go for the video.
    And there:
    Old Knudsen's wed dream comes true!

    (Thankfully my speakers are still out of work ...)

  30. MAGO: Komisch! Vielen dank.

    Dead sexy, eh?

    I’ve bookmarked it.

  31. He is funny and the Riefenstahl-aesthetics are to bear because he brakes it - look at these heldish poses with the MM-ears attached - he's a singularity, unique. And schwul as hell can be ...

    You speak German?

  32. MAGO: Ich spreche Deutsch nicht sehr gut.

    You should do a post on this guy.

    One of these days I'm sure I'll use his pic in a post.

  33. Ah,...whatta site. Here I am in my Daisy Duke cutoff shorts with a fly fishin' pole and just wanting to run into a man in nothing but waders,....course the water is probably cold enough to shrink his schlong n' balls - but give a girl a break. Can't he turn around and say "Hey there?" Can't be all that long or he wouldn't need flys. Heehee! I brought a blanket to warm him up.

  34. The bigger the fish, the smaller the worm?

  35. JASON: Ha!

    How ever did you end up on THIS posting?

  36. connect the fish to yalls penis