Monday, April 28, 2008

Celebrity Arse – Thierry Henry

Today’s request for Celebrity Arse comes to us from Kaz in Manchester.

She’s looking for a bit of that va-va-voom…


Kaz, baby. Thierry here. My arse is for your eyes only. When I get you alone I’ll show you my fine, firm, round buttocks and let you bounce coins off my buns.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on my steely thighs…

How would you like to see them wrapped around your head, Kaz darling?

Kaz, how you excite me! I’m afraid I’ve let my love for you slip out!…

Enjoy the ride, you hot thing…

Hear my prayer that Kaz may return my love…

Say you’ll be mine. Don’t let me down, Kaz. Don’t let me down!…

I’ll be inconsolable!…



Kaz? Clive here. Forget Thierry. Are you free for dinner and drinks?


  1. The Beast has always been of the opninion , that nothing spoils a breakfast quiet like a dodgy french right I was :-)

  2. I like Clive Owen. Strictly for his acting ability and winning personality, you understand.

  3. hey that was some tackle. Proud to see intact men.

  4. Whoooarrr!
    You've excelled yourself mj.

    So now we know why Thierry is unhappy in Barcelona - he's not missing Arsene Wenger - he's missing me.
    Clicks on Ryanair site and books flight immediately.

    btw -I've seen that Clive movie - he was shagging his sister.

  5. I liked Stacy's better. Much, much better. Am sure Maidy agrees :-)

  6. BEAST: You might like it better with sauce.

    T-BIRD: His shoe size doesn’t enter the equation at all as far as you’re concerned.

    KNUDSEN: Speaking of foreskin, have you unclogged yours yet?

    KAZ: That incestuous situation would have been fine if the sister’s husband hadn’t found out.

    As for Clive, I just wanted to add some “Vroom” to the va-voom.

    I see England, I see France, I see Thierry’s underpants.

    FROBI: Yum.

    NWT: You’ll have to wrestle Maidy to get Stacy’s arse to yourself.

  7. please tell me no photoshopping was done.


  8. wow, wow, about getting out of work doldrums, sugar! xoxo

    (you have my eternal gratitude!)

  9. Just when I thought this post couldn't get any better, BAM! There's Clive Owen. Yay.

  10. Just when I thought this post couldn't get any better, BAM! There's Clive Owen. Yay.

  11. WOW!

    T.H.A.N.K you MJ!

    I love you (but I love Thierry more)

  12. BOXER: IF there was any Photoshopping involved, it wasn’t me who did it.

    SAVANNAH: Eternal gratitude?

    *makes note for future purposes*

    DINAH: You thought it so nice, you commented twice!

    CYBERPOOF: I’ll remind you how much you love me when I post more pics of fat naked old men, shall I?

  13. Just come back from the pub and he looks even better now.
    *right clicks and selects 'save picture as' for later*.

  14. But will you remember him in the morning Kaz dahrling

  15. CYBERPOOF: Yes, oh yes.

    KAZ: Beer goggles will do that.

    CYBERPOOF: I'm standing by with my camera to remind her.

  16. She'll thank you for that

    be sure to charge her outragious prices like they do at the London Eye

  17. What happened to jock straps? Keep that thing in.

  18. *wakes up, checks the info site for something new and its cock and balls all over again.* looks like its monday eh?

  19. Ahh... Cock and bum fun in the safety of my own home.

    I'm back!

  20. CYBERPOOF: No charge for Kaz.

    But I get the movie rights.

    MYTOES: It’s hard enough that he doesn’t need a jockstrap.

    Or so I hear from Kaz.

    VOICES: Scroll down further for some nice lady bottoms and a bit of tit.

    IVD: We missed you so much!

    Oh what am I saying?

    You’ve put a spell on me, haven’t you?

  21. terry henry IS arse........

  22. Ok, Clive is a nice specimen.

    *looks at post with Stacy*

    *likes the screen*

    *looks at Clive*


    Well ... gotta pull the battery out of the SUV for this one.

    Btw, nice photo, Tatas.


  23. MANUEL: I'm not surprised you're jealous.

    It's not always about YOUR arse, you know.

    MAIDY: You're depleting our earth's energy supply!

  24. PIGGY: Do I hear the squeal of the wee PigSty?

  25. I can't help it!

    Between Clive's cock, Stacy's arse, and Gina's tit ....

    *goes to get the 10,500 watt generator*

    I'll be right back ...

  26. MAIDY: Haven't you completely dried up by now?

  27. That's why the price of oil is going up. All Maidy's lubing up is depleting the stocks quicker than they are being pumped.

    That's not including all the plastic toys, batteries and electricity.