Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cheap Advice

What advice or words of wisdom would you offer your fellow Infomaniac readers on any topic at all?


  1. be afraid, be very afraid....

    don't open this shit at work....

    do not get caught masturbating to infomaniac....

    question everything you read here and double check your sources! you might be quoted and you might be right!!!!

    never post here when you are drunk, not only will "they" ignore you, but "they"will talk amongst themselves like you aare not even commenting! heh...

    post naked pictures of you butt, everyone will enjoy it.

    ask and thou shall not receive...

  2. "They sure as hell didn't look like this in the brochure."

  3. Always wash your hands thoroughly after using chili.

    Especially before going to the bathroom.

    That was a bit posh. I meant going for a piss.

  4. Don't shit in your own nest.

    Well, mumma twisted says it...not sure what it means. Also she says 'poop' but it makes her (and baby jesus) cry when I use the word shit.

    hehehe so naughty.

  5. P.S. Mum is you're reading this 2 things:

    1) T-Bird made me do it

    2) How the hell did you learn about computers and the interwebs so fast?

  6. Never send a picture of your nekkid arse to MJ

  7. VOICES: *ignores drunken Californian in the corner wanking to photos of naked fishermen*

    DONN: This information is subject to change without notice.

    All rights reserved.

    Void where prohibited.

    Slippery when wet.

    CONNIE: You usually don’t make it all the way to the bathroom to take a piss, do you?

    Your bedroom carpet smells of wee.

    DORA & TINA: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Egad, more Aussies.

    I recognize you from IVD’s “Coven of Hags” list along with Tim, Dinah, and that slut T-Bird.

    Are you lesbian twins?

    Or one person with multiple personalities?

    BEAST: If I may amend that statement…

    Never send a picture of your naked arse with a BANANA STUCK UP IT to MJ.

    GEOFF: Thanks to you, I’ve just found this helpful nugget in Viz Top Tips…

    SLOVENLY householders. Always keep a few 'Get Well Soon' cards on the mantlepiece. When unexpected visitors arrive you can tell them that you have not been well and that's why the house is untidy.

  8. My dearest mj
    You know I am your devoted fan.

    However, much as I love seeing photos of Britney's Brazilian, wrinkly's willies and twisted tits first thing in the morning - could we please - just once in a while - have post about nice bottoms (male or female) or even sheep.

    Not too often you know - just now and again.

  9. KAZ: The world’s nicest bottoms can be found here.

  10. I dont know wether to me more insulted that
    a.People may think I have nothing better to do than stick a banana up ass and take pictures of it.
    b.That sorry withered backside looks anything like the Beasts more robust rump - my personal trainer may sue you for defamation of his profesional skills

  11. *wanders off to find some chili powder, mumbles something to self about trying something new*

  12. BEAST: I would encourage you to resubmit a photo of your robust rump.

    Stick a pineapple up it this time.

    Or a fruit basket.

    Rumour has it there's enough room up there to accommodate either choice.

    VOICES: You'll have your opportunity to try something new next week.

    You may now anxiously await that posting.

  13. im still interested in trying "convicts" chili technique. perhaps you might inspire the men to rise to the challenge!

  14. don't pee against the wind

    always have money for champagne and taxis

    there is never too much of a good thing

    expect every James Blunt album to be as uninspired as the last

  15. VOICES: The male members here have risen enough as it is.

    Don’t encourage them.

    CYBERPOOF: May I add something to your list?

    Always wear beautiful shoes.

    But be careful not to pee on them.

  16. That's a good one MJ!

    There is no excuse for ugly flat shoes

  17. Advice?Me?Ha!!!! Oh, listen to KAZ regarding sheep..........Yes! The sheep-thing would be good!

  18. don't come to this blog with a mouth full of egg salad.

    trust me.

  19. funny. i was just thinking about three bitches i should have fucked ten years ago but didn't.


  20. MJ rumours spread by the bitter sarcastic types with a loose grip on reality :-)
    That would be my top tip NEVER stick fruit up your tailpipe and photograph it

  21. CYBERPOOF: Fugly.

    TONY: This isn't a Welsh blog.

    I posted an inflatable sheep awhile ago. Does that count?

    BOXER: I would have thought your mouth was too full with something else to fit an egg sandwich in there.

    MATT: Was it the saggy tits that reminded you?

    BEAST: I may consider alternating my wallpaper (of Manuel's arse) with the photo of the banana up yours.

    *still waiting for a full frontal pic from Beast*

  22. If you want to get ahead, then mind those teeth; they're meant to be seen, not felt ;)

  23. I used to date her.....true story...

  24. He hee! I am going to tell Dora to come back and explain herself.

    Advice, eh? Don't hate the playa. Hate the game. Oh, and a pimp's love is different from that of a square.

  25. BINGOWINGS: Didn’t you mean to say, “If you want to get SOME head?”

    MANUEL: She’s not your type.

    You’re better off without her.

    T-BIRD: Eh?

    You hags are troublemakers.

  26. *sigh* It was from Idiocracy. It's been in my head all week.