Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Grand Canyon

The following is a selection of photos from my recent trip to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.

Films and photographs can’t prepare you for its beauty.

You can click to enlarge these pics but it’s impossible to capture the Canyon’s splendour. Nonetheless, these photos may give you an inkling.

Photos © MJ, Infomaniac


  1. All that natural beauty and there was MJ to spoil it.

    MJ - the blot on the landscape.

    So did you find much cock there then?

  2. Piggy: You like theme parks, don't you? Especially the thrill rides?

    How's this then?

    *dangles Piggy over the edge of the canyon by his trotter*

  3. *encourages mj to simply let him drop instead of letting him dangle. that way her arm won't hurt from all the weight*

    *waves bye bye piggy*

  4. beautiful pictures mj. they look like they could be professionally take or postcard pictures.

    btw piggy is being mean to me and awaiting. could you do something about that?

  5. Pink: Piggy's being mean to you again?
    *drops Piggy off edge of cliff. rolls massive boulder onto him to make sure he stays at bottom of canyon*

    p.s. I took tons more pics but you can only look at so much rock online unless you're actually standing there yourself in which case you can't get enough.

  6. Such beauty..but I would be terrified to be there. I am one of those weird people who would think that somehow I would slip and fall to my death.

  7. Awaiting: You can probably tell how close to the edge I was standing in these photos. My friend wouldn't come anywhere near the edge as she has the same reaction as you do. Yet she went on all the thrill rides in Vegas. I wouldn't set foot on the rides yet I had no fear of the Canyon edge. Go figure.

  8. I would have panicked as soon as I saw the canyon...I am talking hyperventilating and all that shit.

  9. *scrapes piggy into a tupperware bowl and reconstitutes him with several gallons of lager*

    science is fun!

    geology is lookin pretty good too, mj. never made it to the Grand Canyon, dammit. did you visit the cool old stone lodges on the rimrock?

  10. Ahhhh,

    Reminds me of the day I seen you naked.

  11. MJ those pics are breathtaking. You're an excellent photographer! Keep the pics coming girl!

  12. Awaiting: Just blow into a paper bag.

    FN: More science projects please! All involving Piggy.
    *claps hands*
    Didn't see any of the stone lodges. I think those are on the South Rim?

    SID: The cheek of you!

    Chelly: You'll just encourage me with talk like that.
    *remembers to send expensive prezzie to Chelly*

  13. Thanks to you, I now have a little inkling.

  14. Tickers: Rumour has it that you have quite a sizable inkling.

  15. And we all know that rumours usually turn out to be untrue.

  16. Fraser: Coming from you (I've seen your photos) that's a great compliment. Thank you.

  17. I'm saying nowt.

    *tries to encourage rumour*

  18. I love the shot with the eagle. Beautiful, and I love that the river is visible in some of them. It's such a magnificent place!