Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Little Britain for Beginners – Continued

Our Hardhouse just left a comment on my previous posting asking me to find a clip of Dafydd closing the live show with a disco number called "I'm Gay.”

Here you go Hardhouse…


  1. Oh shit I so love Little Britain. I usually see this series on Thursdays after Keeping up Appearances

  2. YAY I am a first

    Big THANKS mwah mwah

    Was such a funny live show (I didn't expect it to be as some sketch shows do not translate well to stage).

    I'll call you MooJle.com from now on

  3. Damn charles snuck in

    Yay I am a second!!

  4. Charles: I don’t know how you find time to watch telly what with cooking, travelling, partying, and being fabulous. How do you do it?

    Hardhouse: Too bad about the shite quality of the clip but it’s the best I could do on short notice. You’ll call me wot?

  5. lol, this 1st thing is getting silly.

    enjoy yourselves....

  6. Minion: You're jealous 'cause you weren't first.

    Tickers: That is my most oft repeated LB catchphrase. I may drive Mr. MJ around the bend with it.

  7. sorry, y'all. the closet thing to british tv i get is are you being served? which is my fav british show EVER! mr. humphrey's reminds me of piggy.

  8. Pink: Piggy's gonna thump you for that.

  9. mj - he can't catch me! he can't trot that fast!

    besides. you know it's true.

  10. hola, hardhouse!
    dang, you exist here too!

    do you know, he used to gibber and caper obscenely in the dark wastes of space, where the daemon sultan Azathoth dwells amid the maddening drone of unseen flutes?

    he did.

  11. FN: Hardhouse is slumming it here. And we've seen his flute.

  12. I still gibber in the obscene wastes of space that is Infomaniac and only I can see the unseen flutes