Thursday, September 07, 2006

Best Boobies

Welsh singer Charlotte Church is Britain’s choice for Best Celebrity Real Breasts 2006.

The Top 10 Celebrity Real Breasts:

1. Charlotte Church
2. Kelly Brook
3. Lorraine Kelly
4. Billie Piper
5. Fern Britton
6. Kate Garraway
7. Melinda Messenger
8. Dawn French
9. Jessie Wallace
10. Jane Goldman

See a slideshow of the Top Ten in The Sun.

Who are your choices for best boobies? Who has the most gorgeous gazongas? Not just in Britain but best international celebrity boobies? Remember, they have to be real breasts. If you can’t tell real ones from fake ones, here’s a handy how-to guide.

One more thing… This is National Breast Pride Week in the UK. But why should they have all the fun? Let’s here it for Canadian and American titties too!


  1. yipeee 1st

    well i wont win any prizes for the best boobies grrrrrr mine have shrunk since i lost so much weight!!!haa haaa

    Mj thank you so much for the post card it came yesterday xx

  2. I looked at the sideshow. Charlotte is lovely - but Fern Britton's middle is bigger than her boobs. Ugh!

  3. I was never one for big chichi-bobos. I like the overall pacakge deal a woman can offer.

    I would have to say my pick, hands down, for THE ultra hot babe is:

    Stacy Keibler

    She's an all-'merican hottie straight out of Baltimore MD (Geo's hometown).

    She's got awesome boobs, a gorgeous butt, and legs that go on for miles. She is PURE fantasy material!

    *feels chill up and down spine*

    Oh yeah, she is 100% Babe!

  4. Midget Arse: Why did P&T get their postcards well before you?

    Kaz: Maybe it's possible to eat too many Ryvitas.

    Maidink: Stacy Keibler? Her eyes aren't as pretty as yours though.

    Geo's from Baltimore? Home of my fave director, John Waters. I've been there several times. Ask Geo if he ever visited the "Cop Shop" store.

  5. boy oh boy that Dawn French has got some Tig Bitties!!! Shazaam!

    I can't choose a fav...big or small I love 'em all...although Rosario Dawson's twins looked damn good in both Sin City and especially in Clerks II when she was dancing...grrroooowwwwl

  6. I have to confess I AM a breast man but within reason...there has to be overall proportion.

    Can't think of many Canadian "celebrities" to begin with, so not many names come to mind for best of the breasts (real or otherwise) north of 49.

    Rich Bitch political turncoat/silver spoon in her mouth Belinda Stronach? Probably fake. Whaddya think?

    Kate Winslow turns my crank, however...

    I am fully in support of a salute to Canadian breasts. What about a Breast of Blogdom issue?

  7. Pamer: Dawn French does indeed have titanic Tetons.

    Who could argue with Rosario Dawson’s dancing Dynamic Duo?

    I love that you worship all Wopbopaloobops equally.

    WW: BS? Ugh. Political types are off my radar.

    Yes, those are some Wibbly Wobbly Wonders on Winslow.

    Breast of Blogdom? I turn it over to you to do such a posting. A nation awaits the results.

  8. Hey, where's my prize!? Thanks to the kiddos I now display a very delectable chest of non-silicon induced tits.

  9. Awaiting: You have Mississippi's most magnificent mammarambas.

  10. I have an awesome rack. Swear to God. Like the goddamn Kremlin. They're spectacular.
    Sppectacular, onion-shaped, communist boobs.

    But I suppose...if I happened to be on vacation or something...that crown could pass to Salma Hayak.

    But only as a very distant second, you understand.

  11. FN: Kremlin Kabombas! Did you name them Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin?

  12. SID: I'm glad you enjoyed your trip down Mammary Lane.

  13. First Nations and Awaiting seem quite proud of their frontal flesh...

    Why not them to start a Breast of Blogdom? I'm kinda iffy in that department.

  14. awaiting has a t&a fetish. she grabs and slaps with the best of them.

  15. FN: *laffs*

    WW: Awaiting and Pink are experts.

    Pink: Awaiting loves a good slap and tickle session.

  16. mj - yes, awaiting is big into slap and tickle. that's how she got her 6 kids.

  17. What...we were talking about breasts, now we're talking kids. This has gone too female...

  18. WW: *applies testosterone patch to blog*

  19. I love the shit out of the fact that there are some women with big natural bazongas on this list - some women who look like real moms and like women who you might actually see in the market or anywhere. Women with shapes like Dawn French or some of the others would never have made a list like this in the USA. And these women look genuinely attractive and not starved, although I'm certain I saw at least one fake nose in the lot!

  20. Aside from Church's steeples those were pretty sad.
    In no particular order any of the Chin-Nuts on these Canucks blow them all away..

    Elisha Cuthbert
    Estelle Warren
    Tricia Helfer
    Rachel Roberts
    Natasha Henstridge
    Daniellae Vangelista
    Mia Kirshner
    Rachel McAdams
    and the Appleton Twins

    Now that's what I call Canadian Content!

  21. Phlegmfatale: They do seem more welcoming of all shapes and sizes across the pond.

    HE: I can see you've done extensive research on this matter. Perhaps a posting is in order on your blog?