Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Red Boots

A man and his passion for red wellies.

Via [Arbroath]


  1. He is tooo sexy for his boots
    sooo sexy
    it hurts!

  2. Okay, so I am first, all you other bitches back off! The realest bitch is here!

    That being said, I think those boots are sexy on him. I never knew that rubber rain boots could be so attractive.

    Now those coochy cutter shorts, them there's a different story. Come on now...a man's shorts should never be that short...unless he has big boobs a small waist and is wearing a shitton of makeup.

    But he does have nice gams.

  3. WHAT!? OH no you didn't HE! No you didn't beat me.

    *remembers to write shorter comment next time*

  4. mj - shave your legs next time.

  5. another haiku. domo.

    frobisher is by
    far sexier in his shorts
    bigger basket, too

  6. HE: Whoa! Steady now big fella.

    Awaiting: I can't argue with you. You are, hands down, the biggest bitch. :)


    I bought these new heels, did my nails
    Had my hair done just right
    I thought this new dress was a sure bet
    For romance tonight
    Well it's perfectly clear,between the TV and beer
    I won't get so much as a kiss
    As I head for the door I turn around to be sure
    Did I shave my legs for this?

    FN: Frobi has a HUGE basket. Or so go the rumours.

  7. *looks at photo*

    Nope ... does nothing for me.

    Now if that were Stacy Keibler in red thigh high boots, ....

    *faints at the thought*

  8. I've heard of "fuck me" boots.

    Those are "fuck off" boots.

    *Books counsellor for therapy session*

  9. red wellies

    You'll never guess how I first read that. Go on, you'll never guess.

  10. Maidy: *sets off to Google images for SK in kinky boots*

    SID: I delight in making you crazy.

    Kapitano: I guessed. You filthy fecker.

  11. the trick is to get the sheeps' back legs in the top of the wellies

    (email for explanation)

  12. WHAT'S UP MJ! I've missed you dahling! The housekeeper has returned and now life is once again worth living!

    I don't think red boots are very manly.

  13. Those boots are made for walking (in the mud)

    Sorry got nothing.

  14. Frobi: No explanation required.

    Maddie: Missed the bitchin' from your kitchen.

    Pru: And that's just what they'll do.

  15. So, I'm totally turned on. I always had a thing for red shoes and boots. I just never expected to see a man wearing them!

  16. Okay, MJ you're going to be disgusted... I sneaked another peek at the 'rote gummistiefeln'. You could top it with photos of motocross boots.

  17. Ginny: I've got something better than motocross boots.
    *rummages around in photo folders*