Friday, April 04, 2008

Filthy Friday – Multitasking During Sex

When called at an inconvenient moment, say you’ll call back

Actress Jennifer Connelly likes to read or shop online during sex.

She also chats on the phone during sex with husband Paul Bettany.

A survey reveals that 30% of men and 42.5% of women would consider answering their phone during sex.

What about you?

Have you ever answered the phone during sex? Texted? Emailed? Blogged?

Or has your partner ever multitasked when he/she should have been concentrating on your pleasure?

Didn’t her mother ever tell her not to talk with her mouth full?


  1. *reaches over, bats girlfriends head out of the way of the screen and starts typing*

    i dont knooooowww what yer saying, id never do that.

    *shoulders drop and face contorts*

    thats just diiisssssscustinnnnnnngggg, ungh

    *grabs a towel and wipes off self and screen*

  2. UM, so is this this like a pre-friday thing? i mean i have that happen to me sometimes.... its like pre-ketchup or pre-mustard (you all know aht the fuck im talking bout, when you squeeze the bottle or shake it and that bit of extra comes out out before the sauce) seeing ass how its still thursday!!!!

    so howd it go with the knuder? still punching yerself?

    yah know.... if im up this late im beem drinken... tonight is vodkas/contreau/cran/orange... meh...

  3. i sing a selection of Celines Greatest Hits , Old Knudsen accompanies me on the spoons , you'all can join in on the chorus

  4. I'm still not talking to ya, nope I shant be picking up the phone anymore during my orgies to talk about corry.

    Dead to me, deader than Paris Hilton from the neck up. Who did answer her phone on the sex tape.

    That last picture, do you have that size in white? nah didn't think so.

  5. I'd like to have sex whilst gapping the spark plugs on my Reliant Three wheeler.

  6. A phone call during sex would be a welcome relief!

  7. VOICES: Sing along…

    I see you got this party started on a Thursday night,
    You forgot to yell “Yay first!” because you’re feeling tight.
    You drove up to my blog in your John Deere backhoe,
    Passed out on top of Knudsen from too much Cointreau.

    BEAST: Are you suggesting an evening of karaoke?

    KNUDSEN: But you always read me the plotlines from Coronation Street over the phone.

    Your calls were like bedtime stories to me.

    Now who’ll tell me about how Rita and Sally caught Norris wanking?

    TICKERS: I’ll just hand you the wench, er, wrench, shall I?

    Oh damn. In the UK, you use the word ‘spanner’ for ‘wrench’ so this isn’t going to work after all.

    FROBI: I would imagine that any sort of sex for you would be a welcome relief.

    Or wait a minute…is THAT why you haven’t posted yet?

  8. If you want anything done right you gotta do it yourself.

  9. I can't believe no one's said it. Phone Sex!

    Corrie porn? Truely the end times are near.

    And I can't believe no one's said the other obvious Sex & Phone, um, copulation.

    Bill and Monica.

  10. DONN: Are you trying to tell me you play solitaire?

    Do the Han Solo?

    Pump your gas at the self-service island?

    KAPI: Phone sex operators are renowned for filing their nails, flipping through magazines and writing their grocery lists whilst describing a three-way with him/her, you, and a transsexual midget from Bangkok.

    And don't try and tell me you haven't fancied a bit of bum fun with Roy Cropper.

  11. I've phoned, emailed and blogged. Texting would be perverse, unattentive and downright rude.

    It's kind of sick that you'd even ask about that.

  12. The classic: Paint the ceiling.

  13. True story. My friend's ex, and now deceased wife was known to watch TV upside-down off the end of the bed while, um, you know. We're not talking porno movies here either. I don't know what that says about him, but I wasn't going to ask any questions. If he was drunk enough to talk about that, I was not going to take advantage.

    As for me, anything short of the crashing noise a battering ram makes as it breaches a door is not going to be an interruption.

  14. Actually, no. I think I am one of those very few women who is very bad at multitasking.

    God, I am so boring. I'd better make something up:

    I file my nails down to a fine point and plot how I am going to remove Krystal's eyeballs and serve them to Blake in a martini

    Oh, and it's also nice to see a normal muff! They are very rare these days, aren't they? It's all Girls of the Playboy Mansion hairless.

  15. TROLL: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    You’ve blogged during sex?

    I’ll keep that in mind when I’m reading your next “Mute Monday”.

    MAGO: Show-off.

    BREAKERSLION: Sex upside down?

    I believe that’s called a “hangbang”.

    T-BIRD: I’m sure your Krystle/Blake fantasy is shared by CyberPoof who, sadly, is boycotting us today.

    I think his knickers are in a twist over my posting a link to that Dynasty catfight.

    So you can’t get enough vintage muff?

    I’ll see what I can do for you in a future posting.

    *rummages through dirty snatchshot, er, snapshot collection*

  16. I am a big vintage muff fan, as they make me feel well manicured. Or mufficured.

    Do you think we can revive old school muff - just like they did with the bad 80's clothes?

  17. It's true, some men like the natural look of a muff. Some even like to go down on an untrimmed ladybeard.

    They're called Scruffdivers.

  18. T-BIRD: An old school muff revival?

    Well they say what goes around, cums around.

    KAPI: Scruffdivers. Hee hee.

    They can't see the forest for the trees.

  19. My Word!
    Da 'Lo-Fro' ain't nevva comin' back Sugga!
    I am afraid that YouPorn has ensured that the clean as a whistle 'look' de rigueur for the forseeable future.

  20. A trim muff or no muff is better!! Is she sucking on a Cuban cigar or a radiator hose? Maybe it will clear up her acne.

  21. *sigh*

    It's going to be harder than I thought.

  22. I can't manage a coherent thought, much less a full sentence, when the WCM is seeing to my needs, so, no.

    I can't help but admire the young lady's manicure in that last photo. I wonder who does her nails?

  23. DONN, MYTOES, AND T-BIRD: Since you're all eager for beaver, stay tuned when early next week we'll continue our muff discussion in a special posting.

    PEEVISH: She must have to put it on speaker phone to achieve that kind of manicure.

  24. No one ever phones me...


    or the other thing either...

  25. MUTLEY: That chainsaw-powered sex toy you invented should get you through those long, lonely nights.

  26. I always liked phone sex.

  27. Have you ever answered the phone during sex? Texted? Emailed? Blogged?

    Answered the phone and texted the other guy yes

    Or has your partner ever multitasked when he/she should have been concentrating on your pleasure?

    Yup, family calls are more fun to overhear when you are sucking a dick and someone is trying to keep a straight voice

  28. RICH: It most certainly is not!

    You have a nerve, Richard.